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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh, Dan Mullen You Done Let the Cat Out Da' Bag, Daddy!

In case you missed it yesterday at SEC Media Day:

Steve Spurrier: Dan Mullen has a private jet. We pulled up beside it earlier. They must have a lot of money at Mississippi State.

Dan Mullen: Well I have never played Augusta National so I'm not on his (Spurrier) level. He is probably a member and we just don't know it.

Well played Dan because we all know that when you are a rich, famous, legendary coach and a good school offers you $3 million and a crappy school offers you $1.5 million and
A MEMBERSHIP AT AUGUSTA NATIONAL you take a little less money and the perks.

It does beg the question however, with Hootie retired how will South Carolina convince another legend to come to Columbia when Spurrier is gone? Wait........what is that you say..............oh really.............Tommy Bowden still has a house in South Carolina..................Oh well mystery solved then.

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  1. They'll crow about the mild summers in Columbia.