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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Patterson to Georgia Campaign Stop Number 3- Lets Have "The Talk"

"The Talk" oh, you know what the talk is. Back in 2008 Obama had "the talk" with America where he told you all the reasons you should vote for him and not be swayed because he is black. I don't actually know what he said because I didn't listen to it. I didn't listen because much like the Patron Saint of Cold Blooded Sausage Making, General George S. Patton, I loath communism and refuse to listen to commie propaganda.

"I have no particular desire to understand them (Communist Russia) except to ascertain how much lead and iron it takes to kill them." ~ Gen. George S. Patton Jr.

Well said Georgie. We here at the Patterson campaign have actually made a small adjustment to our plan of attack. The third stop was to be made in July and we intended to name a "running-mate"/Offensive Coordinator. We figured a running mate would energize the base and carry excitement here in the summer lull. However, we did get some of that mainstream love this morning from T.K.K. over at the Georgia SB Nation Spot and as a result we are going to flip the third and fourth stops.

We would like to stop and address some of the main concerns that DawgNationers are expressing about the possible saving of our program via Gary Patterson.

1. PATTERSON WOULD NEVER LEAVE TCU- I cannot express what a defeatist attitude this is. Will Patterson come to Athens for less, the same, or just a little more money? Absolutely not! You gotta spend money to make money, honey. Georgia will have to pay more for Patterson than they have ever paid for a coach before. There is the idea that he is some sort of King at TCU and would never leave. Yeah, is that sorta like how Rich Rodriguez would never leave his Alma Mater, West Virginia? WV would have matched anyones money, RR was the best they have ever had, he was a King in Morgantown, he had built the program, blah blah blah. Rich Rod couldn't get out of town quick enough when one of the big boys came a callin'. How about back when Steve Spurrier would never leave Florida because he was a "college coach" and didn't want the stress or work schedule of the NFL? Oh yeah and how about the way Nick Saban would never even entertain the idea of entertaining the idea of going from the NFL back to college? How about the way Pete Carroll would never consider going back to the NFL with his past failures there? How about the way we all laughed and laughed when Lou Holtz name started coming up for the South Carolina job? Remember how we laughed and laughed when Spurrier's name came up for the same job? Texas was a better job than North Carolina so Mack Daddy left. Michigan better than W.Virginia so Rich Rod left. LSU is a better job than Michigan so the Hat Molester stayed. Auburn is a better job than Ole Miss so T-Tubs left and it wasn't even in a "Pine Box" like he promised. USC is a better job than Tennessee so Kiffie-cakes bolted. Colorado was better than Boise St. so Hawkins left. Alabama is a better job than Texas A&M so the Bear left. A better job is just a better job and Georgia is better than TCU because Georgia has:

  • More Money

  • More talent

  • More exposure as an SEC program

  • More and better facilities

  • More competition (this may seem like a foreign concept to you Pee-Pee Dawgs as you fear any sort of confrontation or challenge and therefore cannot understand why some demand more of themselves as opposed to you who requires only the bare minimum of yourself and as a result of your football program).

2. PATTERSON IS NOT AN UPGRADE OVER RICHT- When I was in law school some weirdo liberal (my Con-Law Professor) tried to tell me how Alexander Hamilton's arguments for the meaning of the Necessary and Proper Clause was is some way superior to Thomas Jefferson's meaning. My argument was.......uhhhhhhhhh....who wrote the Constitution? What is that you say? Some delegation in Philly? Was Thomas Jefferson there? He was. So the smartest man in the room was Thomas Jefferson? Is that a yes? Oh well in that case lets go with TJ's call on this one (do not attempt to argue with this logic especially with things like "facts"). I say that because this is a simple one if you just walk it out in your head. Was TCU better in 2010 than they were in 2009? Yes. Were they better in 2009 than they were in 2008? Yes. Was Georgia better in 2010 than they were in 2009? No. How about 2009 from 2008? No. How about 2008 from 2007? No. Case closed. Gary Patterson is a better coach in 2011 than Mark Richt. 2002 don't count, son! (What about Vince Dooley in the late 70's? Erroneous argument because there is only one greatest player in the history of college football and unless you know where we can find another Walker then that argument is moot!)

3. I FEEL AS IF YOU MAY BE FAILING TO RECOGNIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF YELLING- Yelling works. If you don't believe that simple universal truth then you understand nothing. I'm sure when Richt dies all of his players will be at the funeral because he was so nice to them. They won't have any rings but they will be there. If Richt were in most any other profession this would be a sign that we was a success. I am pretty sure Patterson's players won't be at his funeral but he will be kept company in his casket by all the Championship Rings he will have from the Big Time Program that hires him away from TCU if we don't. Nice guys finish last in a cut-throat business like the SEC. If that is not who you are then go coach in the PAC 12 or the ACC.


  1. I just unfollowed this site. what a load of bull

  2. -Anon @ 1:58

    Really? This is the one that did it for you? How about a little more in the way of why. Was it because I don't support Obama? If you did follow this site before I think it would be pretty obvious given my cold disreagard for all things mushie that I most likely vote Republican. Was it the fact that (were I alive in 1945) I would have supported Gen. Patton in his desire to drive the Russians out of the eastern block and back into Russia where they belong. (Although a Cold War is wonderfully designed economic booster- you fight a war where no army ever engages, instead you use a number of bureaucratic agents or give other parties weapons to fight each other- and you get to drive industry as if a war exists....brilliant).
    Is it because I gave a laundry list of HC's that would never leave their jobs only to leave them?
    Is it because I am a Jeffersonian as opposed to a Federalist?
    Is it because I asked you to operate in the present when considering HCing records?
    Is it because I like 99.9% of the world realizes that without 34 Dooley would have never won a Nat. Title?
    Is it my ardent support of yelling?
    Come on Anon I need closure over here.

  3. I'd still rather have Mike Leach. But if that could be Patterson's running mate I'd be on board. I'd love to see what those guys could do with the caliber athlete Georgia can recruit. I'd think we would be rather unstoppable.

  4. -Aaron

    Oh Aaron you have been reading our little ol' blawg for far too long. you are starting to think like us. In the immortal words of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes:

    You have to start putting spoiler alerts up on this posts you Cold Blooded Sausage Maker, You.

  5. Drinkin and Bloggin again there dude? Hope none of those African American players whose mom and dads who voted for Obama do not read your blog. Because whatever coach you replace Richt with is gonna need some of them except, if you think you can win with a lily whtite team. Do You? Dawgbone staff really set themslves back 100 yrs with you Mr. God

  6. Well apparently Anon was never yelled at as a child. Must have been all those paint chips he ate. Any way I totally agree Richt needs to go and Georgia needs to spend the big bucks to get back to playing with the big boys. Heres to CCRider the only one blogging with balls.

  7. A winning coach has to yell? Really? I guess Tom Landry didn't get the memo.

    I remember when Mark Richt was praised for his cool under fire.

    I have nothing against Patterson and don't care if he yells or not. I am just not sure he is the same coach in the SEC.

  8. -Anon @4:43
    You are such a racist. You assume all Black people voted for Obama. Visa-vie you also assume that all Black people are communists. I wouldn't mind a few lily white O-Linemen from the Big Ten b/c that is the only thing they get right. Lets be honest here Anon- don't you mean Black Moms......I think the idea that Black Dads are around is a bit of a stretch...well except for Chili Bean Clowney he had just got out of a South Carolina State Prison about 3 months before Jadeveon's signing with the Cocks. Furthermore, I am offended by the term "Lily White" again that is racist because most whites in the South have a little Injun in em' somewhere. Plus you used a rather odd term "African-American" I am confused as to how one can be both a citizen of a Country within the North American Continent while at the exact same time be a citizen of either a) every country on the African Continent, or b) a citizen of the said continent as a whole. Why did you chose to omit the term "European-American" when talking about players with a melanin deficiency? Are you also saying that Black players are better? Would this be as a result of hundreds of years of breeding or did you and the boys at the Klan Rally get caught up in a discussion of how Blacks have an extra muscle in their calfs again?

    -Anon @5:37
    Landry did not get the memo and that is why he could never beat the man that did get the memo, Lombardi. Sure he won after Lombardi was gone but as a non-yeller head to head with a yeller-- the yeller won everytime. Scientific proof that YELLING = WINNING!

  9. If i was Saban, Muschamp, Miles I would show every African American recruit that UGA was recruiting this blog.Then tell them you know this guy is gonna be at your games right?
    Then ask him how long will it be before is blogging about you. I really, really wish you get get your wish and get yourself a lilly white republican team. So you could watch them get their azzes waxed every week by some of Obama's boys. You chunk of back wood trash!!!

  10. Hey CC bet your daughter has all the Black Rappers CD's and watches Black Entertainment TV in her room while you are downstairs watching old reruns of HeeHaw!!! Just sent your blog to one of the AD's at a highly successful all black school. UGA is recruiting players from that school, wanted to be sure they could "feel" the love from their drunk,Jim Crow loving uncle Bubba!!! Told him to forward it to thr rest of AD's in Atl!!!!

  11. -Anon @6:34

    See I never said that I wanted an all "European American" team you said that in the midst of your racist ramblings. I also never said anything negative about Obama's race..he did give a racially driven talk in 08.....and he is a Communits. Is it an insult to be a communist? See again you are making broad sweeping generalities. Someone as Cosmopolitan as yourself should see communism as nothing more than a heightened sense of political awareness that the average all too American Redneck can't understand. So being a communist is a compliment right?
    Then we have this ravenous desire of yours to see harm befall "European-American" football players. What is the root cause of this? Are you a Black Panther? Or perhaps a closet self-loathing white racist? No, I think that you are a Richt-O-Phile who has no argument for the obvious...Richt needs to go. Since you have no answer when presented with a more capable replacement you try to cry Racist when you yourself are most likely a North Georgia Cracker who attempts to gain some odd moral high ground based on perceived racism so as to not have to make what is obviously a losing argument in favor of Richt.
    If you really think this is the only blog in the South based on one SEC team that gets accused of being racist when it gets a little too real for the average casual fan....well then welcome to the South sir- enjoy your stay but please go back to Yankeeland sooner rather than later. But that isn't you is it Anon? No again we have already pegged you haven't we Mr. I am a white who hates blacks until they can be exploited for some benefit to me such as a lame excuse when I have no way to defend a coach that can't get the job done.
    Chunk of back woods trash.....come on player you gotta step your game up a little (the weak insult was what really gave you away as a Richt-O-Phile).

  12. -Anon @ 6:44

    Ah yes the you are a racist and your daughter like black men argument. I can't believe it took this long to get to that one. Keep em coming boys maybe everyone will focus in on that as opposed to how sucky your beloved is.

    Classic Shiite Richt-O-Phillia-- go nuts and blow the whole thing up cause your prophet was disrespected. I kinda lost track of what you were saying there but I would like to point out that is was not until this blog hit the scene that Richt actually started recruiting the State of Georgia. Uhhhhhh.....Your Welcome!

  13. OMG! OMG! OMG! Anon just sent our blog to the AD of some fictitious "All Black School" that produces 99.9% of all the talent that has ever played at Georgia. We are doomed! Dooomed!

    HAhahahahah this is one of the best articles ever. Would you mind naming the Mandingo Powerhouse High School Anon? Oh wait a second its against the law to have an all-black or all-white school in this country. Darn Desegregation and its preventing Richt-o-Philles from being able to intimidate those who fail to see how 6-7 is good for the program.

  14. Okay, so bring in a screamer and let's put your "scientific proof" to the test. But, if your screamer ever loses a game he should have won or has a less than spectacular season, especially if he gets bested by a Landry/Richt type, up goes your theory, er, proof, in flames!

  15. BVG was a screamer.

    I do not know who will be our next coach, but I doubt it will be patterson. Yes, he is good, but we need a younger (I am old) person who does not want to lose and is willing to hire a professional staff with the same drive and critically analyze all aspects of our game.

    If you want Obama bs, all you need to do is to go to a certain other well known GA blog. Not hard to figure out.

  16. 1.Well sport.... having 50 white kids in one Atl inner city schools does not change the fact that it IS an all black school as you well know. 2.What do you know about Mandingo's been to a Mandingo club have you? Bet you AND your gal liked that. 3. I bet you still have the movie Mandingo you loved the way ol Meade worked it did you not??? LOL keep talkin we are having dinner and the fellas really do love your countryazz!!!! Mandingos forever!!!! HA HA HA bet you got Anaconda's autograph the original Mandingo Warrior!!

  17. -Anon @ 7:04

    I like you anon and I want to help deliver you from the desert of Richt-O-Phillia.
    What you are doing is keying in on one small detail, making the entire argument about that one small point, and then creating your own set of boundaries that no coach could operate within and equating those boundaries to the 3 year long skid Richt has been on.
    Saban lost to LAMonroe but used that loss as a teaching point to then propel Bama back into national prominence. Then he lost to Utah. Saban used that as a teaching point to then win a national championship. What has Richt done since his 07 loss to a less talented SC team? He has used it as a teaching point on how you will be rewarded for complacency.
    As mentioned above BVG was our yeller. We lost him and or intensity, and physicality have steadily declined. Everyone loses one they aren't supposed to lose. Not everyone will go on a three year skid, stubbornly refuse to replace overwhelmed coordinators,keep outdated programs, and take a decade to realize that when you are at the state school of the 5th largest talent producing state in the country- - you may wanna focus on nailing down those in-state recruits.

  18. Hey CC one of the fellas will not leave me alone until you tell him your choice to replace Obama. Is it George Bush Jr. Rush, Newt,Palin, Tammy Bruce (snicker)Joe the Plumber,Ronald McDonald,Charlie Sheen,I know i know it's The American Dream Dusty Rhodes well can Mr. Wrestling 2 be his VP well that is all for tonight CC.... peace.... mandingo's huh?? you guys kill me LOL!!!!

  19. -Anon @ 7:58

    Still waiting on the name of the powerhouse program that will turn down all the perks that UGA offers just to teach me a lesson. Oh wait Richt can't recruit Atlanta with or without your tremendous "stroke" over Atl AD's. Besides most of your "connections" with the black AD's is about to out the window when they along with the tremendous number of black educators in Atl that were fixing grades get fired in mass.
    You are almost as awesome as Athens Homer Dawg who gets on here, gets smoked, and then convinces himself that his razor wit has carried the day.
    You know how I know I am winning the dialogue with you Richt-O-Philles? Because you are calling me a racist with a) no real understanding of what constitutes a racist, and b) without me making any racist statement. You see in your one track Richtlusting mind you are getting desperate because you have no real rebuttal. So you think "what is anything that I can focus on to distract from all this guys valid points?" Oh racism yeah let's go with that. You see there are in the mind of most weak people, two unforgiveable transgressions and one is racism. They then find racism when it is convenient for them-- like when they can't win an argument.
    Way to make excellent use of logic and facts to win an argument. Are you a Georgia fan? You must not be because you are beating your chest about some fantasy world you live in where to teach me a lesson, you just closed off all black recruits in Atlanta to the Georgia program. Oh no Anon you just hurt Richt by pulling the trigger on the tremendous influence that you have over all black high school athletes in and around the Atlanta area. That's it we are not the reason for any recruiting woes it is all Anons fault.

  20. I am all for GP as a head coach if Richt fails this year (He has ran out of excuses in my book). I also agree that Vince Dooley is mediocrity at its finest and would have never won a NC without HW. As a matter of fact, VD is the reason we didn't win 2 or 3 NC during those years. Richt has been a great coach and leader for UGA but somewhere he went wrong... Was it because he let BVG leave? The bottom line is Richt has to do the following things this year to be the coach of UGA in 2012....

    - Beat Boise State (Lesser Team and a game Richt asked for)
    - Beat Mississippi State in Athens (Avenge Last Years Loss to a Lesser Program)
    - Beat Tennessee in Knoxville (Derrick Dooley)
    - Beat Florida (This is a can't lose game for Richt - Muschamp in his 1st year)
    - Beat Auburn like a rented mule(Payback for Fairley's BS)
    - Beat GA Tech (Well... because they are Tech and I don't think I could put up with another year of St. Simons BS)
    - Make it to the SEC Championship game (Don't even have to win - Especially against a Strong Alabama team)
    - Win Whatever Bowl Game

    9 - 3 to Keep his job!!!

  21. Hey CC going to bed, knew you had to have the last word or book with that last post. But you are not getting off that easy sport No No No I asked you some questions Answer them son. So let's ask again with answers Mr Imsmarterthanyou 1. Have you and that gal of yours been to a Mandingo club (look it up on net to refresh your memory) 2. You still have a copy of the movie Mandingo do you not?

  22. I'm starting to agree. Richt ain't rightin' anything. Time to start fresh. I'm on board for Gary Patterson.

  23. More “hyperbole and exaggeration”? “You are almost as awesome as Athens Homer Dawg who gets on here, gets smoked, and then convinces himself that his razor wit has carried the day. “ SiSi ,What an ugly thing to say! I shall overlook that little aspersion on my razor wit….Its disappointing though, I thought your were entertained by my series of clever acerbic wisecracks. It would be more entertaining though if you displayed some wit of your own in your writing…..but I don’t know if a sharp wit can be developed . Perhaps I could mentor you . We could get the ball rolling with a series of gentle instructions. Followed by regular meetings to discuss your progress and help you with any issues in creativity connected with your personal “wit development“. Or- I could skip reading your “radio shock jock “ attempt at sports blogging so that I am not tempted to post and thereby inadvertently insult you. Then there would be no need for you to become witty. But it was brought to my attention that I was referenced here.
    So here I am.
    “Proceed sir”.

  24. Patty is moving to the Big East and will make hay among the "big boys". Why on earth would he want into the meat grinder that is the SEC. Since joining the competitive ;-) Mountain West in 2005 Patterson has faced 10 ranked (in the top 25 when the game was played) teams. From 1 per year to a maximum of 4 per year. Average about 1.5 a year See Wiki. While at the" Easy to Win Games at" University of Georgia": Coach Mark Richt has faced no fewer than 30 ranked teams. From no less than 4 per year to a maximum of 7 per year. An average of 5 per year during the same time frame as Patterson. Patty has been a big fish in a small pond... he has played the Smurfs 2x in 6 years! Los peces grandes se comen a los peces pequeños!

  25. Good to see you are finally making friends CC.

  26. -BP
    Why do wait so long between visits.


    I actually want to compliment you because your posts over at DawgSports were very good. Some of the best arguments against us I have seen. Most people just call us Tech fans, or racists so that they can change the topic of discussion since they have no real answers. I must admit I baited a little to get you back over here as opposed to other blogs.
    I understand fully the concept that Patterson will move into the weakest BCS AQ Conf and should have his run of it. However, I seem to recall when there was 0% chance that Rich Rod would take the Michigan job for all the same reasons......Big East was weak, he had built a good program, he could stay and go BC bowlin every year, or leave and rebuild a complacent program in a tougher conf. Rich Rod left in the end.
    In a comment on an older post I also pointed out that I wouldn't be so sure that a one loss SEC champ would be able to leap frog an undefeated Big East team. I am unsure because I along with 99% of the world have no idea how the BCS "really" works. I do however know that a one loss SEC champ leaps a one loss Big East champ every time. In fact as LSU proved in 07' two marks in the L column aint always enough to keep the SEC out of the party.
    I think the Big East jump was a desperate move by both a dying conf. and a little fish program trying anything possible to hold onto a very precisous commodity

  27. Hey sissy sorry that's cc my bad sport! Anyway how come your butter-biscuit-eatin-gravy-sopping sorry butt won't answer my question? You know everything else!!! HAVE YOU BEEN TO A MANDINGO CLUB??? DO YOU HAVE A COPY OF THE CLASSIC MOVIE MANDINGO? Dude clearly you are no match for AHD he just female dog slapped you good!!! AHD is your GOD Son!!! "Shock jock" wannabe gotcha right between the eyes with that one. A Dusty Rhodes elbow off the top rope if you will. You are down 1..2..3.. AHD wins again!!! You can't carry AHD's pen son. You south GA pea brain!!! now put on your shoes and answer my two questions you coward. Do not give me gibberish give answers son!!! In the words of AHD aka The Champ "proceed sir" AHD stop it you killing me dude let the poor guy come up for air HA HA HA

  28. Hey zz you ever seen Lions and hyeanas go at it? Go youtube it, there is one where they go at it and the Lion snaps the hyeanas back.The hyeana is left to roll around on the ground until death. Kinda like what AHD does to you LOL. Remember the Lion King...... Musafa yeah!!! Just Remember in a battle AHD "ain't never been whipped /when he retires he'll be worsipped like an old battleship" Little LL Cool J for you son!!!

  29. Hey bb king, zz top,alphabet soup or whatever your name is we like you. You remind us of the chubby kid whose arse we used to ride everyday at school. You know the one with crooked teeth, star wars sneakers, transformers pencils we put a saddle on him and rode him everyday!! um..er.. what size saddle do you wear????

  30. You’re just being polite. Now I really feel like a guest here.
    Rich Rod’s climb from Salem and Glenville State to West Virginia took 17 years. He was at Michigan for two years. That four million dollar buy out from Michigan looks awfully sweet …. And now he’s an analyst. Still getting perks, still getting petted and he is not yet 50 and has a more than a million in the bank. Did Rich Rod take the job at Michigan because he wanted to be there for 10 years and develop a dynasty? Like Urban, I think he hedged his bet. He wasn’t accepted by the boosters at Michigan anymore than Tubby was at Auburn. Richie had better counsel than Tubby. Timing is everything. There is a whole new era to coaching and fan expectations…. We are in the “THE GREAT MAN THEORY OF COACHING “. Coaches are running their string and cashing in. The new analysts. Richt is a throwback. So is McGarity. Barring any horrendous performance… that can’t be explained away. Coach Mark Richt is here through his contract completion in 2012. We will miss him…. We will miss the honesty that he brings to the game.
    On another note…. I noticed that you quote Patton. You’ve become rather cynical about the ability of Coach Richt to lead Our Georgia Bulldogs.

    “Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.”
    George S. Patton
    Just sayin’

  31. -ATHD

    I'm not sure about cynical as much as I am truthful about Richt's ability to win and many in our fan-base becoming willing to accept past success tempered by present failure. Our response is very Patton-esque:
    "Anyone in any walk of life who is content with mediocrity is untrue to himself and to American tradition." - Gen. George S. Patton
    But at least you took the time to look up a Patton quote just like you took the time to look up the "Great Man Theory" but failed to site its origin therefore giving the apperance that it is a concept that you created. The Great Man Theory fails to explain Urban's leap from Utah to Florida, or Spurrier's return to South Carolina. As for your Anon ball wahser I am not sure what a Mandingo club even is but you are doing a wonderful job of distrating from the fact that you are too blind and/or ignorant to respond to our questioning of Richt's failures. My favorite is the way you try to down-play intellect as some sort of weakness "Hey everyone this guy is smart so don't listen to him" touche, sir.

  32. Calmate mija!
    I guess you are saying Richt is a mediocre coach? You went from polite to a boor. You’re not from around here are you.
    I don’t have to look up the Patton quotes. I memorized them at school. I didn’t go to public school. I suspect you must have.

    From the internet!

    {“Dirk Koetter – Idaho native, offensive genius -- brought the Broncos up from obscurity. From1998-2000, he went 26-10 at Boise (20-5 in his last 2 years) and became one of the hottest young coaching prospects in college football. He was hired to awaken sleeping giant Arizona State. Their slumber continued. Koetter went 40-34 over six seasons with a 2-19 record against ranked teams and was fired. Currently the offensive coordinator for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    His successor Dan Hawkins – former Boise assistant, charismatic media favorite – went 53-11 at Boise State over five years. He won four WAC titles and was three time WAC Coach of The Year. Hired by Colorado -- which had won the Big 12 North 4 of 5 previous seasons -- Hawkins managed a 16-33 record, including a 2-20 mark on the road. Now he coaches intramurals, brother.

    Former Hawkins' OC Chris Petersen has led the Broncos to an extraordinary 61-5 record and is a two-time College Football Coach of the Year. He has been discussed for every major college job opening for two years running. Yet he remains a Bronco despite offers to double his salary and coach in a BCS-favored conference.”}……

    …as a “rationalize reference” when I place something in quotes I am repeating it and by no means take credit for it. Geez like all blogs require this. Sisi…. Whoever your clerking for needs to tighten up!
    Now we can be friends again.
    just sayin'

  33. Do you intentionally make errors in what you say, or are you just stupid Homer? That's multiple times you've now mentioned Mark Richt's contract coming "to completion" in 2012. His contract runs through at least 2013, and possibly longer than that.

  34. Ahhhhhhh.... there you are Senior Papa Sanchez! I wondered how long before your came again to rescue your clerk. Well done sir. I now consider myself admonished. ;-)
    Oye bobo, si no te gusta, vete al carajo!
    Now we can be friends again. I will show myself out. Verdad?

  35. I speak Swahili, not Spanish you racist. And once again, you've tried (and failed) to be funny in response to someone pointing out how your comments are often factually inaccurate.

  36. I get it. The Mr. Sanchez is just a funny screen name you use …. Like Pepe LaPhew . You really have so Latin heritage at all. And you speak Swahili?
    Sasa kwa nini wewe kujifanya kuwa Mheshimiwa Sanchez kama si Latin?

    Hmmm. Well, I guess that could happen. I know a little Senufo. I picked it up during my stay in the Baptist Hospital in Ferkessedougou. I made good friends with an Afrikaner while there and he speaks it. I asked him to translate for me. By the way the rand is still falling against the dollar.
    Just sayin’

  37. No, the name has a background story to it. It's not "just a funny screen name".

    And glad to see you know google translator as well as google. You are a master of these interwebs.

  38. ...no I really was in Ferke, I was in that hospital (malaria) and I do have a great friend in Michele Van den Plaus. And my Spanish is not half bad. Anybody with the surname Sanchez and speaks Swahili has a interesting story to tell. Not all of us bs on these blogs. Only the Richtophobes! ;-)