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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Rebuttal to Grading Mark Richt's First Ten Years

T K King over at DawgSports has recently takin an interest in the Ol' CB Sausage Makers....a little more of that main stream love. Now TKK since you have just discovered us be careful---you will start to gets all sorts of hate mail because Richt-O-Philles believe that paying us attention makes us stronger. In truth hating us makes us stronger so it is actually their fault not yours. Anyway the e-mails will no doubt ask that we be banned from your site because since our arrival on the scene last year we have had a tremendous negative impact on recruiting. This was of course evidenced by Richt's best class ever but alas details are of no importance in the mind of a Richt-o-Phille.

As a side note we probably do agree on the constitution and while not physically present in Philly at the time... we operate under the "Thomas Jefferson did everything good and Alexander Hamilton came along and screwed it up" theory of American History. This is an opinion and not a staement of fact like say "Auburn does not run the spread" (our all time favorite Richt-o-Phille response). No doubt the members of the convention from Virgina had their marching orders from TJ like the inclusion of the word "necessary" before proper in the Necessary and Proper Clause. "No thanks on the extra helping of Socialism there Hamilton."~Thomas Jefferson

Now to Marky Marky and the Complacent Bunch. I do not blog for a living so I will not go into as much detail as TKK other than to say you can check out a similar post of ours here

Lets just be a little more direct. You can't compare old SEC coaches to new ones. The others named by TKK existed in a world where you did not have a 12 team-championship game conf. Look at Dooley and his LSU record for example. In the modern SEC you can't duck anyone and you can't be ducked by anyone. I want to be direct because I want to compare Richt and his program to the best program in the SEC East during the Richt-era, Florida. Here is Florida's record against the East. I only give the East cause you gotta win there to get to Atlanta and then the Big Game.

Tennessee: 7-3
South Carolina: 8-2
Georgia: 8-2

That is one year under Spurrier, three under Zooker, and six under Urban.
The HC position was not stable at Florida for at least 1/2 of the Richt era. As a side note Zooker gets two of the three L's against Tennessee. You will note that in our BIG RIVALRY GAME in Jacksonville we are essentially the Gamecocks to the Gators. I have always said that the Georgia/Carolina rivalry is a rivalry in Gamecock eyes only.....We have to be honest and say that since 1990 the same is true of the Georgia/Florida rivalry...it is in our eyes only.
The big point here is the record in bold. If you are going to be elite in the SEC East you simply can't lose to Vandy or Kentucky.


  1. Losing to Vandy & KY has been bad enough. Getting run over up the middle and losing the battle at the line late in the game as we have consistently the last few years - last year in particular - to good and not so good teams is inexcusable..
    The concept that our line must be bigger, stronger, badder and be able to whip your line's ass doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to understand, yet CMR & co. have apparently never really bought into that one..

  2. While we suck at recruiting quality OL types and building them into cyborg freaks of nature, we've done a good job recruiting some stellar DL types the last 10 years.
    But what has Garner/Richt done with all that talent? Have them over at his crib or up to the lake for BBQ? They've been an undercoached, underachieving bunch..What reason do we have that this will change all the sudden?

  3. 88Dawg

    Agreed. We have said in the past that the failure to recruit and/or develope O-Linemen has been as big a problem as the refusal to jettison ineffective assistants.

  4. 88 Dawg,

    i does take a Rhodes scholar to figure out you need to be bigger and badder than the other guy. A Dusty Rhodes scholar that is!

    our opponents this season are a bunch of whiny little pigs, and UGA needs to be the cold-blooded sausage maker. Yeah Com'on!

  5. WOW.... so you and "Anon" share the same game plan and create alter egos? I just don't believe your gonna get this Fire Zook meme in Dogtown going like the Gators employed in Florida. But these posts you are generating are representative of your talent:

    88Dawg said...

    Hey Anon - I tried to break bread yesterday at this soul food joint off Auburn Ave, and they spit in my food before they bounced my honky ass out the back door. Who do I see for some reperations?
    July 13, 2011 1:49 PM
    88Dawg said...

    Anon - Me and my Mandingo bruthas are having a throwdown tailgate party before the BSU game. Lots of spear chucking, watermelon toting, fried chicken eating fun. Bring yo' colt 45 drinking ass downtown and have one on me.

    "You can’t sell your foot to the devil and a gypsy is only going to give you like $5 for it. But a soul. Ahh, now that’s cash money."

    Now let's sit back and see who does pod casts with you now.

  6. AHD: You are a bore and a schmuck. If I have an alter ego, it's obviously that limousine ridin', jet flyin', kiss stealin', wheelin' dealin' son of a gun, Mr. Ric Flair. WOOOOO!!

    Now go iron your socks or play in some traffic..

  7. -AHD

    I thought you quit us?
    Is it that you just "can't quit us"?

  8. Re HomerRice:
    He's also supposed to be "out of pocket" for a while. But then, that would mean what he says is actually based in the truth and reality.

  9. Touch a nerve padawans? If I keep this up someone is gonna accuse me of child abuse. ahhhh.... it seems my work here is done. GO and SIN no more.
    "Nothin' but love for ya baby!"

  10. AHD

    Do you even read your posts?

    You are like a fat ugly chick that has totally convinced herself that she is hot.

    Please don't be "out of pocket for too long"

    Right back at ya' on the love, son.

  11. Again, this blog is f'in entertaining. If it's this entertaining in the offseason, oh dang lookout fa dat season shawt...