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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Secession, Pirates, Harvey Updyke, The Augusta National--You Know a Typical Week in the SEC

It was quite a week for the Dawgs and the rest of the SEC, and it is still the off-season.

-Nike Pro Combat Uniforms
The only time a straight man can concern himself with color schemes and contours is in regards to football uniforms. The Dawgs will sport the Nike Pro Combat uniforms in the Georgia Dome and we must admit they look good. We were glad to see that they didn't get too crazy and kept it classy. Although, it will be nice to get the right shade of red on the helmets so they don't look "organgie" in the sun.

-Slive's Opening Remarks
ESPN and the Yankee media heard "higher academic standards". Southerners heard some crap about grades as a distraction to the Yankees--what we really heard was "We can tolerate 'those people' no longer Secession is inevitable." In an odd twist Slive failed to mention the newly devised Harvey Updyke Award for excellence in SECery

-Dan Mullen Will go for the Jugular, Son!
Spurrier poked fun at the Starkganistanians. Dan Mullen responded . Dan mentioned the National by name which means he will never be a member and therefore will never coach the Gamecocks.

-The SEC Endures an Act of Piracy.
The SEC had its Media Days in Alabama this week. All of a sudden a solid black ship emerged, pulled up starboard to the SEC, fired a few warning shots, and then the Black Ship's Captain spoke.
"Arrrrghhhhh! 10 and 2 and the East-Master Richt else your insolence be tolerated no more! Then sirs, I shall demand to come aboard!"

-Georgia Got Some Basketball Player
I am supposed to care about basketball, but I will let my cohort deal with that stuff.
Speaking of things I rarely care about.......We gave out some warm fuzzies to Richt-O-Philles.

-A&M is still in the Big 12 (that is 10)
We will talk more about this next summer when there is nothing else to talk about.


  1. The picture of the possible pro combat uniforms has been circulating the internet for almost a year. Don't know how much stock i'd put into that being legit.

  2. -T-Rey594

    You might be right. I don't really want a new uniform-I like what we have and I like simple and traditional.
    However, is it just me or do the helmets have an orange tint to them in the sun?
    I like the graphite looking finish that VT had in their season opener against Bama two years ago when they wore black helmets. Blood Red with that graphite finish would look good.
    I also wouldn't mind replacing the white trim with a silver/gray that matches the pants......and I will stop now because I sound like a girl.

  3. I respect tradition, but I like to mix it up every once in a while. I think it appeals to prospective recruits as well. 18 year olds eat that up.