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Friday, July 15, 2011

Texas A&M to the SEC the Sequel--From a 100% SEC Jingoist Opinion

Our boy EC Dawg over at the Leather Helmet Blog has more........oh what do you call it...........uhhhhh.....ah yes journalist integrity than do we. As opposed to waiting for a story to break and then giving what some may consider to be an "overreaction" to said story he actually follows stories. He has stuck with the expansion idea for some time now but touched on it again earlier this week here. Another Dawg blog that we frequent, Hedges to Hardwoods, also covered the renewed interest in expansion here.
All of this is stemming from these two articles:
here, and
here. The story has also garnered some non-football crazed blogosphere mainstream lovin. That can be found here.
Obviously this story has legs at this point but it has a number weaknesses that we would like to point out later in this post.
First let me say that we would love to break these stories and do more in the way of covering the entire SEC. Yet alas the war on Richt-O-Phillia won't stop because it can't stop until victory is achieved and we are all emancipated from the grip of mediocrity.
On Tuesday I purchased NCAA Football 2012 for the X-Box 360 (for the sole purpose of in-depth research for this blog.....I did it for you and you are welcome) last night I finally got a chance to sit down and play some of it. I assume that we all immediately start a Dynasty with the Dawgs when we get a new copy of NCAA, and so that is what I did. However, I was struck by two things in this year's version:
1. ESPN is all up in the game (more so than usual), and
2. In Dynasty mode you can customize your conferences by--trading teams or by expansion. You can expand the SEC from 12 to 13 or up to as many as 16. A Mega-Conference? ESPN is backing a game that allows us to explore Mega Conferences? Surely not because they stand to gain the most by Mega-Conferences. Of course in the midst of all of this there is the pandalerium that is once again sweeping Aggie Nation.
The Scouts article seemed to me the most credible of the two A&M blogs that broke the story, and yet it was flawed. If you aren't aware of the situation here it is in a nutshell.
A&M would appreciate it if Texas would at least pay for dinner and a movie first.
The Aggies got aggied....literally by the Longhorns once again. At this point they are the Coyote and Road Runner of College Football. Not only does Texas get about 99.9% of all Big 12 money but they also have ESPN backing their Longhorn Network. As a result the Longhorn Network will broadcast Texas High School Games (that has to be some sorta violation, right), and in a round about way when Aggie fans pay the cable/satellite bill they will be paying for the Longhorn Network. That would be like Auburn kicking into an Alabama Network, and I think we all know that the Auburn reaction would make Harvey Updyke look like a guy who doesn't really care that much about college football.
The Rivals article then goes in depth on the Aggies possible move to the SEC for 2013. Let me say this right now.....sometime in the next five to eight years we will have 16 Mega Conferences and the SEC will most likely want to be the first. However, let me dispel some of the myths around this article that cause it to lose credibility:

1. Clampsun is not now nor has it EVER been the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, or even sixth choice to join the SEC. These articles claim that the SEC was ready to roll with A&M and Clampsun last year. Erroneous! That would mean Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Virginia Tech, North Carolina, North Carolina St., Florida St., Virginia, Georgia Tech, and West Virginia had all said no to the SEC. Not likely. In 1991 with expansion on the horizon, a SEC delegation approached Texas and Texas A&M about becoming the 11th and 12th teams and establishing a championship game and increased revenue. Then, like now, Texas pissed their pants at the prospect of playing in a real conference and thus being exposed. With the Texas market closed the SEC turned to Ar-Kansas and Florida St. Ar-Kansas dominates their State and while not huge it does help to dominate an entire state. Florida St. at the time was building a National brand and they would no doubt increase the level of competition. Ar-Kansas jumped but FSU did not. Now listen very closely all fans and alumni of Clampson You were not at that point nor were you ever considered for the 12th spot in the SEC and you most certainly did not say "no" to any offer that was not made back then! I have been told that countless times from Clampson fans and it is something that exists only in their minds. Here is the deal. South Carolina has three major media markets that coincide with the three regions of the state: The Up-State controlled by the Greenville market, The Midlands controlled by the Columbia market, and the Low Country controlled by the Charleston market. The Gamecocks dominate the Columbia and Charleston markets which also happen to be the two biggest of the three. The SEC preferred a crappy program with more money to a not quite as crappy program with less money.

2. The SEC would be fine with 13 teams until they find the right fit for a 14th
So you are telling me that the SEC west champion could have played 6 divisional games, 3 non-divisional SEC games for a total of 9 conference games. That means the game in Atlanta would be their tenth conference game while the East champion would only be playing their ninth conference game. You think Alabama, Auburn, and LSU ain't gonna cry foul on that one? There is no expansion unless their are at least 2 and maybe 4 teams ready to jump.

3. This could all be put to bed because there is some meteor of destruction headed for the SEC in the way of NCAA violations for multiple teams. Ah yes this again, the lustfull wish of everyone not associated with the SEC. This has been going to happen since the late 90's. You know what NCAA sanctions mean to us down here? NOTHING! The NCAA is not going to give four to five SEC teams the death penalty. Do we cheat down here? Is the Pope Catholic? Please. Let's be honest the SEC doesn't need the NCAA and the NCAA knows that. No region of the country spends more money on college football than the South. I can't remember the last wedding I went to where they didn't pay about $200 to have the groom's cake be an exact replica of his favorite teams logo. I have about three friends having kids and my wife is spending a lot of money to have something hand made and monogrammed with their initials and with their parent's team's logo on it. We could always expand to 20 teams down here, 2 divisions of 10 teams, you play all 9 division opponents, one from the other division, and the top two teams in each division go into a play-off. #1 in the East plays #2 in the West in New Orleans and #1 in the West plays #2 in the East at Cowboys stadium and the two winners play in the Georgia Dome. You know what... that would bring more money than the rest of the country combined.

4. Texas A&M should try and convince Chokelahomo to jump ship with them.
A&M, if they do jump ship, will only do so if they are assured that no other Big 12 school comes with them. A&M can lord their status as an SEC school over all the other Texas schools and make no mistake about it Chokelahomo and Oklahoma St. are nothing but Texas schools. Their rosters ain't exactly flush with Oklahoma talent. When Pat Boone, or whatever his name is, dies OK St. goes the way of the dodo. With our backing A&M leaves Chokelahomo safely in the dust in three years. Oklahoma is not a terribly desirable market and if including it means losing the second largest program in Texas then we certainly don't want it. Plus the only thing Chokelahomo bring to the table is their perennial and inexplicable guarantee that they will be pre-season #1 in at least 1/2 of all college football publications every year.

On our next post: The real candidates for SEC expansion.


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