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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We Are Winning the War on Richt-O-Phillia. Wanna Know How we Know?

Our quaint little blog has since the 2010 Georgia/South Carolina game become arguably the best case study in the odd Socio-Mental disorder that we have in the past referred to as the-- "Tommy Bowden Syndrome"
The Tommy Bowden Syndrome was most clearly seen at the University of Clempsun from roughly 2003-2008. We don't know much about this disorder other than to say that it:

a) is contained to the Southeastern portion of the United States,
b) is most aggressive in nature when it surrounds a football coach,
c) becomes an all consuming pariah that prevents those infected from thinking clearly, and
d) causes violent and absurd reactions when said football coach is questioned.

We have asserted that it is not a religion but that it is in fact very similar to Islamic Jihadism in its pattern of thought and action. If you disagree then you are the infidel and you must be destroyed by any means necessary.

The symptoms of the Tommy Bowden Syndrome are distinct and obvious:

1) The appearance of total devotion to a specific Univeristy football program,
2) The inability to separate the personality of the Head Coach from the program,
3) Violent out-bursts that are typically centered around the belief that anyone who does not worship the coach is in some way not a fan of the program,
4) A total inability to articulate why the coach and program cannot be separated,
5) A total inability to articulate why the coach staying at the program is of more importance than the programs overall success,
6) The development of a belief that the program is inferior to others or the belief that "average" is good enough because the coach is average (again the inability to separate the coach from the program),
7) An inability or sub-conscious refusal to accept that anyone could do a better job than that coach,
8) An inability to live in the present as thoughts of selective moments of the past control their daily activities,
9) An overwhelming belief that having a coach who has non-Catholic views on Christianity and/or the appearance that he is a "Robert E. Lee Type" example of adhering to long honored social norms that have been held in the highest regard by the culture of the American South is more important than winning.

Our blog has been an in-depth look into a very specific case of this syndrome that we have dubbed "Richt-O-Phillia" as it pertains to the Syndrome infecting a large portion of the University of Georgia fan base from 2008-present. If you look back at our archives you will see a distinct pattern of heightened violent reaction that consistently trends more and more to the side of absurd and ignorant as we increase our questioning of Mark Richt. Here is a look at the timeline:

2010 Pre-Season- In a very tongue and cheek manner we dared to question if Mark Richt was on the "Hot Seat". The reaction that came from Richt-O-Philles was that we were not "Real" Georgia fans. A mild response to a mild question.
Post Carolina Game 2010- We question a number of calls made by the offensive coordinator, we question the new defensive scheme, we blame inadequate strength and conditioning, we assert that South Carolina (a historically inferior program) had closed the talent gap with Georgia. The reaction was that there was nothing wrong with strength and conditioning and that we were actually some sort of rouge double-agent Georgia Tech fan blog. As our questioning intensified so to did the reaction. There was no proof to contradict that we are anything but Die Hard Georgia fans but we were accused of not being fans at all. When we moved from a mild question to outright accusations about inadequacies the reaction went from unverifiable to conspiracy theory absurd.
Post Colorado 2010- We abandon all hopes of Mark Richt still being the best fit for the program. The reaction is that we are a) not Georgia fans, b) rouge Georgia Tech double agents, and c) racists. You see to not be fan means that your criticisms can be dismissed. The obvious logical disconnect is that if we were we fans of any other program we would want an adversarial program to keep a coach who goes 6-7 . This logical disconnect would be magnified if we were actually fans of said programs arch-rival. In calling us racists the motive is not to marginalize our stance on the program but to marginalize us from society all together. Now we certainly understand that there are a few white people in the world who are self-proclaimed racist watch dogs because they think that someone somewhere is keeping some sort of score and they get points for getting offended. However, for the most part the calling us racists (as opposed to seeing that we frequently point out Southern quirkiness both white and black on a regular basis with no malicious intent but instead for humor) is a desperate attempt to discredit anything that we say against the focus of their disorder, Mark Richt.
Post UCF Debacle 2011- We are consistently point out all the problems with the program both past and present. We bring forth the issue that being a Christian does not automatically make you a good coach. The same responses apply but a new one is added-- that we are anti-Christian. Now we have in the mind of a Richt-O-Phille; been marginalized as fans, marginalized from main stream society, and will now be placed into Hell in the after life. Our being anti-Christian now means that not only do they have to face our hard truth in this life but we won't be around in the after life to question Richt either.

Let us state clearly that a Racist is someone that hates all things consistent with anyone being a member of any race. Any one of any race can be a racist. It is not simply reserved for white Southerners. While their are many people that we don't care for there is no one that we hate for any reason race is to be included in "any" reason. We feel this way because it is un-Christian to hate anyone. Which brings us to this point: I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, born of a virgin, all man and yet all God, lived a sinless life, died of his own choice on a cross, took the burden of all the sins of the world as the ultimate sacrifice, died, arose three days later, did wonders, and returned to Heaven to sit at the right hand of Power, and confessing him and asking for a forgiveness of your sins by him is the only way to Salvation. My belief in this does qualify me to be a brain surgeon, an accountant, a financial advisor, a football coach, or any other highly skilled profession for which I have not been properly trained--or have been trained but have failed

We are winning this argument because you are reacting in an absurd manner in a desperate attempt to discredit anyone with anything negative to say about Richt. I assume that we will be Nazis, or Child Molesters, or Devil Worshippers after this since those are the three worst things anyone can be and we have yet to be accused of these.


  1. This blog is the equivalent of an ice-cream headache.

    The colorful writing and references are an absolute pleasure to read, but the content will occasionally give me a headache. However, that is what makes this blog so great - that they produce unique opinions and ideas. the fact the add the word 'son' to half their statements to add a little southern flair is just icing on the cake

    Yet, i read the comments from yesterday's pointed Patton-style ramblings of Patterson to UGA (ironcially a 8 weeks before the season starts) and the response by the readers was astonishing.

    The most despeciable posts were easily from Anon, who used the fact that the words Obama and black appeared in the same sentence to cry racist. There is a racism problem in this country, and its people who constantly (and unneccesarily) scream 'racism' that are the problem.

    keep it up boys - you're doing just fine. Although some of these soapbox ramblings are a little crazy

  2. I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom.
    George S. Patton

  3. You're a bunch of child molesting, Nazi devil-worshipers.

    Have a nice day.

  4. I love this blog...it's much more akin to the rants I have with my friends after embarrassing losses to Conference USA teams than the other blogs.

    Not that anyone asked, but I'd love for CMR to turn it around, but if he doesn't, I'll be the first to hand McGarity the hook.

  5. sorry (pardon the manners) clicked on this site in error> wont happen again!

  6. Homer, you are a google master my friend.

  7. Gentlemen, I'm a guy who wants to see UGA succeed, and, therefore, Richt succeed. I assume, as Georgia supporters, you feel the same way. My only hope is that the decision after this season will be clear one way or the other. In my opinion, we need to do 2 of the following 3 things this season:

    1) Win 9 games in the regular season
    2) Beat UF
    3) Represent the East in the SEC championship game

    If that happens, I'll consider this season a success and that the program is on the mend. If not, we probably need to consider who would be the next Georgia head coach.

    I know you're ready to hire Gary Patterson. Is anything short of an SEC championship acceptable to the sausage makers?

  8. Championships always take a little luck, especially in the SEC. Your 3 criteria seem like a solid starting point for retention. Accomplish 2 of the 3, and that'd be a good start. My personal opinion on it, he needs a winning record in the 5 games of SC, UT, AU, UF, and GT. Do that, and the rest should fall in to place around it.

  9. What if Richt turns it around?

  10. -Doug

    If he turns it around great but I just don't think he will. I also wonder if he works to keep his job and then goes right back to his old ways.

    I think the SEC is tougher now than it was in 02 and 05. I don't see his career long track record of failure at the O-line position improving. How many times have we been promised that we would have O-line problems fixed and here on the eve of his 11th season what are we facing? Questions about the depth at O-line. Go to Rivals and tell me how many O-linemen are on the Alabama list and how many are on our list.

    If he turns it around great but I will believe it when I see it. We also will not apologize for calling him out on three years of complacency (which is probably more like 5 years because lazyness today breeds problems tomorrow).

  11. Er...um...cc don't let me win that easy!!! cc put up a fight baby!!!! your pyschobabble up stairs is a sharp departure from yesterday. What's wrong pookums the bad tech fan wurt za baaabeee feelings??? OOOHHHH i am so sorry all that Mandingo talk to harsh??? Those BIG... BLACK...MANDINGO WARRIORS and their club gave you a bad experience? Don't want to talk about it. Will not answer the questions?? Well i will just ask your gal SHE knows all about it. Let me tell you something son your words... what comes out of your mouth... put you in your category. What comes outta your mouth IDENTIFIES what is in your heart and you are a RACIST regardless of how you rationlize it in your mind (websters definition of a racist will not help you here son)it just makes for a weaker argument. Afterall Jim Crow carried one in his hip pocket and as soon one of the slaves said masser you a racist. He whipped it out to defend his racist rants,and attitudes. Exactly like you do although you pull yours out far, far quicker than he could . Rush and Beck have taught you well, simple adjustment in your mind and poof presto zappo you are a not racist but remember it has nothing to do with your head.NOW put that puny, limited, weasel of a mind to work and EXPLIAN what do you know about MANDINGOS?? The longer you wait to answer the clearer your racist behind is seen. I will take a refusal to answer both questions as an confession of guilt and will no longer ask since you will have pleaded guilty, kinda like when Ole Anderson put your boy Dusty Rhodes in the figure four leg lock and that big cow gave up with the swiftness.You talk about others changing subject. Again why don't you quit doing it. Once again...one more time... before i permanently affix coward to your name What..Do...You..Know...About...Mandingo's... Have you been to a Mandingo club??? ps I got you some Clearasil those blackheads and pimples really look bad there son you must be having some sort of allergic reaction to something.Lastly got a topic for your next rant i mean blog "Stop it You are Hurting Me" AHD forever sissy!!! Al Sharpton 2016 for pres hahahahaha

  12. Doug,
    At what point does the idea that Richt can turn it around become unrealistic? When we have an S&C program long overdue for change? When we keep trotting out Brandon Miller to cover WRs in the slot? When we stop kicking off in geometry challenged Fabris fashion? When we decide a QB draw on 3rd and 7 with a should be TE against a fast Florida D isn't gonna work? When we decide sending out a "fair catch specialist" shows our hand on the playcall? When we decide a 2-back I set, playaction pass on 3rd and 14 is a bad idea?

    I love Richt and want him to succeed, but around the time Colorado was physically dominating us on the line of scrimage last year, I began to realize what the heart wants, the head knows ain't happenin.

  13. CC i forgot to mention you are a devilworsipper!! So sad my bad!! Got you a free membership to Jenny Craig to show there are no hard feelings.Where do I send it???

  14. CC you are winning about as much as your boy Dusty Rodes did against the Anderson brothers. Ole and Arn forever! That is the last one today i promise. It's just that you are a gift from God! Hard to find good "Southern" entertainment anymore. Now pass those grits Bubba.

  15. Can't we all just get along?

  16. why dont you stop waging war on those who support the coach, and just focus ur anger on RIVALS or something more meaningful..

    translated??-- get a life you dumbass

  17. Anon 6:53 pm that's funny son!! Rodney King was my cousin by the way. He's gonna have a reality show on MTV can't wait. What do you think it's gonna be called cc or What do you think it should be called?? ppppffffttt!!

  18. Doesn't Jesus, and therefore Mark Richt, preach to turn the other cheek? Yet if we say anything even remotely non-glowing about the man, "fans" come out of the word work to question us personally? Something tells me Mark Richt himself wouldn't be as intentionally assholish to us as you Anonymous.

  19. Mr. Sanchez, I would agree with you. Win 3 of the big 5, and everything else should take care of itself. Vegas probably will favor us in 3 (UT, AU, GT) of the 5 assuming no significant injuries change the equation with the other 2 as either a slight underdog (SC) or a toss-up (UF). What's your take on the Boise game?

  20. Boise will be a good game. My full take is a story saved for August.

    I guess we are getting big if anonymous is blowing us up.

  21. Yeah and a very important Anon at that he:
    A) contols all black AD's in Atl and therefore all black recruits,
    B) was hanging with all his black friends (the AD's I guess) who had him ask us questions totally irrelevant to the discussion,
    C) he supports Homer Dawg who never has any of his facts straight,
    D) he is the supreme authority on all things racist, and
    E) he is so awesome that he has to talk to himself as if he were another Anon who just so happens to be Rodney King's cousin.

    Too bad he is about 11 months too late with the "you people are racist" argument. If only we could just see how 6-7 in year 10 is actually good for the program. If we could see it then the fact that he can't explain it wouldn't matter.

  22. Yeah Son gimme my championship belt!!! Aha whipped you sucka now go crawl back to your hole. Power slam off the top rope KA-BOOM. Seriously cc i mean seriously apologies to you and sanchez just got carried away there sport. I grew up in a town where as late as 1979 blacks were expected to eat in the back of the restaurant in town. So far from those who cry racism and have no idea what is OR felt it I know exactly what it is and when it is on display. With a small amount of goading Black Panther and Mandingo shot outta your mouth like a cannon. Black Panther... cc... really cc BLACK PANTHER?... what Black man or men considers themself a Black Panther? I dare say you know none i certainly don't, it is a code word that Fox news put out there to panic dudes like yourself. I dare say you have not heard that term from anyone black in your town since you have been alive. Now do I think you are racist yes I do. Are you a bad guy? Probably not, you made a reference to your belief in Christanity not that you were one that greatly increases ones chance of being a racist. Fox news put two scrawny, drunk crossed eyed black guys on the screen who do not have any idea who or what black panthers were. Black Panther..cc..really cc... any eighty old woman could have whipped their azzes. I regularly read the AJC blogs those guys get spit roasted and goaded to no end and yet...yet... not one racial firebomb why because they are not racist. "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh" blogging or not, seriously cc seriously if the shoe fits ...if.. it fits wear it Hell i was friends with guys in my home town who were racist. Really i kinda repected the fact they were honest about it. If the shoe fits wear it

  23. Wow, we stand humbled and corrected by your self proclaimed victory. I think your strongest argument may have been your insane ramblings that have nothing to do with UGA football on a UGA football blog. Although a close second was the fantasy world you have created in which you control ATL area recruiting,have imaginary conversations while posting comments, create other commentors also named anon to compliment yourself during your ramblings.
    I guess it is a good thing you sniffed out all this racism in July what with your Feb schedule being so full. I mean naturally a civil rights champion such as your self is on a state wide tour of black churches in that month. Have you ever been to Cam Newton's daddy's church? I understand Auburn spared no expense. Or maybe you don't know since your freedom rider days of 1979 was oh I don't know about 11 years too late to have actually been a part of the civil rights movement.
    Where did you grow up that rest. were segregated in 79. How much money did the blacks in your town get when they won that lawsuit. Nice try Anon or should we say Athens Homer Dawg. Your in ability to be even close to factual and you insatiable desire to proclaim yourself the winner of discussions is what gave you away.
    It was a nice strategy and we will give some respect for the effort. In the future maybe try googling things like
    "Dates of civil rights movement" or "which college teams run the spread" an ode to one of your older winning arguments in which you said Auburn doesn't run the spread. Classic

  24. ?. Not hardly.

  25. Bonners cafe Crawfordvile,GA go ask any of the town's Blacks where they went to order food there son. Ask if it is true or not!!! Jackass. The problem with you son is you think you are smart when you are not even close. If you were really all that smart and had some fortitude as well. You would blog Big boy style and post some interesting conversation about UGA sports like Leather Helmet blog, GS blog, GTP, or any of the other Heavyweights. Even junkyarddawg at AJC for pete's sake, but noooo to much comp there so you go Fried Mark Richt for dinner hoping you can goad people into reading your gibberish.Question cc how many serious UGA fans DON'T know that Coach Richt job is hanging in the balances, how many...you think we need you to tell us the obivious or enthrall us with your so called journalistic acumen about firing a coach. Really cc really... are you that jaded??? Actually everyone of us "Real Dawgs" that suffered through Ray Goff are thankful for Richt returning the team to championship status coaches get fired all day everyday. Hold the presses!! Hold the presses!! cc has an exclusive scoop a coach might be fired..sheesh.. No the real issue is a amateur blogger trying to make a name for himself by going the easy route. Dude i was just playing but I see i am completely inside your head. Hey AHD i lived in athens for 19 years i may even know you!! Look how i have totally flabbergasted this rookie he thinks i am you!! For which i apologize cause i am typing with one finger and not nearly as sharp as you my Brother. Crawfordville, GA is about 40 min from Athens down through Lexington,GA if you go through there stop and ask the local Blacks if in 1979 they were expected to go in the back of Bonners cafe and crucify this insipid egotistical idiot here. I mean tear his azz limb from limb. The fool that thinks he is a Real blogger. one more thing i am going to cc's god's cookout ol Ripoff Rupert Murdoch!! I think he is what's gonna be on the grill. AHD seriously now,. he thinks I am you. You gotta give me some props dude In two days time i completly destroyed this guy i hurricaned his butt, blowed his fused turnned him into lebron james!! Two days... I feel like Ali, Jordan, The Road Runner beep beep all in one. AHD you have bantered with him back and forth you gotta admit what i did was impressive Do Not try to correct him Do Not!!! Let's savior the moment!!! cc i tried to apologize i guess the arrows were to deep huh, the spleen was ruptured and the liver sliced??? Crawfordville,GA go there i dare you son!! Crawfordville,GA now put that in your google pipe and smoke it. You really are stupid cc, really really stupid. Stop while you are ahead!!!

  26. Wait a minute wait one doggone minute!! CC you thief where is my money??? This rag was avg. 00000.1 viewers a day, until i got on here and now you are blowing up you said so youself!!! Check please??? $ 2,500 should suffice.Never mind broke bloggers don't have money cash please. You scoundrel how dare you steal from me. My money by 7-15-11 or it's back to 00000.1 readers for you grasshopper

  27. Rodney King detained in Cal on DUI charge google that one googleman!!! 12:30 per Yahoo

  28. Hello Anon. Not sure why you won't post under a screen name. I never trusted the Anon approach to posting. But to each his own. Don't know if I am as aggravated over CC as you. Here it is no GTP or Bernie's Dawg Blawg. They just want to post shock blog style. I post cause I think it(shock blog) can tsunami and get outta control. I've "released/fired" so many guys over the last 18 months and seen the damage up close. I have an aversion to it. They were for economical reasons.....firing Richt is something else. You know that Mack Brown is number 6 on the "Coaches Hot Seat". Richt is 5. We really are a throw away society. Anyway try not to become so inflamed with it all and continue to have fun with it. Lot of attorneys write and apparently blog. Remember attorneys went to college to learn to argue. Soooooo....get in ... get out... get out of the way!
    just sayin'
    as an aside one of my closest friend is an attorney (not my attorney) and my youngest son wants to be just like him. Go figure.

  29. -Anon

    Again reality has to set in at some point and you have to fact check your dates. We did however, finally get you to come clean about your adoration of Mark Richt. I certainly enjoyed your 100% genuine concern for the black population of the State of Georgia and your moral high grounded attempt to discredit what we have to say. You are a little late to the party however as we have already seen far better and more coherent than yourself attempt to make an argument that has nothing to do with the conversation to distract from the fact that your beloved is not getting the job done.
    Now do we owe you for when you first appeared as Athens Homer Dawg or when you were the first Anon or the second Anon that you used to congratulate yourself on a non-sensical argument. Most people don't even read the comments anyway plus you have no way of knowing what our hit total is. Unless of course in addition to controlling all Atlanta area AD's you also control the internet which in your fantasy world is highly likely.
    Again with the self proclaimed victories. Nevermind that 95% of what you said made no sense--that is down a little from your AHD alter-ego who makes sense about 85% of the time.
    Also a nice set-up in asking yourself to give yourself props at some point. Now if AHD does give you some love here is what you need to avoid:
    -Declaring yourself (I mean Anon) the "winner" of a discussion, and
    -Giving a lenghty explination for how you are in fact not the "Anon"
    You see when you write enough you have a style (or in your case ramblings in which you claim to be of some great importance, proclimations of "victories" won in your own mind, and sticking to the Richt-O-Phille play book of attempting to distract when you have no real counter argument).
    Here is a suggestion.......create about 4 or 5 screen names and use your proxy blogger army to what was it again....."Hurricane our butts"
    I also liked the attempt to say that we are not "real fans" (in your Ray Goof refrence) again much like with the civil rights movement you are a little late to the party.

  30. @son of sancho
    ¿Eres tonto? Hijo de Sancho. Vamos señoras no puede ser perezoso para el mejor que Richt-O-Phillia? Richtopilia! Si vas a ser creativo haciendo de la manera correcta es siempre la mejor manera.
    Just in case you understand the written word.

    Or since you stated earlier you speak Swahili:

    Je, wewe ni mjinga? Mwana wa sancho. Haya wanawake msiwe wavivu unaweza wako kwa ajili ya bora zaidi kuliko Richt-O-Phillia;. Richtopilia! Kama wewe ni gonna kupata ubunifu kufanya hivyo kwa njia ya haki daima ni njia bora.

    Iron sharpens iron.... but I'm not feelin' it here. K?

    I'll be out of pocket until Monday. Think kind thoughts?

  31. OK CC. I've heard of posters posting under multiple screen names. I remember the Senator chastising a poster for doing just that. So obviously you can tell. I'm not sure if this grassy knoll conspiracy is just to draw hits or what. So figure it out and leave me out of your conflict with Anon. Get a smaller jock if you have to. I think I may have a few of the boy's jocks left over from PeeWee league you can have. Bernie ( you say you know Bernie) knows full well how I hate the anon approach to posting. Sully me with your cat fight with anon and I'll take my marbles and go home. Not to trouble you anymore. We good?

  32. Hey Anon - I tried to break bread yesterday at this soul food joint off Auburn Ave, and they spit in my food before they bounced my honky ass out the back door. Who do I see for some reperations?

  33. Anon - Me and my Mandingo bruthas are having a throwdown tailgate party before the BSU game. Lots of spear chucking, watermelon toting, fried chicken eating fun. Bring yo' colt 45 drinking ass downtown and have one on me.