Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All We Want This Saturday is for:

PLUS THIS.......

PLUS THIS.......

Drive Blocking...It's what grown men do!

Bombed out and depleted via George Patton and his Drive Blocking Scheme.

Can we go ahead and named Ben Jones the starting center on the All-Time, All-Georgia, Sports and Grits team?


  1. the only knock i have against Ben Jones is that fact that he is from the backwoods state of Alabama.

  2. @Axlrodes,

    But Ben Jones is of Georgia parentage.

  3. -Axlrodes

    Are we not all of superior Southern breeding. At least he had the good sense to come to Georgia, right?

  4. I`m all in for the Dawgs this Saturday to wreck havoc on the ponies

    This however is totally off the subject,

    I love you guy`s site and the way ya`ll keep it real. I was going to ask when baseball ramps back up, you think you guys could find a way to throw some Tyrus Raymond Cobb in the mix? He seems like he would be a great addition to your collection of Patton who once said he looked at Ty Cobb as a role model, just a thought

    keep up the good work!!

  5. -Anon

    Funny you should ask but Mr. Cobb along with the Bulldogs decorates my office.

    Cobb was named by his father for the city of Tyre which is an ancient Phonecian City that was repeatedly conqured but never the less-- never simply surrendered no matter the size of the conquering force. The City of Tyre and Cobb are both Cold Blooded Sausage Makers. Patton did idolize Cobb because real recognizes real, son.

    I had a minor in History and wrote a 32 page paper on Cobb my Junior year. We were asked to pick one person in American History that still affects us today. I wrote about the Detroit Tigers strike in protest of Cobb's suspension and how Kennesaw Mountain Landis the most hardcore commish in MLB history caved to the players. The first true and successful strike of a major sport's players.

    Samdizl is our baseball writer and has been out of commission for a while now. However, ask and ye shall receive. I will get a post up about Cobb in the next couple of days.

  6. Cobb also stabbed a dude on the skreet here in Augusta when he tried to rob Cobb. So see there is nothing new under the sun; Cobb was stabbin' punks on the streets in Georgia long before Ray Lewis.

  7. I'm predicting 2011 will be different than 2010! ;-P

  8. CC Rider

    Thanks for the consideration for the Ty Cobb posts.
    As you said, real recognizes real and Cobb was after all... The greatest ball player of all time.