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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Boise is Looking to Steal a Spot in the BCS Title Game.

There are lots of ways to win National Titles.  Nebraska did it with the option in the 90's.  Florida did it with the Tebonner Option, Miami has done it a few times with prison gangs, and Auburn just bought one off the show room floor.  Regardless of how you get it-- you got it-- and right now we ain't got one here in Georgia since Jimmy Carter was exiting stage left.  Bama got one two years ago by kicking in the front door and taking it like a Spartan solider takes a wife.  This year Boise is trying to slide in the back door and five finger discount one.
This is going to be hard for Dawgnation to hear but we were hand picked like a booger for Boise.  You see the casual fan of College Football located at any non-descript, soulless, devoid of tree cover place in the mid-west knows nothing of Georgia's troubles.  They don't know that we have been running an out-dated strength and conditioning program for five years now.  They don't know that someone (Richt) thought it would be a good idea to give a kid "on the job training" as an offensive coordinator in the SEC.  They don't know that  a culture of laziness and entitlement has permeated this program to it's very core.  They don't know that we are still in "recovery" from our bout with Willie "Football AIDS" Martinez.  All they know is "Hey, isn't Georgia in the SEC?  Weren't they good a few years ago?  Oh, Boise beat them!?!  Well....Boise is legit then they deserve a spot in the National Title Game.
We certainly hope that Georgia gives Boise the Hawaii treatment from a few years ago.  The problem is we have South Carolina a week from Saturday and Boise has no other opponent until TCU.  The entire Boise season is on the line this Saturday.  Saturday really means very little to Georgia who will still be looking down the barrel of a SEC schedule.
You wanna impress us Boise?  Schedule three SEC teams in one season none of them named Vanderbilt.  Schedule Bama at Legion Field.  Schedule LSU in the Superdome.  Or schedule us in 2014, year three of the Patterson era at UGA.


  1. Excellent article. So true, Richt is lazy, how do you get outcoached by Colorado? Bobo's inept. Entitlement all da way. Richt thinks he can show up with his DREAM TEAM of recruits and people gonna run and hide. Boise picked Georgia because they know Richt's lazy, they know Richt had an 0-5 record vagainst ranked teams in 2010, and is 2-8 in last 10 against ranked teams. They know Richt won't outwork them. They know Bobo can't outscore them. Very good move by Boise, just might get them into the National Championship.

  2. Ahhhhh, thank you for the acknowledgement of our bloggery skills, sir.

  3. Don't know that Boise "Picked" UGA, they were invited, offered a ton of cash, and accepted. They weren't even the first choice... http://www.ajc.com/sports/uga/how-the-uga-boise-1150967.html

  4. Taking nothing away from the above article of course, the comment was meant for DoDo. The Article is spot on when it come to national perception...

  5. -Newnan Dawg

    I'm not saying Boise called and said hey we wnat this game. What I am saying is if Boise had been asked hey you wanna play Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, South Carolina, or Mississippi State they probably would have said no. they most liekly would have refused Vandy, Kentucky, or Ole Miss b/c that wouldn't bring enough cred. I think they were willing to take UGA or UT but preferred us to Tennessee because at least Baby Dooley is trying.

  6. Well I just flat out refused to even attempt to edit that last one.

  7. I like it, the typos give it character.