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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cold-Blooded Uniforms- Nike Should be Payin' Us Millions!

We are gonna have lots of people that get on here and tell us how stupid these uniforms look.  Well we ain't saying we want em' for good; but we are saying that given these choices as opposed to that epileptic seizure inducing thing we saw a few days ago.....we will take these. 

You may note some other points of awesomeness...such as
1. Our screen name
2. The Head Coach
3. The reduced star rating that ESPN would demand we have due to the Head Coach, and
4. How despite the stars we snuck one in on them with the "Coach Prestige" rating because a man that can cure concussion is prestigious in our book.

A little sumthin sumthin for the kids but still classy.

Ohhhhhhh....gettin' all crazy with the stripeage.

That was as gray as we could get the color.  We really wanted that Herschel-Days gray on the britches.

We await your call Nike.  We can do this for almost any team (but we refuse to work with Tennessee!)


  1. the UGA nike pro-combat uniforms are non-traditional and controversial. However, i saw TCU's version on 'Every day should be Saturday', and i am now extremely thankful for what we have.

  2. by the way, that game looks far too complicated. give me Tecmo Bowl baby!!!

  3. Never, EVER have red pants with a red jersey. It is too much. Reminds me of Clemson and their orange on orange. (We NEVER should be doing anything remotely like Clemson.)

    Pant stripes should always be straight. Why? It looks better AND because the stripes have a military origin which should be respected. When I say military origin, I am talking about parade uniforms, not COMBAT uniforms (whoa, we are wearing Pro Combat unis against Boise).

  4. -Anon @4:38

    Oh I totally agree but it appears that if you take Nike money you have to be prepared to accept stupid crap....cause the kids like it. Sorta' like how you can turn on a "New" Country Music Station but what you heat isn't country at all. Here is a list of people who can't be on the country station:
    1. People from other countries. They ain't even yankees they are from Australia and crap.
    2. Rappers.....there is no such thing as Country Rap Cobowy Troy.
    4. Teenage Girls. Not to say that there aren't some who could sing Country but the ones that could will never be able to offer more than Tayolr Swift has forever taken from us.

  5. Holy Cow, I love every combination you made.

  6. -Thanks Stephen,

    It may be too soon to be talkin' Nobel Peace Prizes....but the Cold-Blooded Ones may just be able to pull DawgNation together on this one.

    As you can see we gave it a little razzle dazzle but not at the expense of the classic greatness that Georgia has always enjoyed in their uniforms. Maybe we failed to explain to Nike that this ain't Oregon. We still love traditions that the left coast long ago disregarded. You know like the way we still play defense.

  7. CC, Sanfernandez,Athens Homerless Dawg!!! How the hell are you? You Sons of a Motherless Goat!!! The Real Anon checking in Son!!! What it Do Baby. CC guess what I just finished swimming the Atlantic Ocean without gettin wet, I just finished slidding through the molecules without gettin caught!!! And...And just got me some new Rickey Smiley!!! CC Bruce Bruce just can't do it dawg. Do me big favor youtube Kevin Hart with "Ostrich" and Kevin Hart "whitewater with muslim friend" i know you will love it. AHD i think you are right i do need a name, think i'm going with Athens Homeless Dawg !!! Oh yeah CC Bite Me Son!!!

  8. CC, Sanchez......that is some serious spin doctoring and I have to say I am impressed. I thought it all well done and well delivered. Multiple h/t and I am entertained!

    Anonymous 6:19.....You are not yet ready young padawan. You have still a lot to learn. We are not Kapparov vs. Anand yet Anon, although you clearly would play the role of Anand. And you are still talking out of both sides of your mouth when I compare your two last posts. Stop it! I am uncomfortable with fickleness in a man.

    don't think I can't find you. My skill set on the net is beyond belief!

    just sayin'

  9. "Would you forget about the moose for a moment?!!"