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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fashion police redux

Boise St worries about what they wear more than we do. Make sure to plan the proper outfit for each gameday, you big rugged moutain men.

Color coordinated? OK. You've got the wrong colors of choice, but we all saw what Ted Kaczynski looked like and don't expect you shack people to have taste. And even some of the more tasteless amongst our own in the south have that same color blindness.

Trying to wear the same color from time to time, as we said, OK. But to color coordinate from game to game? That's why you're not allowed to play in any big boy games Boise. You do stuff like that that let's us know you're not ready. Oh, you can beat an Oregon school, or Big Game Bob in a bowl, like that's an accomplishment. It's not like beating Georgia would be some big accomplishment right now either. UCF and Colorado have done that. But hopefully this is a different Georgia team. Even if it isn't, I'm becoming less and less worried about the Fighting Funke's.


  1. So I know this post has nothing to do with the article but what ever. So I have seen the Boise and Oregon unis now and let me just say this, I am beyond pissed. Compared to the other unis the Georgia unis are a joke. Just another example of the lack of respect that Georgia is now getting. It is almost like Nike aka neanderthals in kool equipment are trying to get back at UGA for what ever reason. Furthermore the Boise helmet matches our helmet, other than the logo and stripe WTF Nike. Did u guys make up every one else's unis and have only five minutes to come up with UGA's. So to that I will conclude that I am 1000% behind our boys no matter what. But it is high time for UGA to get back to the top. Patterson for head coach 2012. Also CC just a quick question but why is UGA the Home team yet will be suiting up in the away locker room. Once again WTF. IS this just me reading in to it or is this just another example of Richts softness

  2. Wes:
    Ponies fly across country Dawgs ride up the road. C'mon you wanna hear them whine that they were at a disadvantage? Where is your Southern hospitality? I don't know how that Nike contract was structured..... but I doubt it says.... CMR gets final approval on all designs? I always blame the legal team if the contract ends up creating a vacuum. So knock yourself out. One side all in glorious Georgia red the other in feminine napkin white. Gee...... works for me.