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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Is Richt getting cold blooded?

No high dive this year? I'll believe that when it happens. Until then, I think he's just trying to make it a surprise.
"I doubt we go to Ramsey," Richt said. "This might be the first time that
we've gotten all 29 practice opportunities in. We haven't gotten there
yet, but we're on track."
As disturbing as it is that it takes 10 years to use your full allotment of practices, especially the last few years where you can have a pool party any time day or night but the extra couple hours of attention to the obviously lacking details might have helped, it's nice to here we're finally putting in work again.
Our other thoughts from practice prep with a week and a half until game time (yipee!), it's nice to here Kwame Geathers is stepping up. We've been a fan of the family since watching Uncle Jumpy's forklifts (if you've never seen it go to youtube and search "Jumpy Geathers Nate Newton"). And it only grew when we learned a 6'4 and chiseled 275 of long time NFL starter in Robert Geathers Jr was the self proclaimed "runt of the family". If the big fella has learned how to use his massive physical gifts, we will be in for a real treat this fall.
Also, while the injuries are concerning, I'm not so concerned with the WR spot. If we could do what would seem best for this offense (Murray and Crowell/Samuel in the backfield with Figgins/White/Charles/Brown/Wooten/King/Mitchell/etc spreading defenses out around them), I'd have no problem with a lack of an AJ replacement when Murray can identify whichever matchup is best exploited against that day's given defense; be it Charles or White in the seams, Wooten from the slot, King, Mitchell, or Brown out wide, or what have you. Just let our smart, mobile, accurate QB use his multitude of weapons to pick opposing teams apart (for video of what we'd look like, search go watch clips of 07 and 08 Texas).


  1. I like the love for our monster nose position. As they draw the double team as we all know they must, especially with the gimpy knee the pony center possess, who gets that shot on the QB? I am expecting a full decapitating Howard like shot that sends the Heisman hopeful to the bench for some serious prayer time. Looking ahead. Murray's numbers got a serious bump in Knoxville with the departure of Jackson from Tennessee. Listen up sports fans. When they say they will test you .... you ain't going to fool them. All that over some Mexican dirt weed. Reminds me of QC.

  2. Wait, was there some optimism in this post?

  3. -LI

    Brother we've been farting sunshine and rainbows over here for a couple of days now.

  4. Still not completely sold on the rainbows just yet....... We need a full fledged revival.


  5. Nice to learn Hooked on Phonics worked for you Travis.

  6. AHD don't stop there, no sir I hope that first lick brings a visible display of water filling in his eyes. So much so that the inner little girl that I know, just know IS in there comes bubbling out.How special would it be if, Uncle Jumpy has taught Kwame the ol Forklift. So that on the VERY first play, he tosses the bronco center three feet in the air and screams Yeah Bitch!!!

  7. Hey CC when I lived in Athens, Chuck Smith's nephew played little league football with my son.He was a sponsor and 2 or 3 times a year he would come to practice. A couple of times Jumpy came with him, Jumpy in no way looked liked he played on the D-line but Dude had muscles all in his toes! Talk about a Mandingo Warrior Yes Sireee!! Speaking of warriors, everybody made sure they stood close to their wife when old Chuck Dizzle came through!! Wasn't no panties safe from old Chuck Dizzle!!! Chuck was a legendary panty hound!!!

  8. fartin sunshine and rainbows...pure awesomeness! lmao

    anon 5:19...Amen brotha! "Yeah Bitch, Get Sum!"

    GO DAWGS!!!!

  9. Anon @ 5:31
    Speaking of the fired former Vol coach, we were said to be "just like Chuck Smith, without the talent" by a mutual teacher.

  10. No Mark Richt is not. Thank you for asking.

    WDE cannot even count to 11-3. Quote WDE to me ? Mark Richt has addressed, every issue. Great Scott. Is Mike Bobo the offensive coordinator ? Is Bryan McClendon the RB coach ? Did we recruit a fullback the last 6 recruiting classes, I missed somewhere ? There is a single player who plays the forward pass in our entire secondary ? Do we have a hole in the OL in the starting 5, and is there anyone behind them ? Were there now 26 players who would have played vs Boise State who no longer on even on the roster. All those 26, whom Mark Richt is given great credit for bringing here, none of them are Mark Richt's "coaching staff's" responsibility for running off this roster ? Will we not lose the game number 11 in the 11 years this season of Mark Richt and his "coaching staff" to a team who does not end up in the AP Poll Top 25, like Florida for example ? Will we beat Florida or go 2-9 vs Florida his 11 years here ? Are we better than South Carolina in game 2, or will it be not a winning record vs The SEC East the last 6 consecutive seasons the night after the game 2 ? Oh, yeah he has really fixed things. All issues fixed. Hands us all yet another wardrobe malfunction with lies that all the players just love looking like a Japanese cartoon CLOWN SUIT. Will not have beat any team finishing in the AP Poll Top 10 yet again this season. Have our wide receivers just awesome out there. 10 cupcakes (1) whatever cruddy bowl game opponent we get this season, like we have been getting all 10 years of Mark Richt here (2) Boise State avg # 69 recruiting class all 5 of the last 5 years making up their squad 1 week from Saturday, try to tell me that is not a cupcake and yes absolutely if we lose that game I will give this "coaching staff" of Mark Richt all they can handle, I am fed up with it. Did you get that ? (3) Coastal Carolina as War Dang Dawg tells you right above me, you DUCK while you brag of Richt compared to Ray Goff us # 11 all-time in 1-A wins but # 23 the last 5 years of 21 Losses by DIRECT CONTRAST (4) Ole Miss (5) vols (6) Vandie, or do you plan on saying a 4-win Vandie who beat us 2006 was not a cupcake too liar ? (7) Florida a cruddy down team with yet another younger coach than Mark Richt who has never even coached a football team, ever with no QB (when they put 3 on the field who together were FAR BETTER than our 1 with NO BACK-UP PREPARED again, as always. Yeah, fixed everything. Liar. (8) New Mexico State the # 120 team in America (9) Kentucky or do you really consider all our losses to Kentucky all to great teams and not cupcakes ? (10) Georgia tek most especially. Quote WDE to me with him flailing away that Florida will finish this season in the AP Poll Top 25. 3 SEC West teams of note and we play no game vs Alabama, vs Arkansas now missing RB, nor with LSU and we will be CLOCKED by all 3 in the SEC Championship Game, either that, or we will find South Carolina, that powerful 5-loss team East of us, there and us at home for the 6th consecutive season. If you want to have a conversation with me, you get out from behind your little keyboard, and you ask me chazzo. He has fixed everything, 0h, yeah, except all these items such as losing to 9 teams finishing in the AP Poll Top 10 all 10 of his years with 3 wins in 3 years he lost 4, 3 and 4 games out of 12 games to-date, and his 10 losses to teams not finishing in the AP Poll Top 25. Vince Dooley beat the great teams and he did not lose the cruddy ones. So, did too Wally Butts. That's why between the 2, they have Six (6) NC listed in the NCAA Records Book.

  11. @ anon 12:09 TL DR........usually at midnight, midweek it is time to start winding it down. Take a step back from that keyboard or your will burst something important.

  12. dude, it's "hear", not "here"

  13. OK CC if I ramble, THEN what is that??? Wow what a rambler!!!