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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Lester Miles Would Like to Remind You of One Thing.

"Hey Captain Fag-tastic.  Guess who's undefeated and all of a sudden has a QB that can throw a spiral! 
One well timed titty squeeze at a bar plus one well timed bar room brawl means Ol' Lester is bout to get his for the second time."


  1. If you are joking, then carry on. If not, then please be aware that it's Leslie, not Lester, and then carry on.

  2. -Anon @1:06

    You see Leslie does not rhyme with molester. Lester--Lester the Hat Molester, now that rhymes.

  3. looks like Zach Mettenberger may get to be a SEC quarterback after all. Bet LSU under 9.5 wins after this. Leslie is a bitch's name

  4. -Anon @3:14

    I think Metts at QB gives them a better chance. LSU is loaded at every other position. Plus, sure in our reality Leslie is a girls name but on Planet Miles it is the name of Kings.