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Monday, August 22, 2011

Of Cold-Blooded Business and Wishful Dreams- Has Richt Fixed the Problems?

"What if Richt turns this thing around then what?"

We get that question all the time around here.  First, let me say that we do not hate Mark Richt the person.  Second, we do not hate Mark Richt the coach.  In fact we love Mark Richt on both of those counts.  What we have had more than enough of is Mark Richt the executive.  Now trust us when we say that every HC is an executive in some way shape or form.  Richt's role as executive is in regards to his assistants and their job performance.  Now we do a lot of cutting-up around here and that is something that many just can't understand.  In truth people get really mad when it's their toes that get stepped on.  We respect differing opinions when they are well thought out and well stated a'la Socrates over at the Leather Helmet Blog.   So all kidding aside here is what our major beef is at this point:

1. Florida- Spurrier got the drop on everyone in the 90's.  He revolutionized the way we play and think about the game here in Dixie.  Spurrier has long since departed The Swamp.  His replacement was woefully inadequate.  The replacement was replaced and now he has been replaced.  Florida is an elite program but even with that in mind they have flipped the series with us and controlled it in a way that has never been seen in the annals of college football.  I do not put all of the blame on Richt for this however, I myself would prefer to get Florida in Athens every so often.  Money talks so that won't happen any time soon.  Even when all was well in Dawgnation before the three year decline the Florida Boogeyman was ever present.

2. Assistants- Look, Richt held onto Willie Martinez for one year longer than he should have.  Bobo was promoted too soon and given play calling ability too soon.  VH was outdated and kept too long and Texas had to take an O-line coach (that while all agreed was a good hire) was not working out.  Richt's unwillingness to fire is not horrendous.....it ain't like he kept Martinez 5 years too long, but his unwillingness even in the face of the obvious is troubling.

Those are real and legitimate complaints.  Now we have some opinion complaints.  These are complaints that are just personal preferences for us (which make for excellent humor fodder for this blog).  We understand that just because these are things that we like that does not mean another way will not work.  I am personally not crazy about the 3-4 defense but that is not to say it won't work.  I could go for a tad more yelling (Which is a joke in case you don't get that....it is said with a very matter of fact aloofness that is juxtaposed with a hint of sarcasm).
I have talked in the past about the Clemson trap; Clemson kept Tommy Bowden longer than they should have-- and you would always hear what a good christian man he is.  I have even (in un-cold-blooded fashion because I allowed it to bother me) outlined my own faith. Just because I once said that "being a Christian does not make you a great Football Coach" the idea of us as anti-christian is embedded in the minds of many people.  I think it is great that Richt is so open about his faith.  However, I must point out that this "character trait" is a large part of the reason why he has such a thuggie cult surrounding him.  I am not accusing him of anything but I will say that where I come from.....a great Christian man doesn't get frustrated in a room full of people and curse at someone.  I also have to point out that Richt learned his craft at the knee of a man who carefully created an "Aw shucks, down home, I just love this recruits grandmomma's peach cobbler" act that perpetuated him in a position for many years.  I am not telling you that I doubt the man's faith.  I am telling you that I know as well as you do that it has nothing to do with winning football games.  In the end if Richt walks into a 5 star recruits living room after Saban, Chizik, Miles, or Meyer (if and when he returns) he is at a disadvantage.  You can talk until you are blue in the face about Momma loving the fact that her baby is gone be takin' care of......but in the end Momma and Baby wanna be on TV so the NFL can see.  Championships bring cameras, cameras bring notoriety, notoriety brings draft interest.  The best case in point is of course Cam Newton.

Now there are also somethings that we don't like and that are contributing factors to the current state of the program that are not Richt's fault at all.  The scheduling of Damon Evans was an abomination.  The failure to have an on-staff nutritionist was unconscionable in this modern day and age.  These are things that Richt could not help and so we do not unfairly place the blame on him. 

Look we think that Georgia will go 8-4 this year but do we see anyway they could do better?  Sure, Garcia could not show-up and/or the Cocks could well......be the Gamecocks.  Geathers and Jenkins could solidify the middle and J.Jones could be the last little bit needed to make Grantham's defense stout against the run.  That could mean a win over the Missy Dawgs.  Auburn and Florida, well both of those games are flat out winnable.

You may hate us, you may disagree with us, you may be such a moron that the painfully low-brow humor here eludes you, or you may get what we do here.  In the end we are just happy football is back and while you are buying the dream we are demanding to see the numbers.  All great businesses start from a dream but not all dreams start a great business.  We partook of the offer cup last off-season.  In it we found Kool-Aid.  This year we will pass and hopefully we will be en route to the Georgia Dome in early December wishin' that we had taken at least a little sip back in August.  It is strange because the greatest desire of those that hate us is for us to be proven wrong........yet our greatest desire is also to be proven wrong.  If we are proven wrong then all is well......if we are not then we have to do what is necessary to make it well.


  1. ".a great Christian man doesn't get frustrated in a room full of people and curse at someone."

    check yourself

    And he entered the temple and began to drive out those who sold and those who bought in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money-changers and the seats of those who sold pigeons; and he would not allow any one to carry anything through the temple. And he taught, and said to them, "Is it not written, 'My house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations'? But you have made it a den of robbers." And the chief priests and the scribes heard it and sought a way to destroy him; for they feared him, because all the multitude was astonished at his teaching. And when evening came they went out of the city. As they passed by in the morning, they saw the fig tree withered away to its roots. And Peter remembered and said to him, "Master, look! The fig tree which you cursed has withered."

  2. Anger over disrespect of His Father's temple is different than anger over questioning a man's ability. I don't think there was ever anger over pride....wait isn't pride wrong as well?

  3. I'm sorry I thought you said " a great Christian man doesn't get frustrated and curse....." . And I felt my post was certainly an example of that. However, perhaps Paul would be a better example. He certainly fits your criteria of a great Christian. He certainly got angry as well. Often. As for pride being wrong .... there are certainly different types of pride aren't there? Lot of deep stuff. Thanks for posting a response.

  4. did y'all miss sunday school yesterday

    "The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor" ~Charles Stanley

  5. I think 8-4 is as good a guess as anyone else has with this team. Frankly would have thought you would come out lower. Had you argued loss to BSU and GTU I could not have said i disagree with you. About the only minor quible I have is I think the game against BSU is a definite loss and the game against the wanna be dawgs has a better chance of being a win.

    All that said I have a strong feeling 8-4 reg season and Richt comes back for next year. With your style of humor I am looking forward to your melt down if that scenario occurs. Ahh good times.

  6. Going 1-5 against the 5 ranked teams, is on par with what Richt's averaged over last 2 seasons, 2-8 in last 10 games against ranked teams. Georgia's best shot at wins will be low scoring teams like SC, MSU, because Florida-Boise-Auburn will just outscore Bobo, Bobo only averaged 2 td's a game against ranked teams last season. Richt's 2-8 against Florida, Bobo averaged 3.5 to's a game against Fla last 3 years. Can UGA go 3-0 against Ga Tech--Kentucky--Tennessee? I doubt it. Home team won last 4 in Tenn-Uga.

    I got em' 7-5.

    So 4 losses:
    Boise, SC, Aub, Fla
    Richt's 2-9 in last 11 games against ranked teams. I got 1-4, win over MSU, losses to other 4.

    Tenn Loss #5.
    Home team's 4-0 in last 4 Tenn-UGA games.


  7. I for one am glad to see the beginning of a positive vibe in here. Thanks CC Ryder for letting this happen!
    There are great warnings and admonishments be learned from the Pharisees and Jesus’ interaction with them. Unfortunately the church typically looks upon the Pharisees as little more than the arch-nemesis of Jesus’ earthly walk … missing … what I believe … to be their main purpose in Scripture … to forewarn believers of the pitfalls of following religion instead of following Jesus.

    Go Dogs!

  8. -Anon @ 1:37

    Cue the Dusty Rhodes.

    "Oh Daddy let me tell you sumthan'. If we goes 8-4 dis year and dey don't give Richt da' door you best believe we gone be havin' all sorts a meltdownage. Dey gone be sum clubberin' and sum plunderin' and all dat kinda bitness like dat right dere, Jack!"

  9. If Dustin Pattrick Runnels (Dusty Rhodes)….can declare himself a born again Christian…why not Mr. Ryder? Can I get an AMEN!??????
    “I leave you people alone for just a minute and look what happens. …”

  10. Looking at the Ga Tech--Kent--Tenn trio:

    In last 5 years:
    Gone 3-0 once (2010)
    Gone 2-1 twice (2007/2008)
    Gone 1-2 twice (2006/2009)

    That's a 67% win %.

    80% chance Richt goes 2-1 or 1-2
    20% chance Richt goes 3-0

  11. So, back to this season, what to do about staff & Florida, how do we fix it?

  12. CMR is a fine man and a fine coach. In fact he is doing a fine job. I agree CMR should be allowed to stay and coach another 11 years! Perhaps we will get few 10-win seasons, Hell we might even win another SEC championship. He has earned our respect and should be allowed to proceed as the head coach of our fine university for as long as he likes...I'm sure multitudes back me on this.

    Now for those whose IQ is at least equal to a 3:30 pm kick-off on a warm September Saturday. You may keep reading.

    If you want a fine coach who produces fine results don't pay a premium salary for it! If what we have gotten is satisfactory with you, then change teams and buy season tickets from Purdue. There you get what you are seeking. But at least you are not paying in the top 10-of salaries in the county for your head coach!

    If you want to make top 10 money, then you produce and that's called the real world! That's all I'm saying!

    Nick Saban at $5,000,000+ is the best money Alabama will ever spend. Hell I say we offer him Six and pray he needs the money for a girl friend or something! Why...because he wins a National Title in three years with the very same talent pool as us, and after 11-years we are still "re-building"!

    Cool-aid connoisseurs go ahead...Make a foolish hire like Kirby Smart because he is a "UGA boy" and pay him $1,000,000 dollars a year. Then I'm ok with our results. I will continue my season tickets, tailgating and even place the occasional bet on my boys and love life, fine-scotch and UGA football all the while singing the praises of our fine coach. However as long as we pay $3,000,000+ / year and get the "fine results" that we are getting...I'm mad as hell!

  13. -Winged Elephant

    At this point you can't.
    Now I think you take play calling from Bobo now, but if you want to give him the first 1/2 against Boise well I guess that would work.
    I don't know what you do about the Florida Boogey Man. If we do come out strong and go 3-0 or 2-1 against Boise, USC, and Miss St but lose to Florida again I think we just have to wonder if Richt can ever get past this hump.
    With Florida it isn't the way we lose either it is just losing. We have been blown out by them, edged out by them, given games away (last year). We just lose to them in every way you can think of. It ain't just Richt either the guys before him were the same but at least they had the Spurrier excuse to fall back on.

  14. TheWingedEelephantAugust 22, 2011 at 2:19 PM

    Any chance Richt would take back playcalling if we start out 0-2 or 2-3?

  15. You got the last 3 games vs. UF, 3 intercpetions minimum from the QB's. Is that been the issue? If so, how do you stop that?

  16. Here are two reasons why this article is flawed:
    1. The argument against the DAWGS based on last years performance. how did Auburn do the year before they won the NC? How bout bama before there NC? WHO CARES ABOUT WHAT WE DID LAST YEAR! The question is were changes made because of it. The answer is yes and we wont know anything about the circumstances of those changes until the season is underway. This whole last season argument is so lame.
    2. contradictions: "...However, I must point out that this "character trait" is a large part of the reason why he has such a thuggie cult surrounding him." yet later on you state this is why we didn't get a recruit like cam newton. Cam Newton, as we all know is the poster child for thugs. furthermore, how many arrests have we had on the team this year? Again, this goes back to argument what changes have been made? We have definitley seen improvement in that category due to CMR's changes. lets hope it extends into the game.

    I do agree with the earlier article about how the Dawg's should be foaming at the mouth at the Dome and should be a win for the DAWGS. I think MSU and Fl should be wins as well and shame on us if we lose those games. I'm more scared about USC and Tenn

  17. TheWinged ElephantAugust 22, 2011 at 2:28 PM

    It seems the UGA QB's, not just Murray, but Cox & Stafford lack poise, seem to choke in big games, especially Florida.

    Can you not do a better job simulating pressure in practice situations?

  18. -Winged Elephant

    I don't think he will regardless of what happens.

    I may have never said this before but:

    It isn't that Richt does not know how to fix this it is that he knows but refuses.

    He is like a fat man with a heart condition who thinks if I exercise I can eat whatever I want. No, you have to diet and exercise or you are going to die. He is willing to exercise but not diet. He will make changes so long as he can shuffle people or if another program is foolish enough to take someone off our hands.

    Richt needed to fire Wille "AIDS" but it seems like he had to be force into that move.
    He needs to take play calling away from Bobo and if that means Bobo ain't happy will call Bill Curry and see if he has an opening on staff.
    Coord. and position coaches are a huge part of this game, so you either rule with an iron fist yourself or you give them space but drop the hammer in a second if they aren't getting the job done.
    Richt wants this to be FSU 94' we wants Micky and Chuck running there end and being there as long as they want. Richt is like so many who put him before the program.....unaware of just how much the game and the SEC has changed. Gone With the Wind are the days of a 20 year tenure coach and assitants that you keep for 10-15 years.

  19. Pete Carroll used jokes and fun to keep his team from choking.

    can you not get more creative wiht some practical jokes, timed perfectly?

  20. -Anon @ 2:27

    We are using Thuggie and you are using Thug. Now thug does derive from Thuggie but by Thuggie we mean a devoted cult not a punk kid. That is a ref. to the cult of personality that we believe has set into a portion of our fan base.

    Now with the Barn and Bama. Cold-Blooded ones have no probelm with buying a championship...but Auburn is a little different beast. Bama well they were average, then the years before their title they were 12-0 going into the SEC title game. 12-2 in the end. If Richt goes 12-0 and drops the SEC title game then I think he stays for sure. However, You are comparing Bama in the second year of Saban rebuilding (Title in the 3rd) to a staff in their 10th year. Do you see the difference?

  21. -W. Elephant

    I don't know if practical jokes are anything other than a rush the field and celebrate after a score, one year motivational tool. Culture is a tough thing to pinpoint but the culture breeds the mental toughness that we lack against UF. We catch heat for our Patterson stuff but again we were asked to name a better candidate and of all the things that we love: Defense, Yelling, and Mental Toughness we think he would bring all of that.

  22. Ahh, kind of like Islam is derived from the word Salam but they have two seperate meanings? The former meaning "to surrender" and the latter meaning "peace"...just trying to keep in line with the religous theme.

    I do see your difference in the 2nd paragraph however, Perhaps there is displaced anger that CMR did not get a NC in his early years.

  23. CC:

    I agree, when it comes to some things, like Bobo's incompetence, the move is obvious, yet Richt puts his personal relationship before what's best for the team. I'm sorry, but when your OC is decreasing scoring, at a clip of a td a game per year against ranked teams, down from 5 td's a game in 07' when Richt handed the keys to Bobo (with Stafford/Moreno/AJ. Mass no less---talk about a set up). Bobo's scoring output against ranked teams dropped from 4 td's a game in 08, to 3 td's a game in 09, and 2 td's a game in 10. With the way Bobo has mismanaged the depth chart at WR/QB/FUllback/RB, he should have been fired last year or demoted to QB Coach--it's not like Bobo didn't see these depth issues coming--just didn't get back ups enough reps--and here we are.

    When it comes to other things, Richt doesn't know what's wrong:
    1- Scoring against ranked teams dropped 3 years in a row
    2- wins dropped 3 years in a row
    3- Rushing decreased 3 years in a row
    4- Losing to Florida, 2-8
    5- Losing to ranked teams, 0-5 last season, 2-8 last 2 seasons
    6- Red zone fumbles against SouthCarolina, then again against Ark, again against Colorado, again on G-Day, again in 1st scrimmage with Samuel, etc.
    7- Getting behind in the first quarter, letting the other team get a lead (0-6, no adjustments made) Record is 70-7 when Richt wins the 1st quarter, Richt said the problem was "finishing"????
    8- Letting Murray have a uniform change, a glove, in the UC Bowl game, in hopes of helping Murray play better. Instead of simulating pressure?

    On and on.....Some problems keep re-occuring. Richt doesn't seem to be aware of them, or else he's clueless how to fix them.

  24. All gaytors wear jhortsAugust 22, 2011 at 2:52 PM

    run the ball down their throats and and get the ball to our tight ends. i got a good feeling we'll beat the Gaytors this year. hell we all most beat them last year. to hell with the Gayturds

    What's the best thing to come out of Gainesville?

  25. -W.Elepahnt

    The big "reoccuring" problem that I lay at Richt's feet is the O-line. We have been through multiple years (good and lean years) in which we were thin, untested, or in some cases just not that talented at O-line. It has been said here before that O-line is the hardest thing to project from High School. Even amongst outselves....Sanchez likes oversized TE to be developed into tackles....and I think a mental evaluation should be taken of prospects:
    "Son this test tells us you have homicidal tendancies.....so here is a full scholarship."

    I am anxious to see how nasty some guys are under Friend. Wait....there you go....something I am happy about and will sip a liitle Kool-Aid on...Old Fashioned, George Patton, the way God intended it, Drive Blocking. How about that.....I just threw the less Cold-Blooded factions a warm fuzzies bone.

  26. -Gaytors wear Jorts

    Ewwwww.....all the Interstates located in Florida are gross....... The last great thing to come out of Florida was Burt Reynolds a true thespians thespian.

  27. http://www.cbssports.com/#!/collegefootball/story/15468563/mwc-preview-tcus-parting-gift-is-personal
    Here's an article about the feud between MWC and TCU. I bet there's a little screaming going on between the two.

  28. Cam Newton had nothing to do with religious or non religious. For one, I'd assume we were never the high bidder. But another problem was we wanted him to play TE. As last year showed, Cammy Cam is not a TE.

  29. -Wes

    I am sure you are correct sir, but I am also sure Patterson has already won that yelling argument.

  30. Richt's hold set of principles is bogus

    Myth: Win the 4th qrtr
    Truth: Win the 1st Half and you have a better chance

    Myth: Win SEC w/passing
    Truth: Last 4 SEC winnners got 200+ a game rushing

    Myth: New Uniform makes you play better
    Truth: 2-3 now with uniform change idea (includes UCF glove change allowed by Murray)

    Myth: Ok to not get back up QB reps
    Truth: UGA has gone through 3 QB's in 3 years.

    Myth: Get clean cut unwinners lead your team
    Truth: Get winners and big play big game guys to lead your team, trade some halos for hoodies

    Myth: Bobo & Willie are great coordinators
    Truth: They both are inadequate

    Myth: Rotating 5 RB's is key to wins
    Truth: 40-4 when gets a 100 yard rusher

  31. "Truth: 40-4 when gets a 100 yard rusher"

    Damn right! I say run the fucking rock down their damn throats. And get the ball to the tight ends.

    Hate that King didn't get picked in the supplemental draft. I thought the Detriot Lions were interested

  32. Wow!!!! CC looks like you got a complete army waiting to assail you. If Ga tanks you will be ok. If somehow they win, and win big.It's gonna be ugly round these parts.Custer will look like a winner, compared to unfettered fury you and the guys on here will face. I hope you don't wear anything with Sports and Grits on it to the games.

  33. EXPERT BLOGGERY??????????????????

  34. -Anon @9:53

    Hmmmmmmm.......Sports and Grits T-shirts......

    I wonder how many of those we could hock. They woudl be both awesome and witty....two things that a lot of Richt-O-Philes seem to hate.

  35. "Hmmmmmmm.......Sports and Grits T-shirts......"

    Don't flatter yourself maybe next year you rookie

  36. Tighten up CC!

    Thuggee (or tuggee, ठग्गी', ṭhagī ) (Urdu: ٹھگ) (from Hindi ठग ṭhag ‘thief’, verb, thugna, to deceive, from Sanskrit स्थग sthaga ‘cunning’, ‘sly’, ‘fraudulent’, ‘dishonest’, ‘scoundrel’, from स्थगति sthagati ‘he conceals’)[1] is the term for a particular kind of murder and robbery of travellers in South Asia and particularly in India.

    "Thuggee is described as a cult of people engaged in mass murder.