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Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Patterson to Georgia Campaign Stop #6- UGA vs. TCU...Which is the Better Job?

"Tag Team Champions of the Universe."

If you read us on the Reginald then you know we have a certain fondness for the idea of replacing Mark Richt (unless he pull an eleven win season out from where the sun don't shine) with the above seen. We have been making the argument all summer long and with the season just around the corner (and us not betting on a doo-doo scented eleven wins being produced) we are gonna bring this thang on home this week.

Now the Patterson campaign began back when Richt-O-Philes demanded that we name "Someone...huh,huh,huh, anyone...huh,huh,huh...who could.....huh,huh,huh.....possibly.....huh, huh,huh....be better than Richt". What we did was give a list of people--in typical mediocre fashion the Richt-O-Philes gave a series of reasons why each and every person we named would not take the UGA job (you will note that no one has ever argued that the names we gave were not better--just that they wouldn't take the job).
Now what the Richt-O-Philles have never done is give a legit reasons as to why Dan Mullen or Mike Leach wouldn't take the job. What they have done is just ignored Dan Mullen, claimed Leach a persona non-grate because he sued his old school for screwing him over, and have offered multiple weak excuses for Patterson. Here are the Shiite Richties excuses for why Patterson would not take the job:

-TCU is now in the Big East and Patterson has an automatic walk to the BCS every year. He would never leave TCU now.

-TCU believed in him and he will stay loyal to them now.....he won't even consider any other job.

-He wants to establish a Joe Paterno presence at TCU.

-Georgia would be a lateral move for him because Georgia is just an average job that no one outside of Georgia views as a "Big Time Job"

All of these excuses are either uninformed, unsubstantiated, or (at worst) defeatist in their logical process.

-An automatic slot in the National Title Game for an undefeated Big East team is NOT a sure or even probable thing.

-Loyalty to a school that had no other option but you because no one else wanted the job...well lets just say Rich Rodriguez put that fairy tale to bed when he was showin' Morgantown the tail-lights.

- The days of Joe Paterno, Bobby Bowden, and Vince Dooley are over! You can watch Andy Griffith re-runs all you want but the days of old are Gone With the Wind. You are making an archaic argument.....so stop.

Also you are forgetting one very important factor:


Now on to this self-loathing, whoa is us, pity party that thinks TCU to Georgia is a lateral move; or that thinks when someone turns down Minnesota to stay at TCU that means that they would turn down Georgia as if Minnesota is a comparable job to Georgia. We will list all the factors that make a job desirable and rank TCU, Minnesota, and Georgia on a scale of 1-10. 1 is turrible, just turrible and 10 is as good as it gets. (Also we will throw in Patterson's alma mater because many Richt-O-Philles erroneously believe that Patterson turned K-State down).

CONFERENCE- The SEC has won the last five National Titles, one half of all titles since the advent of the BCS, the last two Heisman winners, three of the last four Heisman winners, sends more player to the NFL than anyone, and is held by even the most ardent SEC haters as the elite conference in the land. Of the six AQ qualifying conferences the Big East, is believed by everyone with eyes and a pulse, to be the 6th best out of 6.

Georgia- 10 (SEC it is the best so it gets the most points)

Kansas St.- 6 (I guess you get points even if you are the 2nd worst program in the third best conference that may not even be a conference next week)

Minnesota- 6 (worst team in the Big Tenlevanie which is a distant fourth to the SEC, PAC-12, and the falling apart Big 12)

TCU- 4 (Moving from the MW to the Big East...now that is a lateral move)

RECRUITING- Georgia is the flagship school in the fourth largest talent producing state in the country. But that is not really accurate because there is SEC talent and non-SEC talent. Since the SEC is the best---SEC talent is better. In terms of the top four states only Georgia and Florida are in SEC country. Now check the rosters of the 12 schools of the SEC and tell me who has more players Florida or Georgia.......Georgia may actually be the top talent producing State in the country (depending on if you like elite talent or average talent). TCU is in the largest non-SEC talent producing state. However, they are at best in a three way tie for sixth in the pecking order for Texas HS talent.

Georgia- 10 (4th best overall talent producer, #1 producer of SEC talent)

TCU- 5 (a 2 star player from Texas is still just a 2 star player)

Minnesota- 2 (well it ain't Wyoming but well lets just say they ain't got a lot to work with)

Kansas St- 2 (I think they have a few black people in St. Louis)

Tradition/Fan Base- National Titles, Heisman winners, Stadium size, Sell outs of that Stadium, How well the fans travel, Conference titles, All-Americans, Average number of times per season they are on National TV, Players in the NFL, Players drafted, etc.

Georgia- 8

TCU- 5

Minnesota- 2

Kansas St.- 2

Money / Facilities/ Alumni- Straight forward. How much money do you have, where do you get it from, and how willing are you to spend it on Football.

Georgia- 9 (we got it but the willingness to spend that is in question)

TCU- 7 (a few big boosters but far from the devotion of your average SEC program)

Minnesota- 3 (to be honest I don't know what they have in terms of money or alumni but they obviously don't spend it)

Kansas St.- 2 They have a high school stadium, they don't sell it out, The Memory Company does not even bother to produce Kansas St merchandise.

So of a possible 40 points:

Georgia- 37

TCU- 21

Minnesota- 13


35-40 is an elite program (or a dormant giant), 30-34 a good program, 25-29 an average program, 20-24 a below average program, and below 20 a horrible program.

Georgia is an elite program

TCU is a below average program

Minnesota is a horrible, horrible program

K-State is worse than Minnesota.

Offer the man $5 million a season and kick Dirty Dick $1 million and lets do da' dang thang....before Ohio State beats us to the punch. (After we give Richt a chance to turn things around this season naturally)


  1. If Patterson is hired, there will be a blog similar to this one within a few years that will call you a "Patterson-ophile" and be calling him to be replaced with Coach X. Mark my words.

  2. S&G are already Patterson-ophiles! What about Mullen? Why do you ignore us Mullen-opiles? (Oh, that doesn't have a good ring to it. Maybe Mullenistines? Mullenites? Mullentees?)

    Keep it coming guys! Y'all rock!

  3. "Mullenites"? I really like the sound of that. Has a nice ring to it, if you will.

  4. Let's get Patterson, Gus, The Pirate, Peterson, geez, if you can't win 7 games at Georgia, with our talent level, you need ot be fired and never allowed to coach again at any level. Can't wait until Richt is finally gone.

    Patterson son, come on down boy, you'll love Athens. We need a winner.

  5. Just think fellas, only 120 days of the Mark Richt era, which I refer to as "The Lost Years".

    Let's start the countdown, 120 more days.....

  6. -Skeeter

    The deal with Mullen is that
    a) I just like defense and YELLING better, and
    b) Mullen is not a Pirate who is waging war with ESPN and Craig James
    Mullen is just a very good coach. The thing about very good low key coaches is they don't give guys like us a lot of humor based material to work with. I do hear you---Offensive mind with HC experience....certainly a better choice than Malzahn

  7. -Anon @12:03

    Oh ok well if there is going to be a negative site for Patterson then lets just keep Richt because mediocre is sooooooooo much fun.