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Friday, August 26, 2011

Stephenson High School--We Need a Come to Jesus Meeting, Son.

By our calculations Stephenson High School in Stone Mountain has eight (8) kids that will be strapping on the pads in big boy college football next year. Below you will find a list with the kids names, position, school of choice, and how we rank them by position within the State of Georgia.

Raphael Kirby OLB Miami(FL) #3 LB in GA
Kyle Fleetwood S South Carolina #3 S in GA
Jafar Mann DT Florida #4 DT in GA
Joshua Parris TE Syracuse #5 TE in GA
Carlos Hodd DT South Carolina #7 DT in GA
Jarontay Jones DE Virginia Tech #7 DE in GA
Shawn Blaylock CB Kentucky #8 CB in GA
Darreon Herring OLB Vanderbilt #8 LB in GA

Now I understand that the Dawgs most likely didn't recruit all of these kids but I mean........eight players and not a single Dawg. Surely we recruited Jafar Mann if for no reason other than to spite Florida. Someone from Athens needs to have a come to Jesus meeting with Coach Gartell. Either that or Coach Gatell deserves none of the blame and the "Dream Team" was a one time deal.


  1. CC, do you think there's an underlying bias against UGA at Stephenson due to the fact that the coach's son never panned out at UGA? We have never really done a good job of pulling talent out of that part of DeKalb County.

  2. -edethomas

    In the South you have two places that are basically wide open--Atlanta and Memphis. Any bias felt by the coaching staff in a metro area school is no doubt going to have influence over decisions.

    I am not going to sit here and tell you that we have to win in Atlanta and Columbus on every player, but when you have this many kids with one program going elsewhere there is a problem that needs to ba addressed.

    I would also point out that for an Atlanta area school with no one picking Tech over us I have to think that they are UGA kids that may be getting pushed away from UGA. Some kids are gonna grow up as Tech fans or they may not like some small detail about UGA and so they go with Tech. I never really get upset about losing a kid in-state. When you lose this many out of one program and they all go out of state...well that is a problem.

  3. glad you brought this up....looked at this the other day and thought the same things you are saying:


    it is so early and so much BS at this point, but it is still quite scary to see that many commits from in-state to out of state schools. i didn't just count them up, but something 10 of the top 150 are from GA and only 2 are committed early to UGA. lots of bamas and auburns up there. some floridas and fsus as well. like you said, not all are sought after kids (hell, you can have your 5'11" 170 lbs cornerbacks), but shit, athens should go after them just to keep saban in check.

    i have listened to college football coaches tell me about recruiting in the south...there is florida, georgia, louisiana, some alabama, and the state of atlanta. many schools actually treat atlanta like its own entity. i am sure UGA and richt do too, but they better step it up.

    i am so tired of watching this program slide into irrelevancy. i have been screaming this from section 128 for about 7 years now. lots and lots of shut ups, you're not a real fan, etc. richt will never win more than 10 games. and those days are long gone. when he said he is a child of god before a football coach (can't find the quote, but you know the one), he lost me.

    anything could happen this next weekend...but USC is a loss for sure. then the real season will start. the lackluster performances out of the tunnel. 4 games a year where the dogs just flat don't show up. maybe 5. it has been happening every year for 10 years, even in the great years. they just forget to play and that comes down on richt, no matter how you slice it.

  4. We had the same problems at Douglass and Southwest DeKalb. The coach at Douglass once famously said that he would rather chew on a dirty sweat sock than send one of his players to Athens. Until Quincy, we really never saw players from SWD come to Georgia either. We're never going to sign every in-state kid who wants to come to UGA, but to have an issue where a school that turns out players not send at least 1 our way per year is not good.

  5. I question if there is a problem here. Look at each of the players you named - over all state ranking in ():

    1) Kirby (9). Offered by UGA (and everyone else, but took no visits). Sounds like maybe a U lock the whole time?

    2)Fleetwood (60). Not offered by UGA (or many other big name schools: only LSU and PSU). Listed as 5'11" but allegedly (what ever that means in the recruiting world) shorter than that.

    3) Mann (42). Was offered by UGA. Another one who decided without yet taking an offical visit.

    4) Parris (65). Not offered by UGA (biggest offer was Ole Miss).

    5) Hood (62). Not offered by UGA (biggest offers were the U and Auburn).

    6) Jones (13). Not offered by UGA (strangely enough he was offered by about everyone, but UGA and Bama?)

    7)Blaylock (NR). Not offered by UGA (big offers were Ark State, Illini, Indiana, and Memphis).

    8)Herring (35). Not offered by UGA (big offers were from Clemson and Arky).

    So 8 total kids. Only two were offered by UGA. In fact 5 of the kids appear to have not been made an offer by the schools we would like to beat and another one strangely was not offered by UGA or Bama.

    While I would love to get everyone we recruit going 0-2 in Stephenson does not seem like there is a problem. Going 0-8 yes, but that is just not the case here. Cannot get someone you do not recruit.

    Now you could argue our evaluation process is flawed, but then you would have to argue so are all the other big time schools. When these kids are getting offers from Illini, Arky, Clemson, and Arky State I am not really surprised we did not offer. I would expect you would be more concerned if UGA was getting these kids that none of the other big time schools are going after. That to me would be an indication there is a problem. Not going 0-2.

    Sorry for the ramble. I promise to be coherent later.

  6. @ Anon 1:30… thank you. After reading kp and ede I had filled up the tub with suitable hot water and was just easing into it preparing for ritual seppuku when I remembered to send out some IM fair wells. I am thankful that I took time to ck my internet one last time and there was your post.
    Things aren’t always as they appear.

    “A man had just been laid off from work. He was standing on the railing of a high bridge getting ready to jump off, when he happened to look down and see a little man with no arms dancing all around on the river bank below.

    He thought, "Life isn't so bad after all," and got off the railing.

    He then walked down to the river bank to thank the little man for saving his life.

    "Thank you," he said. "I was going to jump off that bridge and kill myself, but when I saw you dancing even though you have no arms, I changed my mind."

    "Dancing? I'm not dancing!" the armless man replied bitterly ... "My asshole itches, and I can't scratch”

  7. anon at 1:30...i agree with what you say here but i think making this argument so specific is not the best tact right now. i know the initial post was about specific players- and maybe the boys here know/knew what you knew (doubt that since you seem to have insane high school football/recruiting knowledge)-but i think a bigger picture focus is needed for the program in general. i realize the recruiting game is terribly complex and fraught with dangers and pitfalls. i also realize that according to many, richt and co actually seem to win at this game year after year (or top 10 at least). but something is terribly broken at UGA, which i think is the point of the posts. it may not be totally in recruiting (hell, on paper, that is one of the things they do best in athens), but it is something. getting the best kids from your own damn backyard is about symbolism as much as anything. every kid who straps on a helmet in north georgia at least should want to eventually see sanford from the good guys side. it should just be about pride. joining the tribe. part of the factory. of course i am going to uga, where the hell else would i go?

    i totally agree that most of these kids are not going to make a difference at their chosen programs. but in this day and age, when anyone can see the espn 150 (which is so crazy to me...when i played we had to wait for the USA Today national high school rankings on tuesday to see where we were) and where they are committing, it would help to see some more G's on there. for morale if nothing else. a sign of loyalty and some great pr for a program badly need of some...

  8. Sigh....it's a bit naive to think that Georgia surrounded by the states we are command some kind of religious loyalty from athletes...because they live, play or were born here. Valdosta kids like Florida schools and don't get me started on Columbus. Goodness! Can we let that attitude go. This ain't about God and Country. This is where you can play and where you can stay in school. And what school might need your talents. And what that school can do for you. Tennessee ranks some where at about 420 in the Forbes top colleges. Do you not think that doesn't figure in. Not all the jocks are there for the education my man. You can take the player out of College Park....but you can't always take the College Park outta the player.....ie, QC and CN.
    just sayin'