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Friday, August 26, 2011

UGA Dream Team 2?

We have been promised for years by CMR that being thin and under talented at O-line would never happen again. Yet as we sit on the brink of Richt's fish or cut bait year we are getting ready to field a short staffed O-line for at least the third time in Richt's tenure.
Last year when it appeared that Mark Richt might actually begin to understand that there was a possibility that the chance existed that maybe he could lose his job he unveiled his "Dream Team Strategy". Ten years into coaching the flagship program of the fourth largest talent producing state in the lower 48, Richt decided "Hey! What if we tried really really hard to get the best players in Georgia?"
Well the Dream Team helped to lessen the sting of A LOSS TO CENTRAL FLORIDA IN A BOWL GAME!!! The Dream Team is in the fold, Richt got love (even from us!) for his Dream Team. So naturally Richt would keep that momentum going.....naturally he will go for the Dream Team part 2.......naturally Richt will from this day forth finally start getting the recruiting results that we all expect from in-State......Naturally......right?
Wrong! As High School Football fires into full gear tonight the best in the Peach State are going out of State (especially to Tuscaloosa).
QB- The # 1 and 2 ranked signal callers are committed to Virginia and Louisville. The 3rd best QB in Georgia is still in play: Chris Moody-Henry County
RB- The #1 and 4 ranked backs are committed to Alabama, #2 is a Florida commit, and #3 will be in Knockersville. The #5 back is still in play: Kenno Loyal-Columbia
FB- After what has seemed like a life time since we have had a commitment from a FB Richt pulls the top hole clearer in the state with Quayvon Hicks--Pierce County.
WR- The #1-5 receivers are spoken for and not by the Dawgs. #1 is going to Auburn, #2 Tennessee, #3 Oklahoma St, #4 Tennessee (again), #5 Miami (FL). The #6 WR is still in play: Artimas Samuel--Carver
TE- Auburn get the #1 TE in Georgia but the Dawgs pull #2: Ty Smith--Colquitt County
OT- #1 once again is going to Alabama. The #2 OT is still available: Alex Jauregui--Peachtree Ridge
OG- #1 Vadal Alexander of Buford is un-committed.
C- #1 is a commit to Southern Miss
DT- Oh look we got on the board here: #1 Jonathan Taylor--Jenkins County
DE- #1, Jordan Jenkins--Harris County is still available. #2 is a UGA commit: Leonard Floyd--Dodge County
OLB- #1 is still available: Josh Harvey-Clemens--Lowndes. UGA better get active on him because #2 through #10 are taking their talents elsewhere as we share 6 OLB with our SEC brothers, 2 with the ACC, and 1 with the Big East
MLB- Who needs a MLB in the 3-4 anyway.....what is that Nick Saban, the architect of our defensive scheme, uses them.....oh, and he took the #1 MLB from Georgia this year...oh ok: Dillan Lee--Buford is going to play for the Great Satan but #2 Nardo Govan--Sav. Christ. Prep is available.
S- #1 and 2 are still out there but #3 and 4 are Auburn and South Carolina bound.
CB- #1 is going to......you guessed it Alabama. #2 and 3 to Auburn, #4 to South Carolina, and #5 to Virginia Tech
K- #1 to Alabama and #2 to Florida
P- #1 hooray we got another: Collin Barber is continuing our great punting tradition. With Mike Bobo calling plays it appears Georgia was appealing to him on account of the number of reps he plans to get.
LS- #1 is going to LSU. What is more shocking is that long snappers get ranked.

So who is getting the Georgia Dream Team this year?
1. Alabama- The tide pulls Georgia's #1 ranked player at: MLB, CB, RB, OT, and K. They also pull our #4 Running back and #3 DT.

2. Georgia- A year after the Dream Team the Dawgs are getting a face full of the Tide's hindquarters as Georgia pulls the #1 DT, FB, and Punter. Let's be honest....the #1 FB and P are maybe--at best--3 star players.

3. Auburn- Totally on their own merit and without any cheating whatsoever Auburn pulls the #1 WR and TE from Georgia. They also pull the #2 and 3 Corners......pffftttt Corners, we haven't need those things since Wille got promoted to DC.

4. Tennessee- Lil' Dookie pulls the #2 and 4 WR from down where Diddy used to coach. He also gets the #3 running back and the #5 and 7 Outside Line-backers.

5. Florida- The Jorters get the #4 DT, #5 DE, #2 Running Back, and #2 Kicker.

Georgia High School Talent........making Alabama good for a long time now. (Please note that this only considering Georgia High School Talent....yes I know we landed John Theus so there is no need to bring it up 15 times in posts.


  1. The deal is, have a great season, give Richt a contract extension, and they'll all want to come to UGA. 6-7 ain't real appetizing.

  2. -Just Win

    Or demand nothing less than the SEC East. If you don't get that fire Richt, break the bank to get a proven winner, and show these kids Georgia means business when it comes to Football.

  3. There's a market out there and you pay for value. And the marketplace dictates what those price tags are. So if there is another coach out there who has coached in the SEC... and won a NC title..... well then by all means, pony up the 5 mil and lets bring him on board. Don't know if Tim Cook is up to replacing Steve .... after all he is an Auburn grad. They are blessing him with some serious benjamins though. Wishful thinking or the real deal? Proof is in pudding. Nanner pudding that is!

  4. Another coach out there like who, Will Muschamp? I'll take Richt over Muschamp any day of the week. Is he perfect? Absolutely not, but his record is not that bad either!

  5. How about John Theus? take that!

  6. couldnt help myself

  7. I am having a bit of trouble following your numbers as you did not cite what ranking service you are using or the names of the players you are referring to.

    For example it is my understanding the the player considered the # 1 kicker in GA is going to play for UF. Interestingly UGA did not recruit him as they went after and got a verbal from the # 1 kicker in FL.

    Kind of hard for me to get too worried about "this" without some more information. Then I will freak out appropriately.

  8. CC..you being polite or nuttin' up? Inquiring minds and all that...... K?

  9. -AHD and Anon@5:12

    Well AHD I understand what you are saying. Sorta like the way Spurrier had all the SEC coaching experience when he came to Florida from Duke, or Saban when he got to LSU from Michigan State, or Meyer from Utah to Florida, or Miles from Oklahoma St. to LSU. How about this. We find someone who is winning at a place without much talent and give their skills the fertile recruting grounds, facilities, and money of an SEC school and see what happens.

    I bet no one believe Saban was worth much money in Baton Rouge back in 2000. Also, where did Muschamp come from Anon? We ain't even big on K.Smart round here.

  10. Anon @6:41

    It is a combo of Rivals and Scout. Georgia has the #1 K from Florida. Also, I am not talking about out of state recruits just talking about Georgia boys. If you want specific names I'll get that up when I am not working from an I-phone.

  11. WOW.. big hole. Saban made his bones per the $5MIL POST LSU. You see what I did there? You pay your money you get the ride. We are talking about that 5 mil + you wanted to spend on your pick are we not? Ever since Bern poinied up and posted here I have had 2nd thoughts .... could I have over reacted? Don't under mind yourself. I am trying to adjust to believe in the Blood Sausage mantra . Sanchez won me... what say you?

  12. CC @6:48,

    Appreciate the info. You do not need to go to the trouble of posting names too unless you have the free time and feel like it.

    I know you were only talking about GA players, but some times if you take a step back and look at the big pic you can see why we maybe did not sign a player from GA. The kicker story was only to illustrate that we did not offer a kicker in GA. Hence not going to sign anyone from GA. Same thing applies to the QB position. While I am all for signing kids from GA I want them to be the best nationally too. When you have a player that is 3rd in GA at his position and does not make the top 100 nationally I am not sure that is a player that should be at UGA.

  13. Anon @7:04

    I think I said at the end of one of the earlier stories today that we don't go after every kid in GA. My point is more about Bama pulling five #1 rated players by position in our state.


    I feel the smugness and I'm sure you think everyone agreed with your weak point so: What about Spurrier, Meyer, and Miles your excuses for them if you will? Oh my mistake LSU was ahead of the curve in 2000 what a bunch of losers they were, huh?

  14. I guess we can't be friends?I didn't mean to come across smug..... you really do think too much of yourself. I like the Gonzo approach yet you will never be the man... so here goes LSU 2000..K? UAB beat 'em you just knock yourself out, and please back off that hourly. I gotta feelin' you're overpaid. Just sayin'
    Nothin but love for you.
    09/02/2000* 7:00 p.m. Western Carolina Tiger Stadium • Baton Rouge, LA W 58-0
    09/09/2000* 7:00 p.m. Houston Tiger Stadium • Baton Rouge, LA W 28-13
    09/16/2000 6:30 p.m. at Auburn Jordan-Hare Stadium • Auburn, AL (Auburn-LSU rivalry) ESPN L 17-34
    09/23/2000* 7:00 p.m. UAB Tiger Stadium • Baton Rouge, LA L 10-13
    09/30/2000 6:00 p.m. at Tennessee Tiger Stadium • Baton Rouge, LA ESPN W 38-31 7-0
    10/07/2000 11:30 a.m. at Florida Ben Hill Griffin Stadium • Gainesville, FL JP Sports L 9-41
    10/14/2000 7:00 p.m. Kentucky Tiger Stadium • Baton Rouge, LA W 34-0
    10/21/2000 8:00 p.m. Mississippi State Tiger Stadium • Baton Rouge, LA ESPN2 W 45-38 7-0
    11/04/2000 2:30 p.m. Alabama Tiger Stadium • Baton Rouge, LA (Alabama-LSU rivalry) CBS W 30-28
    11/11/2000 8:00 p.m. Ole Miss Vaught-Hemingway Stadium • Oxford, MS (LSU-Ole Miss rivalry) ESPN2 W 20-9
    11/24/2000 1:30 p.m. at Arkansas War Memorial Stadium • Little Rock, AR (Battle for the Golden Boot) CBS L 3-14
    1/01/2005* 4:00 p.m. vs. Georgia Tech Georgia Dome • Atlanta, GA (Peach Bowl) ESPN W 28-14
    *Non-Conference Game. †Homecoming. #Rankings from AP.

  15. -AHD

    Kick-off times and all....Wikipedia is great is it not.

    How about this
    1/04/2004 7:25pm vs. #3 Oklahoma- Superdome-New Orleans, LA- Win 21-14. National Title

    Mark Richt no date, no time, no score, because he has never taken a team to the National Title Game.

    Also, once again you cannot compare Saban in year one at LSU or Saban in year one at Alabama to Mark Richt IN YEAR 10. If you are a first year coach at a program it IS BECAUSE THAT PROGRAM IS BAD! Compare Saban in year four at LSU to Richt in year four. Guess what Saban has a National Title Richt does not. Compare Saban in year three at Bama to Richt in year three. Saban has a National Tile at Bama Richt has none at Georgia.

    I am not saying we can get Saban or we want Saban I have given multiple candidates should we fire Richt. My top choices are Gary Patterson then Mike Leach. When people try to say "Saban lost to ULMonroe at Bama or your argument about UAB. Those were not loses to CENTRAL FLORIDA IN A BOWL GAME IN HIS 10TH YEAR. Why is that so hard for people to understand. Year one vs. Year ten.........you have NO argument all you have is a nice cut and paste from Wikipedia.

  16. CCRider is booger eating bama fan.

  17. Gary Patterson is not coming. SO quit running to the door every time you hear a car drive past. TCU has had back-to-back BCS appearances, a new stadium on the way, and a Big East invitation that goes into effect July 2012, things on the recruiting front appear to be on the up and up as they just nabbed their highest rated recruit ever, LaDarius Brown. Patty just got a contract extension to 2018 plus nearly 3 million/yr and it extends to all his staff. Yeah those boys intend to be a team for a while longer. Patty is eyeballing a career like Jo Pa at Penn State or Bowden at FSU for himself at TCU. The road to the NC trophy just got a little more accessible and don't think for a minute he wants a tougher path. So lose the man crush and put those new clothes away. Coach Patty is never coming this way. Mike Leech you say.... could you keep your duds out in hope. Probably not CC. Leech and the alumni here would be like chalk on the chalk board. I see the same response as between Donnan and the base. You think Adams would seriously bring the Pirate to Athens..... McGarity would be less than impressed. Now get your game face on ponies will be here in a week. We need every fan focused and ready to show them what Georgia Pride is!
    just sayin'

  18. And you know Patterson isn't coming how? You know Leach wouldn't be hired how? You can't google search those answers, so how Homer?

    Oh, but you want "another coach out there who has coached in the SEC... and won a NC title..... well then by all means, pony up the 5 mil and lets bring him on board." He works for ESPN right now, has coached in the SEC, recruited big names out of Georgia, and won a national title, in addition to high success building two programs prior to entering the SEC, is still young enough to have a 20+ yrs left of coaching, and is currently available to be hired. I can't wait to hear you poopoo him too. See, that's the problem with you. You ask for a name, get a name, then shit on the name and ask what else we got. I'm glad you're such a know-it-all to have seen this process all played out. So I'll ask you, since your so smart and all these names are unrealistic. If worse comes to worse and your beloved Richt proves once again that he can't make proper adjustments as the program falls deeper in to the hole. WHen we head to Knoxville 1-5, who will you want to be the coach? Who do you think is a realistic option since Leach, Kirby, Patterson, Meyer, etc are such pipe dreams.

  19. anon 8:59 I've already posted once about why Patty and the Pirate aren't coming. I think Kirby is comfy coaching the Bammerneks. Making some good money and enjoying being idolized. He will get to Georgia about the time Peyton takes over as HC for the Hillbillies. Meyer.... I thought he retired. Heart problems and needed to spend time with family. You know something no one else does about Meyer? Where did you google it> Gruden..... you think we could get Gruden? He won a super bowl. Chris Peterson. He beat Oklahoma. Look at all the games he has won. Lets get him. He's proven he can win.

  20. -Anon @8:59

    Oh, this is how Richt-O-Phillian Logic works.

    a) You ask who would be better
    b) You get an anwser
    c) Then you give all the reasons why no one would take the job and Richt must be kept.

    The reasons that are given vary from a school in the Big East is somehow better than a school in the SEC, to Georgia just isn't a very good job, to you need SEC coaching experience with National Titles.
    However, SEC experience (and by experience we mean rebuilding two programs) and TWO National Titles is no enough to consider Saban to be a better coach than Richt. Oh, plus a loss to UAB in his first year at LSU and a loss to ULMonroe in his frist year at Alabama is enough to cancel out those NC. Plus we just ignore UGAs loss to Central Florida in Richt's TENTH season.

    Oh also when you destroy their non-sense with logic well then you are just a fan of (who ever you have named) and not a Georgia fan.

  21. -AHD

    CHRIS PETERSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    At first I just thought you liked to get us riled up and keep the comments rolling, but Chris Peterson? He beat Oklahoma? Well if beating Chokelahomo is all you need then the field of candidates is wide open.

    Not that you ever had cred with us but if you did you just lost ALLLLLLLL of it. You want to trade Mark Richt for basically Mark Richt. This is an symptom of Richt-O-Phillia I have never seen before. Perhapse your Richt-O-Phillia has mutated into just plain old Crappy Coach-O-Phillia. Plus "chalk on a chalk board would work beautifully."

  22. -AHD

    Also, Gruden is absurd and no one has mentioned Gruden. I understand that you are either confusing multiple conversations or you are trying to inject stupidity in an attempt to discredit an argument that you have no real defense of.
    We never said Gruden, we don't want Gruden, and most coaches who have no college HC experience before gettin NFL HC experience do not go to college. Gruden has repeatedly said he likes being a commentator. Leach wants a job. Patterson turned down Minnesota......Minnesota is a crap job and that is why he turned it down. You really think Smart would stay at Bama if offered the HC job at Georgia. You clearly know nothing of college football. If having a cush DC job is the anyones goal then Muschamp wouldn't be at Florida right now.

  23. Why CC, whatever do you mean? Maybe sports blogging is just not your game CC. I know! Let's have a spelling contest! C'mon CC you like to use a little sarcasm too. I thought Gruden and Peterson compared well with Patty and the Pirate. ;-) You know you Richtophobes need to learn to laugh and not to take everyone so serious. Ponies in a week and that bar b que looks tasty. We are doing a brisket.
    just sayin'.

  24. bnwdog said....

    Tired of reading all the Dawg negativity...O.K., we got it foks! You're already off the bus so just hit the road and dont come back when things turn around this season! 2-0 is staring you in the face and you refuse to acknoledge it!

  25. If you thought Gruden and Peterson were comparable to those two, well, it goes in line with our opinion of your intelligence I guess would be the best way to put it. But I love how you ask for a candidate that has won titles in the SEC, and when given when with that background, young, and available, you piss on it. You are a special sort sir.

  26. Mark Richt's seat is gonna be on fire after starting 0-2

  27. ahd is making brisket, proof positive he is a texan and therefore not a real southerner and a no good turncoat.

    i am so tired of hearing, "who should we get? donnan? goff?"

    yes, yes, that is what i want. i care so deeply about getting rid of richt that i want to get a shitty coach who will not make anyone happy. you nailed it. i would love to go back to mediocrity-a deeper mediocrity than the one we are currently mired in.

    there are coaches. UGA is one of the most coveted jobs in the country. better facilities than practically anywhere. wonderful setting on saturdays and all year in athens. 4-5 million in salary. finding someone to make this program relavant on a national level will be easy. this process will start after this season when the dogs notch 7 wins.

  28. Goodness… all that for me? Mijas doth protest too much, methinks . Slow your roll Hijo de Sancho! Sanchez do I need to go back and re-post your retorts about sarcasm and fans being to stupid to recognize your delivery of such? Goodness what's up with the "it goes in line with our opinion of your intelligence. I guess would be the best way to put it." I'm not into dick measuring per say but I would hazard a guess that I can compare well with any measurement you satisfied to get into your choice of an institution of higher education. What's with all the vitriol? Is this tag team wrestling> Well let me slip into my yellow polka dot rasslin' tights. There now....

    CC seems comfortable with posting, but more in a pedestrian, this-is-what-we've-encountered sort of fashion …. Way too wordy. No ROI on all that typing. Not that he doesn’t try. So Senor Senior Partner Hijo de Sancho delves to carry him when he gets in over his head. Interesting. So we are somehow entertained here ? Si o no? Are we richer for smothering my comments? Vanquishing my creativity? I hope you out grow that protective meme.
    just sayin'

  29. @KP
    Brisket is a traditional Ashkenazi dish for any big meal, from Rosh Hashanah to Passover, and though it's considered a fairly fancy offering for a festive meal, it doesn't have to be a pain in the tuchis.
    Brisket comes from the chest of the cow and it's very flavorful, but it can be tough and stringy, too. The key to an excellent brisket is to keep the meat covered while it's cooking, and to give it plenty of liquid to absorb so it doesn't get too dry.
    I'd be happy to share a few recipes with you.
    Just sayin'

  30. oi oi oi ahd...i thought you had a sense of humor??!! just riling you up a bit... but on a serious note, i don't need your recipes. i know how good brisket can be. the best cuts of meats are the ones that tend to cost the least and cook the most. and with the obvious exception of jews, brisket is usually eaten in texas and what they refer to as "bbq." whereas further east, in places like ga and especially nc, "bbq" is pulled pork. i didn't know you were jewish and therefore made the leap...sorry about that. the rest of the post was not really about you at all, just a general statement on my feelings of arguing about richt. it is just tiresome sometimes. and this blog makes me laugh and learn at the same time!!

    anyhow, mazel tov and enjoy the brisket and the game.

  31. AHD, do you even try to make sense?

  32. CC:

    Anon @7:04

    "I think I said at the end of one of the earlier stories today that we don't go after every kid in GA. My point is more about Bama pulling five #1 rated players by position in our state."

    But isn't that the point? Hard to say the sky is falling when we are not even recruiting some of these # 1 guys. I mean there are plenty of reasons to be upset with the state of the program, but this feels like a bit of a reach. In fact I believe one of the very focal points of your blog is how do we do so little with so much. This argument seems to run counter to your theme. Seems like you are swinging at a pitch in the dirt by making this argument.

    It would seem if you want to convince people of your position you would be best served by taking the many salient arguments you can factualy back up and sticking to those rather than using a shot gun approachg and hoping something sticks to the wall and wins the day. What might work as a strategy in one setting such as the court room does not mean it will translate to every setting.

    But hey it is your blog and I am just trying to make a living in it. lol

  33. -Anon @10:14

    I think we are missing each other here. I am talking about the 8th rated CB in the state or a two star OLB that Vandy locked up. Yeah we don't offer those guys.

    If we are not going after the same players as Alabama, if we are not offering the #1 rated OT in our own State considering our lengthy woes at O-line in the Richt-era, if we have Saban lite calling our D and we are not in it for the #1 MLB, and #1 CB in our State and Saban gets those kids, If we are starting a season by kicking our top two RB's off the team (which I think was a good move) and we are watching the top RB in the State go to Bama without offering him, if our only saving grace the past two seasons, the kicking game, is about to graduate its K and P and we are not offering the top K in Georgia,
    well then this is not a pop shot from the hip. This would only go to prove the point that we are making here on a daily basis. Richt is out of touch, is not willing to put forth the drive and effort of an elite coach, and bottom line is he just doesn't get it. Those that support him and can justify in their minds letting the #1 rated RB, OT, MLB, CB, and K help a SEC foe win another National Title....well those people just don't get it either and are driving this program to the brink of Gamecockdom.

  34. Mr. Sanchez said...

    AHD, do you even try to make sense?
    August 27, 2011 9:06 PM

    Gee I've dumbed it down for you about all I can. Perhaps your self esteem might improve if you just didn't read them. I won't be offended and your confidence can remain intact. Win ...win.
    Proceed sir.

  35. Maybe if we could get your overinflated sense of self worth to improve, that would help. I understand this may be difficult for a Tech man such as yourself to handle, but you don't have to dumb it down from that Tech caliber intellect for us. And we don't need our own words read back to us as though we have alzheimers and forget what we wrote.

    As for confidence? Hooked on phonics helped our friend Travis, maybe you could use some as well, since any literate person who happened by our site would well recognize we aren't lacking in our sense of self worth.

    Good Sunday to you as well sir.

  36. That’s rich right there….. Tech, Phonics the whole shtick. I’m moving you towards learning how to take criticism and insults without whining and leaving. You got part of it down. Amuses me how serious and wound up some people get online too, it's just the internet.