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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Will Bobo's New Scheme Overwhelm Boise?

Shortly after the UCF debacle that mercifully placed a bullet in the head of the abortion that was the 2010 UGA Football season, we all expected Brother Bobo to get demoted or fired.  Quite the contrary what we got was a vote of confidence from Richt (as well as Richt literally betting the farm on Bobo).  We were also promised/threatened that Bobo would open it up and unleash some diabolical new offense in 2011.  What the average fan fails to realize is that 2010 was itself just a gigantic screen pass to throw defenders off balance before the unveiling of the Bobo Unicorn Formation! Unicorns like Bobo's ability are mythical creatures of awe inspiring beauty and power.  Bobo offenses on the other hand are underwhelming and anti-awe inspiring.  
So with all this fuss being made about Petersen's open practices and not caring what Georgia knows because he will out execute the Dawgs.....just know this Boise.  Offensive play #1  for the University of Georgia Bulldogs in 2011............SCREEN PASS, SON! 

You will fear the Unicorn!
 Now I did not link to the original story because it also contains a list of possible Richt replacements, and if you have been hanging around this summer you already know who our pick to replace Richt is should he fail this season.  What we will do is cut and paste the Unicorn Formation specifics.  Below is the super awesome clip art drawing we did of the base formation that is the Unicorn.
"You put the long snap center Ben Jones on the field- line Murray up 15 yards deep- and stagger nine receivers. It will work because one O-lineman Ben Jones is just a likely to block as well as five did in 2010. Since we basically had no running game why bother with a back. Nine receivers is a bit problematic because what are you going to do put nine corners on the field? Do you see the genius of it all? Sure five or six guys will come unabated to the QB but that is why he lines up so deep, plus we can take advantage of his ability to scramble. Now I know what your saying "Rider why line up two receivers staggered behind the others?" SCREEN PASSES,SON! You know Brother Bobo aint going to give up on his bread and butter. Bout to get that Unicorn all up in them guts, baby!"


  1. LOL, now that's funny I don't care who you are.

  2. I'm glad Richt has faith in Bobo no one else does.
    Mark's faith in Bobo is going to be his down fall.
    He put his season in Gods hands last year and had faith. We all know how that one turned out. Patterson for Headcoach 2012.

  3. Also just thought I'd ask. What do you think of Gus Malzahn being the next HC at UGA and yes I know who your top choices are. I just wanted to get your take on that being an option.

  4. Very hus hush, closed practice, rumor is Bobo's plan is going to be very, very different form the UCF game.

    It's called "Operation SAT"

    What's S.A.T3.?

    From a hidden mic we've learned it's an ak ro nym. Stands for:

    Score a Touchdown This Time

  5. I don't know whether You guy's here at Sports and Grits have ever had an article about whether or not UGA will go out and pay top dollar for a proven head coach if they fire Richt. But I would be interested to know what you guys think.

  6. -Fed Up

    Malzahn is a tough call. You can't argue with his results on Offense but like Leach you will have to pay big money for a top tier DC/Assistant HC. His recruiting is also suspect because you have to think it is more the checkbook than the coaches at Auburn.
    Honestly I put him in the same boat as Muschamp and K-Smart. A guru on one side of the ball with question marks as to what he will do on the other side. Unlike Muschamp and K-Smart I question his recruiting so I would rank him no higher than 4th on the wish list behind Patterson, Leach, and K-Smart.

    On the top dollar question, we have addressed a few times and the answer is No Georgia will not. If Ohio State were to zero in on the same guy as us we would just withdraw from the bidding war (despite probably having more money) and settle for a guy like K-Smart.

  7. I agree, McGarity likes ot pay coaches in the middle of the payscale, not too little, not too much, so he'll hire sort of the 2nd rung.

  8. Hush hush, part 2 of the secret Bobo closed practice plan is called....


    As we delved deep into the code, we found it meant:

    "Don't Fumble in Red Zone"

  9. - CC Rider

    So could that mean that the Administration doesn't care as much about winning football games as say a Florida or Alabama?

  10. Kirby Smart? Who in the hell wants Kirby Smart? He has never shown himself to be anything but a Saban scrotum holder. Smart over the current greatest offensive mind in CFB? Kirby fucking-dumb-and-dumber-haircut Smart? I'm sorry, what has he ever done that Saban hasn't ordered under threat of death? I'm starting to sense the humor on this blog is unintentional. Kirby fucking Smart is an upgrade over Richt? Seriously?

  11. -Fed Up


    -Anon @2:05
    We agree sir. In fact as I recall............
    However, he will be the safe and cheaper pick.

  12. Dan Mullen, bank on it!

  13. The answer is hell no

  14. Kirby Smart is not an upgrade over Richt. The opposite. I say you don't even fire Richt unless you have Patterson or Gus waiting with a pen in their hand. If we fired Richt just to hire Kirby-The-Hill-That-Saban's-Shit-Rolls-Down, I'd be pissed. We only need to fire Richt if we have a sure-fire upgrade waiting on the job. If not, there's no point.


  16. -Anon @3:15

    I agree 100%, sir. If we can't upgrade then we can't fire just for the sake of firing. If we can't get better then just force CMR to replace Bobo. That is the problem with us not wanting to go full on Auburn and write the dang check! If you ain't ready to pay Mal Moore money then keep Richt. If that is the case then it would appear the enemey of our anti-mediocrity campaign would not be Richt at all.
    Patterson is an upgrade.
    Leach with the right DC is an upgrade.
    Kirby Smart is NOT an upgrade.
    I am not sold on Malzahn but he will need a big name DC as well.
    Petersen would not be an upgrade unless you want to be Clemson. They fired Tummy Bowden and replaced him with a younger, less experienced, less connected Tummy Bowden.

  17. -Anon @4:31

    True BVG would fill the need for Yelling and Face-Eating but he was terrible at GA South. Plus, the NFL was a dream of his....however another performance like the play-off loss to Fag Rodgers and the Packers and he will on the next bus out of Hotlanta.

  18. Anonymous said...
    Dan Mullen, bank on it!
    August 31, 2011 2:31 PM

    Yep, I think you're right. The problem I have with him is his posture. He has that Nixon-like scowl and hunches. That can't be good for your nads.

  19. -Anon @2:31 and Skeeter,

    Is it possible that all of Meyer's health problems were a direct result of Florida's real coach going to Starkganistan?
    I usually just mention Mullen in but in all honesty Anon you are probably right. I am just befuddled as to why Florida didn't hire him....unless of course he has too much class to subject himself to the abnormally high Jort activity in Jortesville.

  20. Skeeter

    I love the "Nixon-like Scowl" consider that to be stolen by us from this point on.