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Monday, September 26, 2011

The Aggies Are IN FINALLY! There is Now Only One Golden Ticket Left.

The Evil that knows no bounds, ESPN, is calling it official via Joe Schad.
Confirmation rolls in from Aggie-Land.

For the one week leading up to the SEC Championship game last year perennial doormat South Carolina got a brief taste of the good life.  It was a true underdogs story.  This year's "Rendercella at the Ball" is Texas AnM.  Everything is coming up Aggies this week.  Rick Perry is going to be President:
I mean lets be honest here....Obama has the same chance of re-election as.....well....as Jimmy Carter.  Also, while we are being honest.....Mitt come on, Bruh.....you're a Mormon.  You can't win on account of you are a Mormon.  Obama was a Black American Muslim (an odd quasi-black panther perversion of Islam which is really more a political movement than a religion).  He went to a "church" whose "Pastor" was at one point a member of the American Black Muslim Movement and then a, Christian?  When it was time for Ol' Barry to run for President what was he?  A Christian, not a member of a fringe cult.  Try to pay attention Mitt.
Anyway, even better than having an Alum as Prez is the fact that AnM is finally looking over Jordan and what do they see?  Coming for to carry them home. A band of angels coming after AnM to sweep them into the Promised Land:
The money train is now set to depart the station but pump the brakes cause there is one seat left and Daddy Slive is looking to grant just one more wish.  It is so cute the way the ACC came up with a $20 MILLION DOLLAR BUY-OUT!!!
 HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.  Hey little white girl who thinks she is Randy Moss....if Mike Slive wants an ACC team tell these good folks how he will pay that $20 Million:

In case you didn't know the odds on favorite is Virginia Tech because:
a) D.C. is the #9 TV market in the US, and
b) Virginia is one of only two Southern States left now that Texas is in- without an SEC presence, and
c) They are pretty good at football.

Wanna know how we know Daddy Slive will drop the cash flow to get what he wants?  Read the Joe Schad article from ESPN and look for this quote:
“…the schools' play in the conference next year is "unconditional." If any school, including Baylor, files litigation against A&M, it would be addressed at that time.” 

"Bring It LAWYAH"~ Slive.
Mike Slive sounds like the Wal-Mart Legal Department when someone calls threatening a slip and fall law suit.  Wal-Mart can say-Ok, sue us then we have more money than Disney and we will drag this thing out until the statute of limitations is about to run and then offer you chump change just to teach your lawyer a lesson. 
Being Rich means you don't have to care about other people......it is the American Dream.


  1. Set the price and avoid the headache. I think when the dust settles you will see that the ACC and SEC did a lot of proactive planning together. I can't wait to read the book.

  2. Maybe the ACC is hoping to trade Virginia Tech for Vanderbilt. If so, Vandy's probably balking, though, because of the SEC's TV bucks.

    Va Tech to the SEC and U Conn, Syracuse, and Rutgers to the ACC makes sense.

    The ACC loses one and picks-up three. The SEC picks up two.

    And the two 14-team conferences are the SEC and the ACC.

  3. Don't want to turn a good SEC conversation to politics, but I can't resist. I'm already on record with this and I'll keep to it - Obama wins by 5 points. Vs. Romney, Perry, or anyone else. Perry can't win Florida, and Romney will not excite republicans to the polls (and, isn't he the founder of Obamacare). Book it.

  4. -Anonymous

    No sitting President has ever won re-election with unemployment this high. He who forgets history is doomed to repeat it.
    Re-districting also means big problems for Barry, red states got bigger and blue states got smaller. O chance we wins VA or NC again. .0001% chance he wins FL. OH and PA are in question big time. The only way the Elephants lose this one is if they run
    -Paul, or
    Romney beats Barry 10%+, Perry landslides him. Book that.

  5. -Anon

    You can talk Politics or anything you want here. Also on your Perry and FL proposition. When the sitting PM of Israel has to address congress because of the disrespect Israel feels from an incumbent President.....well good-bye Florida vote for that President.

  6. I'll be back here on November whatever in 2012 to either eat crow or roast pig. Whichever, I'll show up. Unemployment will be inching back down and economy picking up in 2012. Most people realize that Presidents don't control economies, though I agree they do take to much heat/reap to much benefit from the economy no matter where it is. Most people, also, hate Congress more than President and blame Congress for unemployment/job situation. That said, 2012 will be looking like it's on upswing and many (read independents) will not want to risk upsetting progress by taking an abrupt turn. Like I said, Romney begat Obamacare and will be his noose. Perry cannot win Florida saying that social security is a Ponzi scheme. I don't care about the Israeli situation - most jewish people actually recognize that there should be a Palestinian state with a recognized government to negotiate with. Look it up, but that's actually been the same approach for the U.S. of A for decades, including such conservative stalwarts as Reagan and Bush (both of em.). I know my history thank you very much.