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Monday, September 26, 2011

Christian Robinson may be back this weekend

According to Richt, according to Mark Weiszer. That would be huge this week against Mississippi St. The Bizzaro Bulldogs come to town, and pose a much smaller threat, or so it seems, than they appeared to be before LSU took over that game late, and they dropped one to Auburn and then almost La Tech last week. But Chris Relf is a big QB who is dangerous with his legs and arm, and we need strong LB play to neutralize him. That's where Robinson comes in. He is a good LB, decent against the run and pass, although nothing special. But most importantly, he's our defensive QB, making calls and getting players set up properly. Against Mullen, his misdirection and quality trickery means you really need to be set properly and have disciplined players on the field. Our DL is controlled the tackle box, which is all you want out of a 3-4. Our DBs have begun to make plenty of plays and look like ball hawks as Rambo returns. It's our LBs that have been the problem area on what has the makings of a D we can ride to wins. But we need Jarvis Jones turning some of those pressures in to sacks and tackles for loss. We need Cornelius Washington or TJ Stripling to step up at the other OLB, since if he collapses in this week like he did last week, Miss St will burn Vasser on failing to keep outside contain with misdirection this week. We need Robinson and Ogletree to get healthy, solidify and bring depth to a middle LB unit that has gotten good production from Gilliard and Herrera the last two weeks.

The hot seat from Saturday, this game (combined with next week in Knoxville) is a huge part of cooling it off.


  1. That is great new's about Robinson...what is tree's status?

  2. I thought it was in Weiszer's story, but I guess not. From elsewhere then, he will reportedly be out a while longer, perhaps not before Florida.

  3. Is Ray Drew still on the team???

  4. Drew is on the team, not that you could tell watching games.

  5. Ray Drew didn't even make the trip to Oxford.
    Hell if I know. Maybe we should call him the Pastor of NeedsToGetBetterFaster