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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Complexity of the Richt Dilemma Part II- Richt Stays but Bobo Goes and New S&C

 Between now and the time we wake up on November 27, 2011 Mark Richt has to find six wins in these eight games and the ones in bold and all caps HAVE to be among the six. 
A loss to New Mexico State makes Null and Void anything else done this year but the chances of that happening are impossible.
A loss to Vanderbilt or Kentucky- see above.
Richt cannot lose to a fourth new coach at Florida.
A loss to Georgia Tech causes rumblings no matter what.

Should Richt find six wins but one of those six is not Florida he is not automatically out the door.  Richt can save his job.  Heck, Richt has had the power to save his job ever since all this hot seat talk started.  The problem is that Richt is not willing to do what he knows must be done.  Mark Richt is not willing to demote or fire Mike Bobo.  Also, he continues to turn a blind eye to the concept of Strength and Conditioning.  An 8-4 record or even 9-3 with one of the three being Florida will place Greg McGarity in a difficult place.  His options will include offering Richt the chance to stay but on the condition that McGarity fires Bobo and revamps the S&C program.

This is the tricky part of the McGarity take over.  Any hire has to be an impact hire.  However, any impact hire is also a message to Richt......any small mis-step is your last.  An impact hire becomes a defacto "Head Coach in Waiting", exposes Richt to a possible mid-season dismissal, and creates a lack of authority over the offensive coordinator by the Head Coach.  None of that matters however because if Richt doesn't want these problems he should have fired Mike Bobo after the UCF game.  So who are the best possible fits:
1. PAUL CHRYST- OC WISCONSIN- Easily the best choice.  He runs the I-formation pro set which is what we already run and is the offense that Richt ran at FSU.  He has coordinated for an O-line guru and is himself excellent in that regard.  We would bring in an OC that runs our system, runs it better than we currently run it, would bring a knowledge of and eye for O-line talent which is something that we have never had under Richt.  The draw back is that he is a Madison, WI native and may not want to leave home.  Of course the current Head Man for the Badgers does not appear to be going anywhere....that is of course unless Ohio State comes a callin' then Chryst would just move down the hall to the bigger office in Madison.
2. MIKE LEACH- UNEMPLOYED-  Now all kidding aside.  Leach can call a game.  He must accept that in order to get back to a HC job he has to accept the humbling fact that he has to take a coordinator's job  and work his way back.  You can control the circus that is Leach by having him behind the very polished and media friendly Richt.  Leach is simply reduced to being the Mad Genius that dials em' from the sidelines (a skill that not many outside of Leach and Spurrier posses).  Leach here is also not a high risk because: while the OC answering to the AD is risky with Chryst--it is actually a good thing with Leach.  It actually removes any possible tension because any argument between the two will result in McGarity going with Richt and it shortens the Leach leash.

If the criteria is dynamic play caller, an attention grabber, and a coach that will not require an overhaul of the scheme....well this is it.  Outside of these two you could name good coaches but not coaches who will bring that "big splash" factor.
3. Kevin Rogers- OC Boston College
4. Lester Erb- RB/Special Teams Coach Iowa
5. Mike Bloomgren- OC Stanford

 How a man that has had the success of Mark Richt can ignore such a crucial aspect of any successful football program is mind boggling.  Offense, Defense, and Special Teams are the three phases of the game.  Coordinators, Recruiting, and Strength and Conditioning are the three phases of the program.  Could you imagine if Richt just promoted an equipment manager to defensive coordinator?  The most devoted fan of Richt in the world would raise their eyebrows over that move.  Yet many in the Georgia fan base said nothing over a move that is equally as crippling.  Alabama's Strength and Conditioning Coach is Scott Cochran.  He is the hottest name in S&C in all of college football and Mal Moore just gave him a raise.  With that raise Cochran is paid a robust $210,000.00 per year.  Now in real people money that is a lot.  In football coaching that is chump change.  $500,000.00.......we will probably pull that off concessions in the New Mexico State game.  At $500K we could have almost anyone we want.  So who would we want?
1. JOEY BATSON- Head S&C Coach Clemson- Am I on the Clemson Love Train?  You must not read us very often.  Despite the fact that Tommy Bowden and Dabo Sweeney have the best bag men in Florida they have still found way to drop games to inferior talent.  However, none of those losses are ever due to poor S&C.  If National Titles were doled out "Looking the part off of the Bus" Clemson would be a dynasty.  Do me a favor google images of Clemson Linebackers over the past decade.  Google will pull up links to Clemson as well as links to all the upcoming gun shows.  Batson's wife is from the South Carolina Upstate but if we double his money I am sure Mrs. Batson wouldn't mind the short drive over the State line.
2. ROCKY COLBURN- Assistant S&C Coach Alabama- His name is quickly emerging as the hottest in the S&G game.  Why in the world we didn't look at him in December is beyond me.  His boss makes $210K are you telling me we don't have $225K?  Are you telling me that our program getting instantly better is not worth $225K?
3. CHRIS DOYLE- Head S&C Coach Iowa- Iowa is big and strong and their power game is second to none.  Doyle is experienced and respected within the S&C world.
4. JOHN DETTMANN- Head S&C Coach Wisconsin-  There are two things that the Big Ten gets right O-linemen and S&C.  Dettmann is the master of S&C in Big Ten Country but unlike Doyle he has Southern ties and could be had at Georgia....although he would probably be the most expensive option.

TOMORROW: The Complexity of the Richt Dilemma Part III-- Richt Goes So Who Does McGarity Call On?


  1. I doubt the Wisconsin guy would want to come unless he has previously couched in the south and liked it down here.

    Rick Leach? I am afraid he is a cancer and his run and gun, or whatever you call it, doesn't have enough of a run game to be successful in the SEC.

    I don't know anything about the others listed.

    How about Ralph Friedgen? GT had some pretty impressive offenses when he was the OC. They were very balanced between run and pass.

  2. Freidgen is a name I liked, but his health would be an issue. I'm not sure how interested he is in getting back in the game either, as he's made enough to live comfortably until the heart attack or stroke inevitably comes.

    And Leach I don't see willing to humble himself as coordinator unless it's in the NFL. But it will work in the SEC and has worked. It worked when he was running the Mumme-ball show at UK, it worked when Stoops stole him to Okie, and it worked with inferior talent at Texas Tech. His system is proven extremely effective, and runs the ball better than we did between Moreno and Crowell, without relying on needing that future first round pick to be a 1000 yd backs.

  3. I would like to know why you think our S&C is so different than any other SEC S&G programs? What specifically do they do that we do not etc?

  4. -Anon @2:46

    Did you watch the SC game last year?
    First time in the history of time that the Gamecocks were bigger and stronger than us across the board.

    Try this website:

    Look at Wisconsin, Iowa, Alabama, Clemson, and then look at our staff and you tell me.

    What qualifies Joe T to be the S&C coordinator? What experience does he have? Would you be ok with Joe T having been promoted to DC when Willie Martinez was fired? S&C is just as important! It like defense and offense is an ever evolving, ever changing thing. We were running outdated S&C under VH. Just like the Gamecocks were under Holtz. Inject Spurrier and the Cocks were instantly bigger, and stronger because he update the program. VH was running the 1992 FSU Mat-Drills that were all the rage in....well....1992. We also had no nutritionist on staff under the Damon "Panty-Raid" Evans tenure (also unforgivable). S&C is an exercise science....science as in new things are always being disovered and new evidence always being found.
    Did you see the New Hampshire kid that shook Rick Perry's hand while his mom kept saying "ask him why he doesn't believe in Science."
    I would say the same to Richt..."why don't you believe in exercise science?"

  5. CC. Yes I saw last years SC game but that was last year. This year we beat them on both sides of the ball (that is when the offense could hang on to it).

    Also you didn't answer my main question.
    What specifically do they (the SEC team you want us to emulate) do that we do not?
    Regards Anon @2:46

    PS. I wish your system would let us post without having to be anonymous.