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Friday, September 23, 2011

Georgia vs Ole Miss 2012

On a not so brisk Autumn day about this time next year-- Ole Miss will travel to Athens for a game betwixt the Hedges.  The thing that will make this game more than just another SEC match-up is that it will feature two coaches brand spanking new to the SEC.  The year before the sidelines were inhabited by the two longest tenured coaches in the SEC.  Mark Richt was in his 11th season at the University of Georgia.  Houston Dale Nutt was in his 5th season at Ole Miss and his 14th consecutive season in the SEC.  Richt had steered the Bulldogs from middle of the pack in the SEC, to SEC championships, back to middle of the pack in the SEC.  Nutt on the other hand saw immediate success with the surprisingly well stocked pantry left by Lil' Bebe Orgeron at Ole Miss.  However, Nutt failed to bring in his own players and steered the Rebs to the very bottom of the SEC.....below even Vanderbilt. 

October 2012 will see a very different game with very different teams on the field.  The Ole Miss Rebels enter the game at 3-0 with three very impressive blow out wins.  Georgia enters the game at 3-0 with three dominant defensive performances including the total shut-down of Heisman favorite Marcus Lattimore.  The Ole Miss band blows out "From Dixie With Love" as the anthem will have been re-introduced along with Colonel Reb (evidence that God hates political correctness is the pox that had befallen the Ole Miss program).
As the Ole Miss Rebels begin to crowd the tunnel leading from the visitors locker room the sea of blue helmets is parted as their Head Coach moves to the front.  Atop a solid white horse and in a complete and time authentic Confederate Generals Uniform sits Michael Leach.  Lech unsheathes a bejeweled Confederate sword, casts a look of disgust upon his own team, and then sounds the charge.  Ole Miss takes field to a chorus of boos from the Georgia faithful. 

As the last Rebel straggler makes his way onto the field the entire Stadium is shaken with the ferocious bellowing of assorted profanities and racial slurs.  The Crowd erupts as they know that their beloved Bull Dawgs will be taking the field lead by their stout, sweaty, foul mouthed, head coach......Gary Patterson.

All this purple could be Red, son!
Leach's Ole Miss squad is 3-0 having out scored their opponents 300 to 105.  Georgia is 3-0 having given up only 7 points in their first three games.  It will be a classic case of Offense vs Defense, of Insane Genius vs Insane Madman, of Solitary confinement in small dark places vs YELLING! 
Mark Richt is perfectly fine as he and Mike Bobo are settling in at the University of North Carolina.  Houston Nutt and Tyrone Nix are doing just fine down at Tulane. 

The Rebels and Dawgs are suddenly relevant and Sports and Grits is happy to dish out the optimism and a few delicious recipies


  1. Since we are voluntarily mired in some post-Friday night excessive alcohol trip why not have Herschel back in the silver britches. He does have a year of eligibility left. And Munson…yes, Munson comes back to announce Herschel has broken 1,200 yards for the day and retakes the NCAA rushing record from Ron Dayne. A drug-free Quincy is in the stands cheering along with Jake Scott, who has given up his life of solitude in Hawaii to move back to Atlanta to develop condos in Buckhead now that Obama has passed his “jobs bill” requiring all Millionaires making at least $60K/yr to pay 80% of their income in federal taxes and the economy has fully recovered to 2005 levels.

  2. I believe this is just wishfull thinking on your part. Although, I believe Nutt will be gone I don't think any of the schools in the top conferences will be keen on hiring a man that sued his former employer.

    Richt will have to lose two more games before his fate is sealed. As bad as you want us to lose those games I'm not sure we will.

  3. By the way I tried to post the previous comment under my google account. However it kept being rejected so I had to go the anonymous route.

  4. I normally agree that suing a former school is bad Anon, but Leach has proven one thing that trumps the sin of a lawsuit, and that's win. He wins, he wins big, and he wins big at lesser schools with lesser recruits. A school desperate enough for winning and relevance (Ole Miss fits perfectly, as would a couple ACC schools) will overlook the lawsuit stuff if you've got a stable and secure enough AD to handle it or since Ole Miss doesn't have that, one desperate enough to do whatever it takes to save his job if say, a bank rolling booster has determined he wants to win and wants Leach, and advises Pete Boone that he can either hire Mike Leach, or they'll hire a new AD who will.

  5. Hilarious!!!! I am not sure why everybody is so convinced that UGA will run the table. History tells us that we at least lose to Florida right?