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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How badly do we want this game?

First off, who ever saw that coming out of anyone other than an Ole Miss, Arkansas, Memphis or Southern Miss player? But let's get past that, and focus on the statement. Wanting to beat someone badly, maybe coming out with a burning fire to whip someone for 60 minutes and leave them crumpled and lifeless on the field after a woodshedding? Oh, if only I could believe that to be true. I want to, I really do. I want to believe that fire that we haven't seen burn in these boys since Hawai'i in the Sugar Bowl almost 4 years ago, is beginning to reignite. But are we "man enough"?
As Emerson quotes Aron White again later in the article, "to lose to Mississippi State, not to knock them, but that's something we're not accustomed to at Georgia. That's not something we want to get accustomed to." And the congregation said a loud Amen to that.
But that's what this game boils down to really. We have more talent than they do, up front and in the speed spots. Our coaching may or may not be better, and the same can be said about our S&C. That was the eye opening issue from last year's game, and a sign that began to turn the tide in the wave of Richt hot seat stuff.
"I know I came here to Georgia because I knew they were a physical team and we had lots of tradition. But then Mississippi State definitely showed us we were not as physical as we should have been," Chase Vasser said.
The continued quote, about just not showing up for some games, is a main reason we have been so adament in our so called "Anti-Richtness" as we've been, in combination with the continued lying to ourselves about what we were and what type of team we were to the point where we can blindly ignore problems so Mississippi State can own our ass like Jackie Sherrill and his bull.
So that's it right there ladies and gentlemen, and the importance of Saturday plain and simple. Have we finally woken up and fixed the issues that led to the complacency and sloth so strong Mississippi St has their way with us like our name was Ned Beatty? We find out Saturday, because as bad as Miss St has looked the last few weeks, Mullen still knows how rip apart the weak link on a defensive chain, and his team still looks pretty damn well conditioned physically.


  1. Kevin here:
    I am concerned about this game. MSU has been struggling and looks ripe for a whipping by UGa. However with the recent play (last 3 years) I don;t feel confident going into any game that's against a 1-A opponent.

  2. Who cares. Next year Mullen will coach every gave at Sanford. This is not an audition....just a formality.

  3. Kevin here:
    To anon: I hope not. I don't agree with all that this blog says but I would prefer Patterson over Mullen

  4. If Dan Mullen were to be chosen as our next coach I would never again give a penny to UGA. It would be the worst hire in the history of college football. The guy is a clown.

    Now that that's out of the way, I'm worried sick about the game this weekend. Noon kickoffs in Sanford are typically a disaster.