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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lester Miles Would Like to Remind You and Dana Hologorosoneniennienin of One Thing

Bout to see if this cross-eyed girl is rocking hooks or snaps.

Hey Fagic Johnson, guess who is still undefeated!
I thought this Hornsnot cat was supposed to be the second coming of Mike Leach.  Guess not since he didn't confuse the Old Boy once all night (oh yeah, that's right Les Miles now refers to himself in the 3rd person with a nickname that Les Miles gave Les Miles himself-- The Old Boy, it has a ring to it, no?).
Awwwwww poor wittle Dana Wholesale who pissed in your Red Bulls?  Oh that's right it was The Old Boy Himself!  Hahahahaha I am so awesome


  1. LSU v. Wisconsin for the natty. You heard it here first.

  2. Not a bad call. LSU has the new "best defense ever", while Wisconsin has only Nebraska in their way.

  3. Anon

    I thought Bama and the Badgers in the pre-season but the Old Boy has me second guessing the outcome of the Saban Bowl

  4. See any difference between a Miles coached team and a Richt coached team? And some UGA fans think Richt is going to win them another SEC championship. Yeh, when pigs fly. Nothing like flushing $ 3 million a year down the toilet.

  5. All the HC needs to do is recruit and hire good staff. Les Miles learned from his mistake after Bo Pelini and quickly, Richt is still defending Bobo. That about sums it up. I love Richt, I hope he hires Ralph Friedgen and moves Bobo to QB coach/Recruiter.