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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let the Game Begin

Ole Miss isn't confident and is pretty sure they'd need to be playing AA or lower just to make the GHSA playoffs. We're beat up at LB and OL and have had our share of struggles as well, especially on offense.
Our prediction is on record:

31-14, Georgia. Being in Oxford gives me pause, and I respect Houston Nutt as a dangerous coach, and [Ole Miss does] have some talented players. But after losing to Vandy, and knowing that Richt, while underperforming with his talent, has brought in a lot of skill, I have a hard time seeing otherwise. I'm not sure what threat the Rebels bring offensively, and our defense has been very stout in it's second year adapting to a 3-4. I think our defense plays strong, our offense begins to focus around Crowell, and Boykin or Smith break off a couple big plays to make the score seem a lot easier than the game will actually be.


  1. I don't care that we're up by 11 or whatever at the half.

    Anyone who didn't see that onside kick coming after a razzle-dazzle play by Ole Miss is an idiot. Obviously that includes the entire UGA coaching staff.

    Furthermore, why the hell was Bobo drawing up throwing plays with less than 2 minutes remaining? Ole Miss had ONE timeout. Run the damn ball.

  2. Offense sputtering. fumble & interception.

    Any reason why we're not running the football?

    Also, we need a Special teams coach, something awful.

  3. Good call my friend.

    Would like to see you and CC give some love to Herrera and Gilliard. Both proving to be playmakers. Gilliard is ALWAYS around the ball.