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Friday, September 30, 2011

Malcolme's back; why?

Ken Malcolme changed his mind. Our guess on what happened, he is wanting to go elsewhere where he can play more, maybe a school like Georgia St or Georgia Southern, where he can play next year and possibly become a star (we think he has the talent to do so in the SEC, but his body may not stay healthy enough to show it). But he can't go there and play now, so you wait until after the semester, and then transfer. That way we have a little better depth at TB, and if the worst happens and we lose Crowell and Thomas or Samuel, he's around to help fill the void (if he's not injured himself) and can get some valuable action this year. If he emerges here and wants to stay, YEAH. If he still wants to move on when December gets here, he can and is in the same position he would be now in terms of seeing the field (a year off if he stays in D-1, can play next year if he drops to a good 1-AA team).

Thanks for coming back Ken, best of luck with your health.


  1. That's one way of looking at it - but it's not the long-term football player's way of looking at it. If he really feels he won't be getting touches at UGA, he should want to get the hell out of dodge. If he transfers now to another school, he can start learning that system immediately. He's a Redshirt Freshman...he was a beast in High School. He's a 19-year old kid dealing with insecurities and frustration. When you think you're getting your shot, and then you keep hitting snags and setbacks, you get down. Sometimes you think a "fresh start" is the best option.

    But, the fact is, he will be a better football player if he remains at UGA than if he moves to Georgia Southern or Georgia State. He will have to push himself harder than he ever has in order to get on the field.

    The fact that he chose to stay could show that he's just looking out for what's best in the short-term....or it could show that the kid actually did some thinking, and grew up just a little.

    I hope he meets with some success in whatever role he plays.

  2. Same here Ben, and I think we're both in agreement while using different words to express our thoughts.

    Having seen him live in high school, the kid definitely has the ability. He just seems like one of those who have the ability, but their body never lets them show it with one injury after another always impacting their ability to prepare.

    I think it's both a short and long term benefit. As you say, the hard work and dedication needed to keep fighting up the depth chart will help him. The continued practice time (that is if he's healthy) will also help him. It also helps the team with a thin TB spot, but the benefits are on both sides. Making the decision now was hasty, and it's a good sign that both sides were able to take a second to reflect and make a mutually beneficial season to stick around, at least for now. It hurts no one to let this season play out, and have Malcolme make a decision in December not today. He's got SEC caliber talent, but physically, the step down might help him stay healthier, and as you say, he's already redshirted so it'd keep him from having to sit a year. Any system he can pick up next spring and summer, so imo, the benefit of leaving now (considering you probably can't enroll anywhere until spring semester or winter quarter depending on their system) is next to nil, while the benefit of sticking it out, at least through this season if not beyond, are much greater.