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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ole Miss- Halftime Thoughts

-I want to see Ole Miss' LT Sowell.  He is supposedly a beast and I want to get a look at him for our SEC draft preview coming this Spring.
-Both sides have to realize the importance of this game for their HC's job. 
Ole Miss looked a tad more "crunk" as the kids say, early on but we settled in.
 -Crowell is a MONSTER!
Yes, yes, yes we know Ole Miss is the dregs of the SEC, but they are still talented.
Yes, yes, yes we know Tyrone Nix is a functioning retard, but still-- Crowbar is ferocious.
 -The O-line is run blocking much better
In fact a lot of the pass protection problems appear to be at least 1/2 Murray's fault
 -The flag on the Ole Miss TD was a good call
The flag on the late hit on Murray was tickey-tack.  This ain't the Pac-12 let em' play.
The pass interference against Ole Miss on 3rd and goal that led to the second TD was very very close (but I am a defensive guy).
 -Orson drops easy ones and then goes all AJ on TD passes
 -99 yard drive.  That has to be a first for Brother Bobo
Who wants to tell me about how great Grantham is?  Football AIDS never made the right call but at lest they lined-up for the wrong call (**DISCLAIMER** We do not mean this as if we would ever under any circumstances want Football AIDS back on our sidelines)
- Getting beaten on Special Teams is a sign of poor coaching.  It is a failure to pay attention to details.
-God grants us a favor and gives Rambo a gift.
 -Murray has settled in and is using his legs just like last year.
 -So you are telling me that establishing a running game opens up the deep pass in the pro set? 
You are telling me that utilizing your TE's makes the pro set almost impossible to defend? 
Who'd a thunk it! 
Perhaps Brother Bobo got a hold of a little Wisconsin game tape.
-Our retarded OC is far less retarded than Ole Miss' retarded DC 30 minutes in.
-Crazy play.  The Right Reverend is the man that will not die.


-Crowell is our horse and it is amazing how much better we look with a running threat.
-Orson Charles drops too many balls
-The D looks good except for the fact that Vasser is totally incapable of keeping outside containment.
-You can really see all the "Natural" talk about Crowell.  Especially when you compare his vi son to our Middle Linebacker, Samuel's.
-I like Ole Miss using the different color jersey for the back-up QB.  Never seen that before.


  1. Wrote this in the other thread, but probably merits being put here:

    I don't care that we're up by 11 or whatever at the half.

    Anyone who didn't see that onside kick coming after a razzle-dazzle play by Ole Miss is an idiot. Obviously that includes the entire UGA coaching staff.

    Furthermore, why the hell was Bobo drawing up throwing plays with less than 2 minutes remaining? Ole Miss had ONE timeout. Run the damn ball.

  2. Georgia's Ford Tough Commercial. One quick edit:

    Richt "When you play Georgia you are gonna know you got hit."

    Should say:

    "Back when BVG was here if you played Georgia you knew you got hit."

  3. Amen Diff Anon

    It looks like we can almost run at will against them. Brother Bobo had the big strike and per the usual with Bobo he will now be in love with throwing the ball down field. Unless of course a screen pass goes for 6 then we all know he will fire up the Unicorn.

  4. I can't believe he missed that FG!

  5. Our dual-headed TE monster in Charles/White poses a serious mismatch for most defenses...an obvious strength that Bobo has failed to capitalized for several years, prior this game.

    However my concern is that the increase of TE usage in this game seems to be by default (injuries and the lack of depth at WR) and not by any sort of common sense/sudden epiphany. I can only hope that Bobo finally realizes what he has at his disposal.

  6. I'm so f-in tired of this so predictable play calling that I don't even wanna see it on some half azz bs team. If the coaches don't have the instinct to strike when blood is in the water then we don't need them