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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Recruiting doesn't matter in the Richt debate

Dawgbark.net points out that we have some great recruits coming in, almost coming in, and on deck, like Theus and Pyke and Taylor and Ramsey, among several others of note.
It's an interesting point that means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. If you're in Georgia, take a look around. As our research department continues to assert, there is at least 3 future BCS conference players within 49 miles of your front door, no matter where you live in the state of Georgia. That in and of itself is why we don't care about the recruits coming in. For starters, no high school kid is capable of doing anything of note in college football. They have to mature and develop, so how many stars a kid has is pretty much worthless (see the countless examples like Mudcat Elmore, Jasper Sanks, Thomas Davis, David Pollack, Sterling Boyd, Tim Jennings, etc). But more importantly, no matter who the head football coach of the University of Georgia is, they are going to get talented recruits and lots of 'em.
The state of Georgia puts more players on SEC rosters than any other state in the country, including Florida. We are the engine driving this "ESS EE SEE" greatness. Ray Goff recruited well (hey, he at least landed Hearst, Hastings, and Zeier). Jim Donnan landed Hines Ward, Champ Bailey and David Greene. Be it Mark Richt, or another name, we will land several very good, very talented, and highyl thought of recruits. Now, like the Richt or another name comment, these good, talented, highly though of recruits might go by another name besides Ramsey and Theus and Marshall, but that's not really at issue here.
Recruits will come dawgsbark, they've always come. They'll come to Georgia for reasons they can't even fathom. They'll turn in to Butts Mehre not knowing for sure why they're doing it. They'll arrive at our doors as innocent children, longing for the chance to wear silver britches. Of course, we won't mind if you sign with the program, we'll say. Just so long as we can make millions selling your jersey while the NCAA suspends you for selling the same. They'll pass over their LOIs without even thinking about it, for it's ability they have and our resources and exposure they lack. They'll trot out between the hedges; silver pantsed on a perfect fall Saturday. They'll find they have reserved seats somewhere on the sidelines, where they dreamed of being when they were children and cheered their heroes. And they'll play the game and it'll be as if they dipped themselves in magic water. They dreams so thick they'll have to brush them away from their faces. Recruits will come dawgsbark. The one constant through all the years has been recruits, dawgsbark. Georgia has been rolled by an army of steam rollers; it's been erased like a blackboard, built up and rolled on again. But recruits still come. Those hedges, this state, it's part of us, dawgsbark. It reminds us of all that could be, but never has been. Recruits will come dawgsbark. Recruits will most definitely come.


  1. I read that INANE article that you spoke of yesterday and I had to count to ten and click off of it!If we do get all these studs and go 7-5 next year what's gonna be dawgbark's excuse for keeping CMR??

  2. dude shut upppppppp!!!! this is the most pessimistic blog i have read! i have yet to hear one good thing about UGA this year from you! this blog right here is the reason that there is uproar in athens!! check your facts, bear had his down years at bama! hayes had his down years at ohio state! and dooley had his before and after the NC, we hired this man because we believed in him, let his serve his tenure then go from there! stop being an armchair quarterback! im sure if you were down on the field playing, you wouldnt want everyone bashing you all the time, those kids give it 100% and CMR is too, chill out and let them play some ball, we have the chance at a great season

  3. "i have yet to hear one good thing about UGA this year from you!" Probably because you read this site, not listen to it. But if you listen to the podcast linked, you'll hear good things. If you'd actually read, we have several past posts saying good things and countless positive statements. But that's probably asking too much of you, because...
    "this blog right here is the reason that there is uproar in athens!!" is a sentence that pretty much brands you an idiot. If you honestly believe that statement, there is no help for you, just try not to eat any more paint chips and put child safety plugs in all your electrical outlets.

    And the story itself has nothing to do with Richt or no Richt. We've covered the pro and cons elsewhere enough, and are doing so now in several posts by CC. This is on the simple thought that recruiting should matter in the discussion, and dawgbark's post specifically. Recruiting is not an issue. It's good pre-Richt. It'll be good post-Richt. Whether post is 2012 or 2032, that makes no difference. Georgia has always and will always recruit well. It's pretty easy when you just need 20-25 players, and the state produces 125-150+ per year for you to pick from.

  4. let him right the ship... the last thing he or any of the players need is people like you downcrying UGA. they give 100%, give them 100%, i dont care if we win a NC or lose every game we ever play, be behind the players, and THE COACHES... not reliving your "glory days" on blog being an armchair quarterback, every single person on that staff and team has more knowledge about football than you could ever know in a lifetime, thats why they are where they are! GO DAWGS!! GO CMR!! get behind them for what they are doing right, not calling for peoples heads and trying to usher them out the door