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Friday, September 23, 2011

Richt-O-Phile Nation's Theme Song

I am hesitant to place America's poet laureate on the same post with Richtie-Poo but the song is too perfect.  We should get back to .500 on Saturday--BUT--a road game in the SEC against a tricksie coach gives us pause for concern.

Even if we lose on Saturday the Richt-O-Phillics will still worship at the alter of Richt with their high priest Mike Bobo.  After all its all part of the master plan so these loses are actually beautiful:


  1. this got me laughing. thanks!

  2. Yawn..... Same song same verse....lil bit louder lil bit worse. You dingbats are so perdictable. You guys are a first, have to admit that. Didn't think you could be a drunk and blog too. But somehow you guys pull it off!!!

  3. It's predictable you dumbass. Hell, is it beer thirty yet? I'll take one too.

  4. Richt of Philes getting all upset, "you so predictable", really, predict what I'll post next?

    You ain't no Nostradammus.

    Face it, if you want "Richt is great, Murray's All American, Bobo's scoring a bunch", head on over to the homer sites Dawg Stephen, Blutarsky, etc.

  5. Yeah cause we know all "real fans" are rooting for us to lose the rest of our games so we can hire some jackass from TCU