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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Should Blair Walsh sit?

It's pretty clear that our boy has a bad case of the shanks. He's been a great kicker, arguably the best in the country since he arrived, but something's off right now. We're not willing to say he's got Rube Baker disease (aka Steve Blass Disease, Steve Sax Syndrome or the Knoblauchs), but something is obviously wrong and he's missed as many FGs in 4 games this year as he did in the entirety of the last two seasons.
So what's wrong with him? We're not kicking experts, so we've got no clue. But we do have a backup K on scholarship, probably the only school in the country with 3 kickers on scholarship. And Walsh is giving us a gift to at least get some use out of the ship. We're not saying sit him permanently, but Bogotay does have a powerful leg. Maybe let him take over kickoffs full time, allowing Walsh to focus on the different swing and aiming point of an XP/FG kick. Maybe just let him sit down for a week, focus hard on every aspect of his plant foot and swing leg on film both this year and the last two year's looking for anything he's doing differently now vs. then, and taking the time to fix whatever needs to be tweaked.
Plain and simple, it might be time to let the young man sit for a minute to clear his head and get with John Kasay (Sr or Jr now that he's retired), or Kevin Butler (since Bill Hartman is hopefully resting in peace) to work on his mechanics, and get things straightened out, with the added bonus of actually getting some beneficial onfield use from a scholarship worth nearly $2,000,000. Besides, if Bogotay struggles, it's not like you have to DL Walsh or put him on the inactive list, so he can steal come in Saturday, or in Knoxville, if you need to make a big kick. But that's kind of the point with this idea of letting Bogotay get a week or two while Walsh fixes his ailings. If we're down 23-21 Saturday afternoon with 0:03 left on the clock and the ball on Miss St's 27, just who do you trust to give us a W? Anyone?


  1. John Kasay kicks for the Saints.

  2. Anon is correct the Saints gave the Ol' Dawg a call just before the season started.

    With so many ex-Dawgs in the NFL and so few Championships to show for all our talent it can get hard to keep up.

    I forgive the mistake Sanchez, of course the mouth breathing ROPs can now dismiss you forever.

  3. His retirement letter to Carolina threw me off.

  4. Kevin here:
    He did retire from Carolina but Hartley from the Saints got injured so the Saints called Kasey and signed him 'temporarily' until Hartley comes back.

  5. Best K in NFL history as far as I'm concerned (and before anyone throws out Ray Guy, he was a P).

  6. I saw Ray Guy just before getting a severe case of the squirts from the Wild Wings in Augusta, GA (which should be listed on the menu there).

    Ray looked exactly the same. Ray hollered

    "Da Toe Ain't Sore No More!"

    The Raiders used to be so Awesome.

  7. No brainer....Walsh on a game winner with :03 left and any other FG attempts.

  8. I'd be confident in Walsh last year. This year, not so much. Something's wrong, but what needs fixing and how long it'd take to fix is above my paygrade.