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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So What Is Our Obsession With Gary Patterson and Mike Leach?

There exists within each and every fan base in this country a group of people that one could classify as stupid.  Now I am sure that there are not more stupid Georgia fans than any other fan base but as Georgia fans we are far less tolerant of our own brothers who fall into this classification.  We are often times rude, or curt, or dickish if you will to our own stupids. 

We have had particular fun over the past few months demanding that Richt be fired.  We have even more fun when we demand that he be replaced with someone who is the polar opposite of his Joe Cool, Super Nice, Beaver Cleaver persona.  It is fun because so many of our fans are in fact more the fans of the Richt Image than of the football program.  Statements like:

- "All I know is our boys will be better people in the end because of Richt."
- "I would want my son to play for Mark Richt."
- "He is just such a good Christian man."

If you think any of the above then you are the type of person who gets
a) suckered into ponzi schemes,
b) stays in an abusive relationship,
c) is easily confused by bright shiny objects,
d) considers yourself a Liberal,
e) is considered weak and or stupid by family and friends,
f) settles for a crappy job,
g) settles for a horrible spouse, and
h) rewards your children for making Bs instead of demanding As

"All I know is our boys will be better people in the end because of Richt."
Have you seen the boys on our roster?  On every roster of every good team not named Wisconsin?  They are at the very least 50% thug.  Billy Graham could coach these boys with Ghandi as his OC and they are not going to be good people.  They are going to be drug dealers, welfare recipients, AIDS spreaders, dead beat dads, life time guests of one of Georgia's many fine correctional institutions, or NFL players.  Please stop with this notion that we are running a boys and girls club of America.  We are running a football program in the most hardcore, cut-throat, sink or swim conference in the land.  I want Championships not Lifetime Network movies.  Ole Miss beat us to the punch is was called the "Blindside" go rent it so you can have a good long cry and your wife can wish you had a pair.
"I would want my son to play for Mark Richt."
I have a son and I would love for him to play football at Georgia but hopefully not for Mark Richt.  I wouldn't want him being subjected to sub-par assistants and position coaches and I would not want him to be behind everyone else playing D-1 football in terms of his strength and conditioning.  That is what would happen to my son if he played for Mark Richt.
"He is just such a good Christian man."
I am myself a Christian but that does not qualify me to be able to do my job.  Attila the Hun wasn't a Christian and he was pretty good at his job, no?  Your religion has nothing in the world to do with Football because Jesus doesn't care about football! 

So we write at length about about cranky, foul mouthed, portly, pagans.  We love up on ruthless, cold hearted, concussion curing, arrogant, a-holes because they are the total opposite of Mark Richt.
I was asked in an exchange with one reader named 88Dawg, why I gave Patterson a pass (on a single loss)and not Dabo.
I started to answer the question but it got so long I decided on a post instead.
So let me explain our deal with Gary Patterson with a series of statements:
1. I think Gary Patterson is twice the coach that Mark Richt is.
2. I think Gary Patterson has 101 wins in 11 seasons at one of the worst programs in the country
3. I think Gary Patterson's career wins have increased each year as opposed to Richt's which have declined.
4. I think that the above proves that Patterson is building a program.
5. I think that the majority of Richt's wins came with Donnan's players, and while BVG (or at least his influence) was still in Athens, and from 02-05 when the SEC was down.
6. I think that the above proves that Richt was more of a maintainer than a builder and now that the building is falling down he has no idea how to build it back.
7. I think Patterson demands excellence and results while Richt is complacent and cares more for "relationships","mentoring", and any other word you want to use to describe overall weakness.
8. Patterson has Dick Bumpas who is awesome for a multitude of reasons and Richt had Willie "Football AIDS''Martinez.  When your nickname is AIDS you probably suck.
9. I think the fact that Richt-O-Philles want to dismiss a man who has done more with less than Richt over the same time span because he lost with a non-AQ school to an AQ school with a top Heisman contender shows how long the sentence is and how stupid Richt-O-Philles really are.
10. While making their case for why Patterson should never coach again because he lost to Baylor--ROPs seem to have forgotten Central Florida, Colorado, and Vanderbilt.
11.ROP's do not want Richt judged for "One Bad Season" which was in fact the third year of decline in Athens yet want to judge Patterson for a single loss.  That loss came after a Rose Bowl win.  Richt lost that same week to a team from Idaho all while coming off of a loss to CENTRAL FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!!!

12. And finally.....I think there is about a 10% chance Gary Patterson would be hired by the Georgia Bulldogs.  The problem is the guy that I really like and think we have a good shot at and the guy that Mr. Sanchez really likes......well neither of them are particularly entertaining to write about.

As for Dabo..........I hope all our readers see this classic case of Richt-O-Philia.  A Georgia fan defending a Clampsun coach.  Richt-O-Philles just keep getting more disgusting by the day.   So just for 88Dawg:  Dabo gets no love from us because he has the most talent of any team in the ACC, keeps pulling 5 star, out of state, black players to a school that is a glorified Klan rally, and gets beat on the Reginald by Wake, BC, and GT who are all far less talented and lack the overall SEC-level speed that Clampsun has.  Gary Patterson has to fight tooth and nail for a 3star recruit that only got his third star because back when he was a junior Texas gave him a brief look.  Dabo pulls multiple 5star kids and Patterson has likely never even had a 5star in on an official visit.  Clampsun is the most talented team (or at the very least tied for most talented) in the yearly Botard-off that is the ACC.  The ACC has Duke, Wake, GT and their 1924 offensive attack, Maryland, the $500,000 crack party that is Miami, FSU which is just emerging from the wasteland that was Bobby Bowden's less than glorious era "On Golden Pond", BC and all their killer speed, NCST and their 1824 offense, Virginia, The Beamer-Turkeys who play Beamerball which is the college version of Martyball which is a nice way of saying "Can't win against equal talent", and North Carolina.  A murder's row, no?  When Dabo got the job (because he was the only person Clampsun could afford) he had tons of talent.  When Patterson got the TCU job he had a bare cupboard.  Coach Fran left him with nothing.  TCU has steadily inclined which is proof of a building job.  Dabo is just like Richt he walked into a pretty good situation, got rid of some of the mistakes that had killed his predecessor, will improve based on that, incline a little, plateau, and decline.  Of course at least the Richt death has been slow and painful--Dabo keeps pullin' 5star kids from the Gators and his death might be quick and of the SMU variety.  Dabo gets no love because if you want to give someone in the Clampsun program love try the bag man that they have down around Orlando way.

You think those are smoke cannons but in fact they spray the masculine aroma of Patterson sweat into the Texas air.


  1. ******DISCLAIMER*********

    I ain't knockin' having a bag man. We need about 20 of em ourselves.

    Or we could just hire Lil' Bebe Orgeron away from USC to run the crutin'.

  2. I know you probably won't answer this question honestly but...what do you think Mark Richt's record would be at TCU during the same time period? I'm pretty sure it would be around the same as Patterson's.
    And your "he won with Donnan's players" argument is so weak and played out. Donnan won with Goff's players and Patterson won with Franchione's players and Mullen won with Croom's players, etc. You could make the argument for every team with each coaching change. Franchione built that program NOT Patterson.

  3. Kevin here -

    Good post, though the remark "Your religion has nothing to do with football, Jesus doesn't care about football" is a straw man argument. Jesus would also tell you not to care about football as well, there are greater concerns than a game of football. He would ask you if you have fed the starving or visited the sick, infirmed or imprisoned instead of going to a game. So I believe you chose a poor example here.

  4. CJ here...

    I'm assuming you're trying to defend your sometime's mindless rants about, I guess only stoking to embers of a disgruntled portion of the UGA fan base....since you just stated that neither you nor Mr. Sanchez don't really think Patterson's the best candidate for a position that's not open yet....

    So, who do you think are legitimate possibilities for this hypothetical opening?? Just curious....

    I think that some of your rant has legs, but other parts are really just filler...much like a man in a ring trying to get a rise out of the other part of the crowd....the part that doesn't hold up a sign with his name on it.

    The fact of the matter is that the Dawgs are coming into the most important stretch of the season...we're .500 coming into it. I think instead of wasting time on rants like this one, you should try to find more prevalent things related to real issues to talk about. I don't know...like the MSU game...or the night game at UT?? Maybe personnel thoughts, or game planning...I don't know, but your rants are getting old...

    I do like your rants...I think their funny! I'm not a ROP, a Disney Dawg, or what every you call the one's who don't want the UGA program to go down in flames this year...I a F'N DAWG FAN! I'm going to Athens this weekend to support the Georgia Bulldogs and everyone that is associated with the program. At this time that included Richt, Bobo, Grantham, and the assistant coaches...and obviously ALL the players on the squad. They may not be the best in the nation that their position, or possibly they could be...it doesn't matter...their F'N DAWGS!!! So I'm behind 'em!

    I say get on board or don't....I know y'all want the Dawgs to succeed...if you bleed Red & Black like me you have to....so just sit back and let's see what the product looks like this Sat...and the next...and the next...

    If and when there's an opening, or multiple, on the UGA Football Staff then I'll be more then happy to hear all of your thoughts on the prospective replacements...till then...STFU! PLEASE!

    GO DAWGS!!!!

  5. -Anon @9:22

    A good point ans a weak point so lets talk about each:
    Good Point- If Richt were at TCU during the same stretch I think his would be around .600. Coach Fran did not leave the talent that Donnan did, and if you assume that Richt starts with his original staff and then loses BVG, sticks with Football AIDS too long, promotes Bobo too soon and keeps VH for far too long and then replaces him with the TCU equip. manager then I think the record is slightly lower than what he has at Georgia and lower than Patterson. The main difference is that because TCU does not have the automatic recruting base that Georgia does and he would have started with less talent than he did at Georgia. Patterson's success has been back loaded and Richt's is front loaded. I do however, think that there is the variable that Richt would not have moved into the role of executive so soon and would maybe still be calling the plays at TCU which would help his overall record.
    Bad Point- Where are these "players" that Coach Fran left Patterson? Are we maybe talking about Tomlinson? Let me ask you to do a wee bit of research. Tell me how many O-linemen were recruited, signed, and coached-up by Richt in his tenure that have been drafted in the 3rd round or higher.

    -Anon (Kevin)
    I believe it is a great example and your points only go to bolster my argument that religion has nothing to do with Football and therefore should not be a contributing factor to keeping a football coach.

    -Anon (CJ)
    You can find all those things that you are asking for if you will look to the right hand side of the screen and scroll down to "Stuff We Don't Hate". I would say that the Leather Helmet Blog and/or Dawgsports would be your best bet for the things you are looking for but really any Georgia Blog not named "Sports & Grits" will give all that stuff to you in spades. You have essentially walked into Chick-Fil-A and asked them to stop serving chicken. This is what we do.
    I will roll out a legit list of candidates all kidding aside here within the next two weeks or so.

  6. -CJ

    Also, I think Patterson is the best candidate but I just live in the real world and I understand that the chances of his leaving TCU, his taking Georgia over other offers that I think he will be getting, and us paying top dollar for a coach ain't real good.

  7. Dang, CC. You're such a lawyer..
    1) It is a plus having a dude as HC that you know won't get pulled over for a DUI with panties in his lap or found in the local econolodge with a stripper - but I completely agree CMR's character - while a plus - doesn't negate the fact that he must win, and win big, to keep his job. Pretty sure he'd agree with that too.

    2) I'd love for my kid to play for CMR, but I agree UGA's lack of focus on cutting edge S&C is bizarre, and the blame for the sorry state of our S&C lies at the feet of the HC..Willie was awful, and Bobo maybe ain't THE ONE, although he ain't near as bad as the haters say, 37+/game so far.. So we sorta agree here on CMR's inability to build a winning staff, although it's early yet to condemn CTG & the D coaches. Can we not agree the D looks a helluval lot better than it did last year?

    3) I'm assuming that's a joke about our roster being filled with future convicts, welfare recipients, AIDS spreaders, thugs, etc. It's just not that funny to those of us who are fans of the program and it's also not accurate, as you know.

    4) "I think Gary Patterson has 101 wins in 11 seasons at one of the worst programs in the country" So TCU has had an awesome HC for 11 years, yet is one of the worst programs in the country? Can we look forward to Patterson working this magic at UGA? How many of the 101 wins were vs. SDSU, UNLV, Portland St., UL-Monroe, Houston, Marshall, Army, Air Force, Colo State, Utah, BYU, SMU, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas State, Iowa State, etc?? Are you still in love with Patterson because he beat Chokelohoma in 2005?

    5) TCU is in the state of TEXAS, right? How is that not a huge advantage for them over every non-Texas team they play? They are in the middle of the deepest, richest, bestest hotbed of football talent in the universe, year in & year out. You say Patterson never gets good talent. Setting aside the question of why we'd want a HC who sucks at recruiting (?), Rivals had TCU's class #1 in their conference 2009, 2010, 2011, & 2012 (so far). In 2008, Rivals had TCU's 2008 class 5th, behind Colo St., Wyoming, & New mexico. Yeah, that's what we need - a dude who couldn't out-recruit New Mexico..

    6) You attempt to make the case that Patterson has steadily built his program up each year, with talent he recruited. Not sure I care whose talent UGA's coach wins with, but the truth is ole Gary went 5-6 in his FOURTH YEAR as HC. With whose talent did he manage that? Playing in mighty Conf USA that year, Patterson gave up 45 to S. FL before they were any good, 41 to UAB, and 55 POINTS TO LOUISVILLE!

    7) After switching to the much tougher (ha!) Mtn West conference & earning back to back 11 win seasons 2005-06, culminating with a huge win over N. Ill. in the Poinsettia Bowl, what was Gary's record in 2007?? 8-5! But hey, he beat SDSU and only gave up 33 in the process..

    I could go on, son, but I type with 2 fingers and need to get back to my real job now.

  8. "since you just stated that neither you nor Mr. Sanchez don't really think Patterson's the best candidate for a position that's not open yet"

    I see a difference between "best" candidate, of which there is only one by definition of the word "best", and "viable" candidate of which there can be plenty. I think there are numerous viable candidates, of which McGarity's job would be to sift through them and determine which in his opinion is the best for the program and taking things where we all want to go (SEC and National Title competitive, not winning every year but consistent quality). My personal opinion on who is best lacks a lot of the internal specifics that just wouldn't be information I'd have, so it's just my opinion and has little to no bearing on who McGarity should ultimately choose should he need to fill the spot. I like Richt, love him as a man, but my confidence on him to lead us to where we want to be was shattered early last year watching us get manhandled by Miss St and South Carolina before losing to the worst team possible in Colorado. Good coaches don't let things fall that far that fast without being problems themselves. But that's just my opinion. There's at least a dozen "viable" candidates should we need a new head coach, and picking one over the other, well they all have their good sides and bad sides, so I'll trust McGarity to pick a specific name from the list, since again, he'd be the one knowing the exact needs and intimate details.

  9. -88Dawg

    Ok lots of points but here we go:

    #1- We seem to agree, you are starting to come along nicely.

    #2-We agree on S&C, good for you. We agree that the jury is out on the D. I disagree with you about Bobo. His points do not come against elite teams and if we all truely want the Dawgs where they should be--we have to put up more than 6 points on teams that have a month to prepare for us in doo-doo bowl games.

    #3- Not just aimed at our boys: I said "All good teams not named Wisconsin." I am sick and tired of Georgia fans acting like we are running a safe house for choir boys.

    #4- Nice try Lawyah, but TCU WAS one of the worst when he got there, and traditionally one of the worst. TCU won the Rose Bowl last year we lost the Doo-Doo Bowl to Central Florida. For shame 88 you are trying to win the belt on a count out but the belt does not change hands on a DQ, son. Again we have the disconnect of Patterson's talent beiong the equal to or slightly better than his opponents and he wins and has won more lately than he did early. Richt's talent is to the SEC as Patterson's talent is to C-USA and the Mt.West. Therefore, if you give Patterson talent equal to or slightly better than his SEC foes he will win more and will build as opposed to maintaining before tail-spinning.

    #5- Again you overestimate the quality and quantity of Texas HS players. However, if Patterson does have the most talented or close to it (I mean don't you want to argue about how great Boise State is?) The same is true of Georgia. More players on SEC rosters top to bottom and across the board come from Georgia. So shouldn't we have the most talented team? Also, an additional point of all this is that GP develops and improves players as well as getting the most out of sub-par kids.

    #6-Nice googeling there 88. However, you say Patterson is 5-6 in year 4. What was he in year 9, or year 10? Richt was 6-7 in year 10. I win that one hands down, son. Thanks for bolstering my "Richt's wins are front loaded and Patterson's back loaded" argument.

    #7-Again the past is the past. "Oh yeah Rider, well sure Patterson is the better coach now but 4 years ago he wasn't!" Maybe because he was building his program?

    On your next coffee break...please do go on.
    Thanks 88

  10. "My personal opinion on who is best lacks a lot of the internal specifics that just wouldn't be information I'd have, so it's just my opinion and has little to no bearing on who McGarity should ultimately choose should he need to fill the spot"

    Sanchez wins the Heisman equivalent for stating the obvious. And here we all thought that the AD had you & CC on speed dial and was breathlessly awaiting your anaylsis of the best viable candidate to lead the Dawgs to the promised land..

    CC - Why does Gary get love for "building his program" in year 7, yet CMR gets none for doing same last year? One gets the idea that Gary will get a pass if he goes 8-5 again this year for "building his program", yet CMR will get raked over the coals if he goes 9-4.
    But I think I get you now. It's not about wins & losses. You need a man's manly coach, a tough talking tough guy like Jackie Sherrill to castrate a bull for you or Gene Stallings to stare you down. What is it that you're over compensating for, son?

  11. I guess we will find out over the next 4 games or so if guys like CC Rider are right or if fellows like him will start to look like people just full of hot air. Here is hoping CC will soon be exhaling air hotter than an August day in south Georgia.

  12. -88

    Oh, you gotta do better than that,son. All I Do's is argue I can't be goaded into such a trap.

    If you would try reading you would see that I said we were having fun by just naming the complete opposite of Richt.

    Gary gets the love because he has grown from year seven while Richt has declined in years 8,9,and 10. Do you even try to pay attention? Come on bruh- focus.

    Plus I can give Patterson props because he is not under the intense light of expectations that I place the HC of my team. If Patterson came to Athens and spiraled to a 6-7 record with a loss to UCF in a bowl game in year 10 of his regime I would be screaming for his head as well.

    Patterson and Leach are just humor fodder for us and obviously their names and images really piss off the ROPs. I was fine with Richt's Joe Cool, non-intense, aloof style until it stopped working and he began a pattern of behavior in which he refuses to make changes or evolve with the SEC around him.

  13. -Anon 12:09

    Agreed on the hope part!!!!!!
    But as realist I like my chances of being right on this one. However, I have never wanted to be wrong so bad in my life.

  14. Yea, I believe you are a good DAWG CC. I have the same discussions with friends and family members as I have read here. I don't take offense when someone says "Richt needs to go." I may come to that conclusion at some point but am not there yet. I think you are wrong so you will get your wish that you so badly want.

  15. Trust me these dbags don't want Richt fired. They are those annoying people that are only happy when they are miserable. What else would they have to write if Richt left? Oh wait, I forgot, they would remind us to "support" high school football. And this from the same guys that are not supporting college football.

  16. You guys must have majored in moot court in law school because both Patterson and Leach (and Mullen, if you want to know the truth) are all three moot!

    Their mootness, however, fails to render you guys mute.

    But then again, what lawyer doesn't enjoy hearing himself drone on and on continuously. Bar meetings are Hell!

    PS: Yes, I know you don't major in anything in law school but it makes for a kind of neat word play.

  17. Anon @ 12:57, nice, that is quite clever wordplay and it did get a chuckle.

    At 12:27, what else would we write about? The changes made, and maybe some championships again. That'd be pretty nice to write about, success instead of craptastic wins over Coastal and a pitiful Ole Miss. Not having to write about getting manhandled by SC, Miss St, UCF, and Colorado. That'd be pretty nice to not have to write about. And even if we did stop writing, what would you to whine about if you couldn't blame all the problems with UGA football on us?

  18. -Anon 12:57

    Bar Meetings suck but 8:00am CLE's in Atlanta are HELL!

  19. -Anon 12:57

    Also, i majored in SCALIA!

  20. Ya'll are over kicking the coverage.
    just sayin'

  21. getting back to football.......My only problem with CMR is consistently weak line play, which is a pretty huge deal, obviously. We recruit well on the D-line, yet do not develop that talent. Is that a CRG problem? Probably, but that leads back to CMR. Hopefully CTG's background as a D-line specialist fixes this.
    On the O-line side, we recruit relatively mediocre kids and then watch them get injured. The ones that aren't injured are outplayed. This has happened every year for years, and I just do not understand.
    The last O-line coach laid the blame on S&C. So we reassign the S&C guy & promote the videographer, a bizarre move I also do not understand. It's as if some basic concepts, like 'our guys need to be bigger & stronger than their guys' don't seem to compute to CMR. Then we hire Bobo's pal to coach the line. Why hire an unproven unknown to coach positions this important? Is it because CMR doesn't believe in having a dominant O-line? How could this be?

  22. An excellent article in every respect. Especially the comments about Richt...the most overpaid coach in America. Of course, telling the truth will get you cursed and slandered by the Richt-o-philes, who, for whatever reason, have formed an exceedingly unhealthy emotional attachment to Richt. Nauseating to say the least. I also agree with every one of your valid comments about Patterson, the antithesis of Coach Overpaid. Congratulations on pulling no punches and telling it like it is. Should be required reading for McGarity, who, in my opinion, is a light-skinned version of Damon Evans, albeit with better morals so far as I know.

  23. Anon 3:27, "an excellent article in every respect.." WTF? I'm obviously not an ROP, but I believe reports of their slander & cursing to be a tad exagerrated, or maybe someone has some real think skin..
    Thankfully, McGarity doesn't give a crap what pseudo-fans like you think, and will likely act accordingly.. Can you tell us one fault or mistake he's made, similar to his panty pirate predecessor??
    Who are you, CC's Mama? Mrs. Sanchez?

  24. wonder if these fans of ineffectual evangelical ineptitude were jimmy carter loyalists too?

  25. Momma Rider get off my blog, geeze!

    Hahahaha. Occasionally 88 a Cold Blooded Sausage Maker gets on here and leaves a comment, but usually ROPs like Ron Paul supporters dominate the comments. Paul supporters think if they turn out a straw poll people will think he is for real. ROPs think if they jump all over any disrespect of their Messiah people will think everyone wants to keep Richtie-poo.
    Now I don't have a problem with McGarity, yet. However, you asked for one single mistake and if one is all you want how about scheduling the Boise State game instead of a cupcake?

  26. -88 Dawg at 2:58pm

    Look to the right of the screen and you will see a green box with an arrow in it. Above it is "Cold Blooded Podcastin'"

    Click play. It is Myself, the Rider, and ECDawg and Socrates from the Leather Helmet Blog. Give a close listen to the whole thing and remember you 2:58pm comments.....I think you will find that after the 30 minutes of greatness that is this podcast you will realize that you and He Who Rideth are not so very different, Sir.

  27. That ^^^ podcast is how I found your boys' site. I know EC and Soc. Good people. I only just now found this place, and I can tell y'all are doin the Lord's work. But this here:

    “… you asked for one single mistake … how about scheduling the Boise State …?”

    That’s what you call giving a man enough rope. It probably wasn’t politically feasible for McG to fire Richt after ‘10 ; he lacked the leverage. Couldn’t risk pissing off the Richt loyali$t$ in YEAR 1.

    Well anyways we're gearing up for the stretch run now, fellas. 2 bowls to bookend October. The Audition Bowl this coming Saturday... 2 coaches coaching for the same job. Then the Mendoza(.200) Bowl at the WLOCP.

    Speaking of the WLOCP and religion, I'd be good with hiring a gay Mexican Muslim if he/she could beat FLA. It's like we're the Washington Generals, for Richt's sake.

    And maybe we do need to step our bagman game up. I feel like Ken Griffey Jr and we got McGwire & Sosa over in Alabama and Rafael Palmeiro in SC.

  28. -Billy Ocean

    I can't disagree about the giving of the rope.

    I would be for a Gay Mexican Muslim Communist if it could beat Florida.......Heck he/she would do it with obnoxious neon colors and pizzaz!

    I like the baseball parallel....I just hope we become Barry Bonds; get so pissed that people that lack our talent are getting all the praise that we start beating them at their own game.

  29. Know who has a big ol Barry Bonds size noggin? Dan Mullen.

    Studies have shown that people with big heads are more successful at life. Most movie stars have big heads. So theres that.

    Dan Mullen coached Alex Smith into the 1st draft pick and Tebow into the first round. And as soon as he left Gainesville, Meyer went all Larry Holmes... lookin flabby and sick. I rest my case.

  30. AHD well said...well said indeed. CC you old buzzard! you are back! You might not want to leave Sanchez alone with the fort again, we had our way with..his um...virtue if you will. Lastly you guys are like an empty wagon...lots of noise but there's nothing in you! You guys are like re-runs of your favorite comedy show...only they are not as funny as the first time.

  31. CC is a sandy clit who eats his mum's snatch.

  32. Literally no one, anywhere, on any Georgia Blog ever understands what AHD is saying.

    I though we were past showering ourself with accolades under the Anon name AHD. I thought we were past insults via the Anon name. I thought we were to the point where we could just insult each other in the open. I thought we had something special AHD.

  33. -Anon @8:02

    Tsk, tsk, tsk......what would CMR say? That is language unbefitting those of the one true faith/coach. You best be careful else High Priest Bobo blot your name from the membership book.

  34. Meh, I give a rats ass about who the coach is and could give a shit about your arguemenstrations. I just wanted to comment on what a bunch of pencil dicked rope suckers you all sound like crossing politics, religion, and football with respect to a theoretical coach search based on your own evangelistic worship of Paterson, Leach and companies knobs. Keep polishing gurls and don't forget to swallow. I dont care who caoch is, Bobo's gotta go, and I can't even find my bible, but I gotta call bullshit when I see it and you fella's are puking up loads. Grow a fuckin pair Gomer and make an actual case without the racial, political, religious, and other non relevant juvenile innuendos that detract from your argument.
    Fuck AHD I aint it, him, her or whatever and anonymous is good as any cuz. We aint gonna be taking long showers to the wee hours of the morning.
    Now get the sand out your clit and quit your sniveling Pile.

  35. -Anon @ 9:41PM

    So you don't care who the coach is.
    So you just got on here to throw around insults?
    For what reason Anon?

    Great insults. You don't want us to bring up religion or what your think is slams on race or politics (I assume cause we ain't all about Comrade Barry). That sounds like Liberal thought to me yet all of your insults revolve around your fascination with fellatio.
    Is this because you are out of the closet and wish to spread the fabulous news, or because you are a self-loathing, homo-phobe? You can't be a liberal and hate the gays. That is Poly Sci 101.

    Is "clit" the Anon word of the day? Are you fascinated with that part of the female body or are your homosexual fixations based on your inability to find said clit? They are tricky...they will run from you unlike your beloved penis' that just stand up and demand your attention. Also, if you will re-read your last comment aloud I think most would agree that the sand in vaginas are not on our end.

  36. Throwing around insults is what I thought this blog was for, you base your "truth" on it, no? our pillow talk needs some work but for a repressed homosexual like yourself it works. At least you moan like a bitch too.
    Ah, well I will agree to disagrree on whose vag is packing the most sand around here.
    Guess I might be labeled liberal in some circles, but I have put foot to ass for my country multiple times so I've earned the right to be fuckin martian if I want to, and willing to bet you buncha pasty ass momma's boys just wave a flag and tear up for all us dumbass grunts willing to go out and do what you won't.
    You aren't going to going to run down my favorite team, country, fellow americans and disgrace the blood I and others have spilled with some continuous vomit of hate, stupidity, racism and cultural intolerace and not be labeled a sandy vag by yours truly.
    Fuck politics, they have nothing to do with backbone integrity, honor, pride, respect, patriotism or service. Picking a side of the fence to defend your position on football is just about the stupidest thing I have ever seen referenced in a supposedly football based medium. I'm not going to get into religion and race. The support you favor from some of your inbred posters/bloggers labels you right away as racist, backwards, and small minded. News flash it's 2011 not 1865.
    Anywhooo all the time Imma waste here....keep aimin low it suits you.

  37. Oh wow I didn't realize Captain America was a Georgia fan and on our blog. The team you love uh? How about the Coach you love wouldn't that be more accurate.

    We do throw around insults but not for the sake of insults or because we have no retort to the harsh light of truth. You are a Richt-O-Phile plain and simple and you are mad because we are being so mean to your beloved. I find it hard to believe that you have put foot to anything because someone that no non-sense and tough would not be so accepting and defensive of a 6-7 record.

    "Oh, look at me I'm Anon don't talk back to me I am a war hero, a patriot, a great American, tougher than you, I get more action from the ladies than you, I cured cancer, I ended hunger in Africa, I brokered peace in the Middle East." Yes yes yes Anon we know all about how awesome you are. I saw all of that coming except for the war hero part that was new. I like the thought process--"These guys seem like Republicans so I will say I am a war hero and they will cower away at that." It was a nice try and I will give respect for the effort.

    Now exactly what have we done racist? You see Anon the idea that the majority may not view themselves as superior is a social concept fairly new and somewhat inexplicable. In order for that concept to maintain it's legitimacy it must be honored by said majority. When the concept is used everytime (either one not in that majority or one in that majority that has ordained themselves the police for this new concept)something is said that you don't like it loses its bite. You stop me if this gets to complicated or you need a break to go and be physically awesome.
    I dismiss you because you:
    a)disagree with me,
    b)are far too stupid to formulate any real couner argumet,
    c) resort to name calling (and not even witty name calling)
    d)Call me a Racist.
    I see you have check mate, sir. Bravo, well played. I see that GED is really paying off for you. Do you wanna fire back on here with an imaginary academic record to go along with your imaginary GI Joe record? Wanna tell us about that Double Doctorate you got from Harvard and Yale at the same time? You can you know...It is a free country after all...I mean thanks to you. So when does Barry lay a Congressional Medal of Honor on you? Before or after you pick-up that nobel peace prize they have been trying to give you?

  38. In honor of Anon's interest in sand-related sex talk, I thought this Ellie Kemper bit would be appropriate:
    "How dry do you want it?"