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Friday, September 30, 2011

Sports & Grits Calls for a Unequivocal Boycott of Colin Cowherd for Insulting Harvey Updyke.

No one man epitomizes the heart and soul of SEC football fandom quite like Harvey Updyke.  Harvey Updyke is a better fan than you.  Yesterday--we can only assume at the point of a gun--Harvey Updyke quasi-apologized to the Auburn faithful. 

No one man epitomizes the nauseatingly craptastic pile of turd that is ESPN quite like Colin Cowherd.  So when Cowherd had the nerve to insult the great and venerable Updyke we naturally have to take umbrage.  Here are a few facts that makes Colin Cowherd not a real person:
1. His surname is Cowherd which leads me to believe that his ancestry came to this country as either criminals or indentured servants and either chose to hide their surname or were so persona non-grata that no one cared to know their name.  They then simply chose to give their profession, hearding cows, as their surname.
2. He is a fan of a Pac-12 program not named USC and therefore cannot possibly have a real opinion on anything college football related.

As if you needed another reason to hate ESPN you now have another reason to hate ESPN.  Their across the board racism focused on the SEC is infuriating.......at least until they have to pay Big Daddy Slive a trillion dollars and ownership in the moon for the rights to continue carrying SEC games once this expansion non-sense is all over with.


  1. Kevin here:
    Updyke is not a fan, he is an idiot and a criminal. I'm hoping you are trying to be sarcastic because if you are not you are promoting destruction of property when you lose a football game. Quite pathetic

  2. -Kevin

    You are on here quite a bit and we appreciate that but come on man do I really need to explain this post?

  3. CCRider is the UGA's Harvey Updyke. How about a nice pot of chicken stew direct from Columbia, CC?

  4. Dude, Cowherd is MONEY right now with his weekly picks...can't bail on him now. ----TXBaller

  5. -EC Dawg


    -Well anything you destroy in Columbia would only be an improvement.

    -I guess we could go and molotov-cocktail all the denim shorts stores in Gainseville.

    -We could move to Tennessee, run for office, and get a bill passed that outlaws inbreeding.

    -We have already threatened to burn all the Game Stops, Comic Book Stores, and Best Buys in Atlanta.

    It would appear that we may have to do just that EC since all the players have been behaving themselves we haven't been able to dole out too much love for the Updayke Award.

  6. Anybody who is as fanatical about a football team as Harvey Updyke is has got to be one sick individual. I have a hard time believing how Harvey and many others on both sides of the Alabama/Auburn rivalry get so worked up over a football game that in the grand scheme of things means absolutely NOTHING!
    After watching Roll Tide/War Eagle on ESPN, I have concluded the fans of this thing are all a bunch of Alabama in-breeders, ALL OF 'EM!