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Monday, September 26, 2011

Starkganistanians to Jihad in Athens!

The following correspondence was picked up on Sunday.  Warning do not approach the Missy State fans this Saturday.
Your Prototype Missy State fan.
 Greeting from Starkganistan, Infidales! *STOP*

There is but one coach, Jackie Sherrill and Dan Mullen is his Prophet!  *STOP*

My name is Buh-Buh Mustafed Muhammed Reynolds and I am here to let you infidales know that y'all can't be converted therefore you must be put to the sword.  We of the truth faith is a sick and tired of all your fancy-schmancey technology and ways of Lucifer.  What with y'alls "indoor plumbin'", "lights that ain't produced by the sun", and "stationary houses".  Worstest of all is the abomonation of an are-conditioned dog houses.  Our bulldog ain't got no are-conditionin' cause we don't want to spend an eternity a barnin' in Hell.  If y'all should win on Satreday it won't matter cause a life given on behalf of Jackie Sherrill is a gonna be rewarded mightly in Heaven.  All marytars is a gonna get a triple wide trailer and 77 Waffle House waitresses to do with as we please!  *STOP*

You have been warned DawgNation.  McGarity has officially raised the Mullet Warning to RED!


Now this is happening.
 The Blondie is in fact a chick because if you look carefully it's index finger is just slightly longer than it's ring finger.  You learn all sorts of things from Spike TV's Manswers.


  1. Forget Jenkins & Geathers - suit up Blondie and let it play NG.

    Nice shot of Sanchez in his 'recliner' on his fromt porch..

    If I could make 1 request, which I'm sure will be ignored.. How 'bout laying off Samuel? The dude did not ask to play TB & he's a good kid who would go back to playing LB tomorrow, if asked. His hips do not swivel & he may not have the feet needed to excel at TB, but he didn't ask for the change.
    Keep blasting Bobo though. After all, the Dawgs are averaging 37+ a game, even with spotty special teams play & uncharacteristic turnovers by the QB..
    And let's hear more about how retarded Dabo is and how Patterson's D is so great that nobody but UL - Monroe could hang 17 on him in the 1st.
    I'm out!

  2. 88DAWG: +1

    I was a great audience and will be sure to try the veal!

  3. -88 Dawg

    That blonde was heavily recruited by Donnan in his first year. Alas, it couldn't make the grades and went on to a stellar career at Georgia Military.

    Nice dig on Brother Sanchez--respect where it is due, son.

    Despite your sense of humor I am going to diagnose you with Richt-o-Phillia anyway. You are so in love with Richt and Brother Bobo that you would defend a Clampsun Coach....tsk,tsk,tsk
    Perhaps you should take a deep breath and re-evaluate some decisions that you have made that brought you to this point.

    In his 11th season at TCU Gary Patterson is a total of 101-29.
    In his 11th season at Georgia Mark Richt is
    Now I get that Georgia is in the SEC but you have to consider that Georgia has SEC talent as well therefore the flagship school of the largest SEC talent producing state in the South should be equal to or in most cases better than their SEC counterparts.
    TCU is a crappy gig and they have been in the Mt.West- TCU has talent comparable to their MT West opponents. So Richt plays superior competition with superior talent and Patterson plays inferior competition with inferior talent. Do you see how that balances out. With comparable talent to his opposition Patterson is a (the math is probably wrong thus my not being a Doctor) .777% winner while Richt is a .731%. However, Richt's wins are front end loaded which means a lot came via his predecessor's talent whereas Patterson's record is back end loaded which means he built the program himself. Plus in the last three years TCU has had the #1 Run and Pass Defense in the Nation.
    I think Patterson is twice the coach that Richtie-Poo is but do you people really not get the humor of the Patterson stuff? I mean really does the entire Patterson and Leach deal just go right over your heads?

  4. I think maybe the Patterson-Leach thing just isn't as humorous to us cretins as it apaprently is to you & Sanchez? Or maybe you're right and it's over our heads.
    So CMR sucks at .731, while Patterson is Bryantesque at .777?? Damn, that's putting a lot of stock in that .046 difference, son.
    Dabo took over from a mediocre - at best - coach and is punking big time ranked programs. Why does he get no love?

  5. -88Dawg

    Again because the Lion's share of Richt's wins come from Donnan's talent. Then there is the whole BVG deal. Once Donnan's boys are gone and the kids that came-up under BVG on D start to depart the program begins a tail spin.

    Patterson's teams have done nothing but get better. That means he is building as opposed to borrowing and maintaining. TCU also lacks the ability to just re-load every year like the flagship school of the #1 SEC talent producing State should. Patterson gets more leash because his job is a yearly struggle because for most of his home-state's recruits TCU is the 5th or 6th choice.
    Dabo gets no love because:
    THERE IS NO WAY CLAMPSUN IS GETTING THE PLAYERS ON THE UP AND UP. Now I am all about cheating to win but only where you need to cheat. I am opposed to cheating as the overall culture of the program a'la Auburn.
    Clampsun is the most talented team in the ACC and have been for about 5 or 6 years now, but they can't control the short-bus slap fight that is the ACC. Come on, man.
    Plus, the year is only about a 1/3 done- Dabo still has to beat BC and Wake which has been a bit of risky bitness for the Tigers the past few years.

  6. So TCU is the 5th or 6th choice of recruits from a state even more chock full of monster football recruits than our own? How do bayou state studs look at UL-Monroe? How do Oregon & Cali kids rank Portland State & SDSU? Do Tex kids put SMU ahead of TCU? Not since your boy Craig James played there.. Do Colo State & UNLV get the best kids in their states? Not hardly. So Patterson doesn't have 5 star recruits, but he has a better shot at them than anyone in his conference - just because it's texas, son. So if he was anything less than a .750 coach, he'd be Ron Zook, son.

    As far as Dabo goes, the ACC is not the SEC, but with the U, FSU, Beamerball, the techies, etc., they sure aren't the Mtn West either..

  7. -88Dawg

    Ok, you have a gross misunderstanding in regards to just how many 5,4,and 3 star players come out of Texas. Texas, California, Flordia, and Georgia are the top 4 producing States and their ain't a big diff from 1 to 4.

    LSU has their pick of LA talent because no other program runs their own State quite like LSU. LA-Monroe would be behind every single team in an AQ Conf. for all the LA kids. A guy like Favre or Bradshaw going to So. Miss or LA Tech is rare.

    Oregon produces very little talent as the Oregon and Oregon State rosters are flush with TX and CA boys.

    In California, just like the other big four States, it is Katie Bar the Door as everyone dips their big toes in that pot. USC, UCLA, Stanford, Cal, all the non-California Pac-12 schools, Notre Dame, and the occasional foray into the left coast by Tennessee and other East Coast teams will all trump SDST.

    TCU is behind
    1. Texas
    2. Oklahoma
    3. Texas AnM
    4. Any SEC school especially Arkansas, Alabama, and LSU
    5. Oklahoma St.
    6. Nebraska
    7. Texas Tech
    8. Baylor (holds an advantage by virtue of being in an AQ Conf. and in-State)
    9. Missouri
    10. Tie: SMU, TCU, Houston, all the other lessers in the AQ Confrences.
    Oh, I guess I was wrong TCU is fighting for sloppy 10ths in Texas.

    He does not have the best recruiting base in the Mt. West and will not in the Big East, or should they take the soon to come Big-12 invite he will be in worse shape. If Georgia were where it should/could be then the Dawgs would play second fiddle to no one in terms of talent. To be honest with you were are already elite in terms of talent but are podunk in terms of S&C and development of said talent.

    As far as Dabo...again you can't compare an ACC program to a Mt. West program as if the two programs have the same level of talent but are in differnt Confs.
    If you think TCU pulls the same level of talent as UGA or Clampsun then we can't have a legit conversation because your understanding of college football is far too limited. How many 5 star players has TCU pulled in the last 40 years? I can tell you this it ain't as much combined as Georgia or Clampsun pulled this past year.

  8. I'm not saying anything at all about TCU having the same talent as UGA or Clemson. How'd you come up with that? What I'm saying is that you trying to cut Patterson slack for not having 5 star recruits makes no sense, given that everybody he plays in the Mtn West Conference is in even worse shape, talent wise.
    What I'm saying about Dabo is that the boy is winning in a big time conference - not the SEC, granted - but still a conference with deep talent. You show no love for Dabo because you say Clemson is talented, but so is FSU, Auburn, etc. But then you love on Pattersonm because you say he has no talent, yet TCU easily recruits better talent than anyone in their conference every year. 10th best in Texas beats 8th best in Oregon, Nevada, LA, etc..

  9. -88Dawg

    Ok, you want me to explain Patterson to you, I got it now.

    I started writing this but now I think I will just make it a post. So stay tuned.