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Thursday, October 27, 2011

And the on again off again Malcolm Mitchell is now off

Gentry Estes has the latest update. As of now, things look "doubtful". He hasn't practiced since reinjuring it very early Monday.
“We're not going to put him out there unless we think he can go full speed the whole game,” Richt said. “There's just no point in doing it, especially with a hamstring. Once you do that, then you set a guy back for another two, three, four (weeks), who knows how long? If it's not well and then you rupture it again, you're probably really setting yourself back for a while.”
Without Mitchell, who may or may not even travel with the team to Jacksonville (NCAA rules allow them to take just 70), expect more of Michael Bennett and Marlon Brown. Fellow true freshman Christian Conley has also been getting increased work. The primary beneficiary though is probably Marlon Brown. The Memphis native played his best game against Vanderbilt, and is finally getting healthy from an ankle injury himself. His big game against Vandy would have been a lot bigger if Aaron Murray didn't misfire on multiple deep balls where Brown had easy scores awaiting. He's big, and he can get behind the defense easily.


  1. I really think people are discounting the loss of Mitchell. The other WR all have their place, but he is the one guy that every team has to respect being able to stretch the field vertically. I think this is going to allow the defense to creep up to the line of scrimage and make things much tougher for us to run.

  2. Could Richt & Co. be doing the same thing with Mitchell as the Gators are doing with Brantley?

  3. Anon 7:34, that would be lying, and therefore a sin.