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Monday, October 31, 2011

Did I Miss Something? Did We Win a National Title on Saturday?

It's not that I can't tell you how good it feels to beat Florida it is that I do not need to tell you.

Do you know how you feel right now?  Do you know how you felt on Saturday night around 8:00 pm?

That feeling..........it is proof positive of everything we have been saying here since the Colorado game last year. 

We beat the worst Florida team since the Charlie Pell era on Saturday.  We beat them in a close game.  We beat them in a game in which the defense gave up NEGATIVE yards rushing.  We have acted like Ole Miss after they beat LSU once in a blue moon.  We are the second largest money producing program in a State that produces the third most talent on average.  Yet we act like we are not supposed to win games against divisional opponents.

The defense looked great...it looked dare we say BVG-ish.  Outside of that we were lucky to face a team in transition with a gimped-up QB.  Here is a list of what is terrible at Georgia right now, why because it is what we do (oh, and FYI why have a replacement candidate poll and include the guy we want to replace?)
  • The Special Teams.......the entire thing.
  • The O-line......the entire thing.
  • Aaron Murray
  • The perception that Richt is forcing Grantham to reel it in
  • PLAY CALLING by I Has A Crayon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is a list of what is the tits at Georgia right now.
  • The Defense.....the entire thing
  • Todd Grantham
  • Todd Grantham's play calling
  • Todd Grantham's preparation
  • Todd Grantham's intensity
  • Todd Grantham's slightly perky man-tits themselves
  • Our Wide Receivers..........they caught roughly 15 passes from Murray that were under thrown and behind them
I am on the verge of saying that our Defense and our WR core are each the most underrated in the country.  I am on the verge of saying we need to let Mason play the entire game against fake Mexico.  I am past the verge of saying we need to sit Blair. 
Why do we say these things?  Simple.....it is never enough.  Are we playing well right now? Yes.  Had we not continued to pay I Has A Crayon after the bowl game could we be undefeated?  Maybe.  Had we fired I Has a Crayon and hired a real special team and strength & conditioning coach could we be undefeated?  Yes, I can say yes on that without hesitation.


  1. party pooper policeOctober 31, 2011 at 7:19 PM

    every party has a pooper that's why we invited you......

  2. Couldn't agree more....well played, well said.

  3. boring.....
    you same the same stuff over and over and over
    anything new?

  4. Yeah, this one was boring. I actually think the O line did some good work on Saturday. Heck, they made Richard Samuel look like a decent running back. Can't say all of Aaron Murray's incomplete passes were his fault either.

    Walsh definitely needs to sit for a game and get his head on straight. We'll need all the points we can get against the Warplainsmeagles. Defense will definitely keep us in that game. I'm sure Mason will see plenty of time in this weekend's game. And it's quite clear that the addition of a nutritionist has helped out quite a bit, but Tereshinski probably still has these kids doing strength routines that were breakthrough in the 70's. Just ain't gonna cut it. Alabama's Scott Cochran is one fiery fellow that knows his shit.

    And yeah, in the second quarter, I turned to one of my friends and told them how much I love watching our defense play lately. Now, I haven't said that in years.

  5. Big Dawg said: No we did not win a national title. But what did happen for the last 6 weeks.
    Was exactly what you guy's have said would not.
    I told you after the S.C game, that Richt would
    get things turned around. CC, your response to
    me was. I hope so, but I dont share your confidence in Richt.The defense looks as good as
    I have ever seen them play,including BVG. I think Richt hired Coach Grantham if im not mistaken. And if your honest, I has crayon did not call a bad game Saturday. But must improve.
    Murray did miss several passes, but he is young
    & shows allot of promise. The ONLY problem I see
    now is special teams, we must hire a coach. You
    guy's are very funny, and I enjoy your blog.But
    it's time to get behind Richt.We now have allot
    of momentum the rest of the year, and the future
    looks great. Richt should get a contract extension. And Grantham should get a huge raise.
    Don't give me bullshit about we havent beat
    anyone, it's the same teams we play every year.Florida had 5 star recruits all over the field. Keep up the humor, but keep it real.

  6. 1. Not trying to be the party pooper but trying to be a realist. Tennessee and Florida will never again both be this bad. I am just bothered by people who think we beat a late 90' Tennessee team or a Spurrier coached Florida team. I give Lil' Dooley one more year and Muschamp 2 at the pace they are on.

    2.Defense is not just winning games...defense is the only thing even getting off the bus right now.

    3. I am not insulting anyone's opinion but it is sad if anyone things our O-line is doing anything. I think they have the talent. The problems in the S&C program are most evident on the O-line as they are all still carrying excessive belly weight.

    4.Richt did hire Grantham and I THE RIDER did in fact disagree with that hire. I THE RIDER WAS W-R-O-N-G about Grantham. They are playing at BVG like levels. Are things turned around? No. Are they turning? Yes. Let's not stick our chests out too far Auburn is by far the best team we have seen since SC with Lattimore at full strength. Also, from what I saw of the Nerds and their flexall bonner attack on the much faster and more talented Clampsun team they are not going to be a cake walk.

    5. I said and still say that one more regular season loss and we still have to consider cutting ties with Richt. I would like to keep Grantham but not so much that I would want to keep Richt if we lose one or two more and not so much that I would want K-Smart.

    6. If we run the table and keep the SEC Championship Game respectable then we allow Richt to play out his contract. If he replaces I Has A Crayon, Joe-T, and gets a ST coach and wins the East in 2012 maybe we talk extension then.

    7. I am keeping it real, son. Don't give me that these are the same teams BS either. This Florida team...this Tennessee team.....would you stack them up against The Visor or Fat Phil in their primes? I don't think so.

    8. Grantham has been worth $1.5 million this year easy. I 100% agree on the raise for him.

    9. Now someone explain to me exactly what Bobo did that was good??????????

    10. Finally, we should have run up to the line at the end, powered it in and gone for 2.

  7. Big Dawg said:Hey CC. You know I don't get on here very often and comment. But I do read you
    guy's blog almost every day for the humor. Because I get it! You will never see me make a
    post,where I start calling either one of you names, that's just not me. I will leave that to the mouth breathers. And I'm not a R.O.P. but I
    know a good coach & Man when I see one. And Richt is both. I'm glad we agree on Grantham. I
    has crayon still makes stupid calls sometimes. But 2 fourth down touchdown passes took big balls. Maybe Richt made the calls I don't know.
    And If Murray had hit most of his throws,I has
    crayon would have looked better. That's what I saw good.When we beat Miss st. they were still
    ranked or close. When we beat Tenn. they were
    leading the SEC in passing.Ole miss was an SEC
    road game. Vanderbuilt is not bad, just ask Ark.
    And Florida is Florida. But after UGA beats them
    they all suck.And I'm not sticking my chest out,
    We may not beat Auburn & Tech, But I believe we
    will. Just reminding you old buddy that my prediction, from 6 weeks ago. Is allot more accurate than your's was.I have the same feeling
    about this years team , that I had in 2007. If we keep what we have, and improve. We will be 2 years ahead of Tenn. & Fla. I'm not sure your not right about I has crayon. Richt should call
    plays. And last, you have no choice but to have
    a fat belly. When your the biggest line in all of football.We ran the ball good, & Murray had time.

  8. "Did I miss something?" Yeah ya did. Your mind. But, no big loss. Glad you can't really grasp what happened. Continue your misery. Continue to spew filth and hate. Continue to be unhappy. Can't help but feel a little sorry for you and those around you. I think you should try to get some counseling, my man. Soon.

  9. This blog has jumped the sausage with this post. Georgia Football just doesn't seem to be a hobby you enjoy. I can't imagine spending my leisure time watching and blogging about something that I thought sucked. What a waste of time for the writer and reader.

  10. 1. I needs me one of them crystal balls.

    2. Defense is the only thing getting off the bus? Really?

    Aaron Murray ranks 2nd in the SEC in passing. He ranks first in TD passes. After 7 games that is not an anomaly.

    Malcolm Mitchell ranks 5th in the SEC in receptions per game. 7th in total receiving yards.

    IC, despite missing a good bit of time, ranks 5th in rushing.

    Now, for all that to happen, somebody on the offense is getting off the bus. Also, in case you failed to account for it....they are all underclassmen.

    Furthermore, I guess you must haver missed the Richard Samuel IV display of heart and desire late Saturday afternoon.

    3. I would like to verify your credentials as a S&C guru before I give your analysis any credibility. I would also like to know what the fuck a big belly has to do with conditioning as it relates to offensive lineman. Have you ever watched the NFL?

    In order to glean an understanding of your deep football knowledge, where did you play or coach ball at any level, Rider?

    Hint - Aquinas High School will not be the right answer.

    4 - 10. More redundant bullshit. No need to address these.

    If your trying to be controversial for blog hits, I understand.

    If you truly believe the shit you write....all I can say is damn, son.

  11. "I am just bothered by people who think we beat a late 90' Tennessee team or a Spurrier coached Florida team. I give Lil' Dooley one more year and Muschamp 2 at the pace they are on."

    Agreed we didn't beat the best they have had to offer. Tennessee is a dumpster fire .... a petrochemical one at that. CDD has Babs fronting on the sports radio heads and Flash mobs promoting "Fear the Pants" meme. I know Vince is wincing and rubbing his temples. Young Dooley is a place holder pulling the train wreck together that Kiffy left and watched smolder in his rear view mirror as he left town. Muschomp is a wait and see for me.

  12. I had a whole lot to say but it would just be a waste of time. You are an idiot, it's just that simple.
    Here is the time when you backtrack and say "we are being funny, you just don't get the humor". This is the problem with making stupid declarations and making a stand when you are wrong. You could either admit you were wrong (which you are) OR you can search for anything negative to try to get people to buy into your weak belief. Ain't working. And, you say we are playing well right now? I disagree, we have lots of room for improvement...yet we're winning! Wait till we put it all together. Then what are you going to have to bitch about? Oh nevermind, you'll find something.

  13. -Anon @8:48 am

    "Wait till we put it all together."
    Yeah man I been waiting for Richt to put it all together for 11 years now.

  14. Of all the possible responses you could have made to the above posts you came up with "Yeah man I been waiting for Richt to put it all together for 11 years now"? Wow, what, are you 4 years old?

  15. -Big Dawg

    Good Points, all but I think you are getting a little caught up in some smoke and mirror stats (like that Tenn passing stat).

    For everyone else......Welcome back ROPs! We were missing you after the SC loss. I really just hope that you aren't jumping the gun on all these good feelings.

    Can we rival Bama and LSU? Is that a no? Ok then we are not where we should be in Richt's
    11th SEASON!

  16. -Anon @9:02

    Ohhhhh...nice zinger there Anon. How many years are we supposed to wait for Richt to
    "Put it Together?" It didn't take Chizik this long. It didn't take Miles this long. It didn't take Saban this long either time.
    My response cuts to the heart of the ROP argument and you have no answer for that.
    "I hope we keep Richt for 50 years cause eventually he will put it all together."

  17. Hahahahahaha...you REALLY think Chizik is better than Richt? I was wrong, you are dumber than I thought. Yeah, Chizik really put it together by buying a QB and DL and probably other players. Miles backed into a national championship in 07 (you know the year we finished #2 and were the best team in the country at the end of the year). Saban has never been anywhere long enough to have a down cycle. His is coming because it happens to every program.
    But please, please, please answer the one question we all want to know (Red Blackman asked it earlier) What level of ball did you play/coach????? Inquiring minds want to know!

  18. -Hahaha Chizik has a National Title and Richt has none. Awwww but Chizik cheated. Here is a news flash chief......everyone cheats. You just hold onto that feeling of inflated self worth because your coach doesn't cheat.

    -Miles has a National Title and Richt has none and he may get a second this year. You just keep telling yourself that Miles back-doored it while reminding yourself that Richt didn't back-door his SEC titles.

    -Saban has two and may get his third. Richt has none but I like your delusional reasoning as to why Richt is better.

    Finally, I am the current DC of the Atlanta Falcons, son.

  19. Gotta love circular reasoning as it relates to "MYTHICAL" national championships determined by human voters as being the measure of a great coach.

    If we use a more scientific method, say like winning percentage, we find that Richt is equal to or better than your heroes Saban and Miles.

    Here are the facts.....

    Mark Richt - 102 wins 36 losses.

    2 SEC Championships. 3 SEC East Championships.

    7-3 in bowl games.

    Nick Saban - 142 wins 53 losses and 1 tie.

    3 SEC Championships. 5 SEC West Chamionships.

    6-6 in bowl games.

    Lester Miles - 98 wins 38 losses

    1 SEC Championship. 2 SEC West Championships

    6-3 in bowl games.

  20. Records is not an apples to apples comparison Red. Richt has spent his entire time at a premier program with an extremely high talent level on hand. Even initially, Donnan didn't leave the cupboard bare. Miles has had a similar situation at LSU, but not when he was at Okie St. Saban had to build Michigan St, and had to build LSU after Dinardo, and had to build Bama after Shula. It's not an apples to apples comp record wise.

  21. Who hired Todd Grantham?

  22. Well in that case then national championships are not apples to apples. And you are right...every one of CMR's wins have come in the SEC.

    Was Florida's 13-1 better than UGA's 13-1?

    Was LSU's 11-2 better than UGA's 11-2?

    It works both ways. National championships are not an accurate measure of coaching abilities.

    Furthermore, any coach with a tenure of any significant length will experience ups and downs. That is a fact that we can prove with data.

    I am not a "Richt-O-Phile" but I do possess some common sense. He has made positive changes. Nothing I have seen warrants a Bobo dismissal. Our problem has been defense since the 2007 season. Georgia should never score more than 24 and lose.

  23. -Red

    "National championships are not an accurate measure of coaching abilities."

    Do you really want to stick with that argument?

  24. -Red

    The problems were on D. That fell on Richt b/c he didn't want to fire his buddy.

    Last year and this year especially it has been the O.

  25. We agree on the Florida/UGA depending on what years you talk about. LSU's was better because it had an SEC title, and didn't have the two stub your toe early losses. That 07 season was pretty tenuous, as you recall nearly losing to Vandy, struggling with weaker UT and SC teams, until we caught fire against Florida.

    Agree on the ups and downs, with the lone exception of Tom Osborne, who was consistently excellent from beginning to end.

    Agree that NCs alone aren't an complete and total accurate measure of coaches. They are a measure, and can distinguish good from great, but they do not paint an entire picture. As an example, see the aforementioned Osborne.

    Agree to disagree on Bobo, I guess we just see different things. I hope we can luck out with him ala Addazio/Temple, or like we could have if Richt would have let Jancek walk to South Florida when they came calling, or encouraged Willie to one of the Florida Atlantic or International or whatever it was when they came calling, where a smaller program hires him away as HC and we can find a better replacement

  26. Anon @ 11:06,
    The same guy who promoted Willie, promoted Bobo, kept Fabris using the directional kickoffs, hired Jon Jancek, hired Pierce-the initial RBs coach, waited too long to address S&C, etc.

    Yes, he hired Grantham, who helped bring in Olivadotti, and has had some solid hires. He's had bad ones too. Over 11 years, you're going to have both.

  27. You will have good and bad hires but you have to cut ties with the bad ones. Richt just keeps hanging onto them.

  28. Yes, Mr. Rider, I am willing to not only stand beside beside my statement, I am willing to debate you on it's credibility.

    Joe Paterno - 400 wins - 2 national championships. Great coach.

    Vince Dooley - 201 wins - 1 National championship
    Great coach.

    Lavell Edwards - 257 wins - 1 National championship.
    Great coach

    Frank Beamer - 242 wins - 0 National championships.
    Great coach.

    Bo Schembechler - 234 wins - 0 National championships. Great coach

    All great coaches that were able to weather the hard times and make their mark on CFB history.

  29. Red-
    It's useless to use reason with CC (Sanchez at least makes points to his arguments). CC lives in a fantasy world where hiring and firing carry no consequences because "we are Georgia and we have all the money in the world". They have gotten their hits on this blog by bashing Richt so they have no where else to turn. It's all entertainment because no one takes their crap. I mean think about it, with CC's logic we should go out and hire Lloyd Carr or Larry Coker, you know because they won a national championship.

  30. Anon,
    "They have gotten their hits on this blog by bashing Richt so they have no where else to turn"

    This is simply not true. We haven't been "bashing" Richt for well over a month now, and just had by far our best month yet.

    We get our hits because some people, obviously not you, agree with what we say, and get our sense of humor when we're being humorous. That's where our hits come from. And if we were all about hits, we wouldn't do anything on basketball, which is something you'll see an increasing amount on with the season getting underway this weekend.

  31. Thanks for the warning. I'll be ready for the Fox bashing to begin soon. "He has only won with Felton's players", "2-6 against Kentucky and Florida", "Fox can't hold John Calipari's jock" etc. Sports and Grits your leading source for Bulldog negativity.