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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Georgia Rising- How the Peach State Could Produce the SEC East Champion and the Republican Nominee for President

The big difference between the winner of the SEC East and the Republican Nominee is that the Nominee is almost assured of being President and the East Champ is assured of being slaughtered in the Georgia Dome.   To understand Georgia's chances we shall look at the SEC East juxtaposed with the Republican Candidates:

6. Vanderbilt Commodores / Ron Paul:  Chances of winning  0%
You are probably thinking "There is just something about Paul that doesn't fit the Republican Party."  Well you are correct because Paul is not a Republican he is a Libertarian and the GOP should ask him to exit the primary.  You are probably thinking "There is just something about Vanderbilt that doesn't fit the SEC."  Well you are correct because Vanderbilt cares about crap like reading and learning and not football.  The SEC should ask them to exit the SEC.

5. Kentucky Wildcats / Rick Santorum:  Chances of Winning  0%
The three legs of the GOP platform is a) strong national defense b) fiscal conservatism c) social conservatism.  Santorum is that guy that has always been around and is always running for office as a Republican but only really knows or cares about social conservatism.  Kentucky has always been hanging around the SEC but they really only care about one thing.......here is a hint it ain't football.

4. Tennessee Volunteers / Rick Perry   Chances of Winning  10%

Seems polished and prepared especially against non-conference teams.  Looks horrible when on the stage with others.  Craps the bed against again smarter/more talented opposition.  Could have over taken Romney but flubbed it; could have taken Bama to the wire but flubbed it.  Will forever be tied to a loathsome racial slur on a rock and a loathsome song about being on top of a rock....we assume the same rock.

3. Herman Cain / South Carolina Gamecocks:   Chances of Winning  15%

Trust us they are both just as shocked as we are that they are in this position.  Both peaked early and now with no Lattimore and having to explain 9-9-9 both can prepare for a downward spiral.  

2. Mitt Romney / Florida Gators:   Chances of Winning  28%
They always look good early and there are always people who give them lip service.  However, deep down no one really wants them to win because no one really likes them.  They are just real Douchie....real, real douchie.  They get 28% because no matter who rises and who falls they never really gain any ground.  Pulling Alabama, Auburn, and LSU in the same season is almost insurmountable just like....oh I don't know.....Socialized Medicine.

1. Georgia Bulldogs / Newt Gingrich  Chances of Winning  35%

Both seemed to be on an unstoppable uptick a few years back but then somehow lost their way.  Georgia has limitless resources and recruiting while Newt has limitless intellect and understanding of all aspects of government.  Both were left for dead early in the process.  Newt lost his entire staff and the Dawgs lost to lowly Boise State. No one thought Newt was really trying and no one though Richt was really trying after the SC game.  Then out of the blue everyone else started falling apart.  Georgia and Newt could each win a war of attrition.  Candidates rise and fall while Romney gains nothing.  Florida and SC self destruct with injuries, and suspensions.  In the end both may be the best hope of the Republicans and the East.  Gingrich would challenge Obama to the Lincoln/Douglas standard, seven debates each three hours with no moderator.  Gingrich would intellectually crush Obama.  Georgia would challenge (most likely LSU) to four quarters for fifteen minutes each.  Georgia would be crushed by LSU.

This leaves an unpredictable 18% that could swing to Cain, Romney, Gingrich just as it could swing to Georgia, Florida, or South Carolina.


  1. Mr. Newt v. Obama. Gotta love it!

    Obama would NEVER agree to your proposed debate format, though.

    Obama would insist the media have position to intervene to protect him from Mr. Newt's superior intellect.

  2. "The three legs of the GOP platform is a) strong national defense b) fiscal conservatism c) social conservatism."

    God, I miss Rockefeller and Eisenhower type Republicans who didn't bow down to the military industrial complex and pander to Evangelicals.

    If Romney were still pro-choice and in favor of universal healthcare, I'd be happy to vote for him.

  3. Proud Conservative StuDawgOctober 25, 2011 at 2:12 PM

    Who cares what Billy Ocean thinks?

  4. Billy Ocean,

    It should also be noted that Eisenhower is considered a gigantic douche on this web site. Had Eisenhower not hidden in his bunker with his British mistress during the onset of the North African Campaign we would not have suffered such large casualties. Of course Eisenhower leading in the field would have no doubt been just as horrible. Eisenhower built his Generalship, Presidency, and Legacy upon the back of the Greatest American who ever lived, General George Smith Patton Jr., the official General of Sports and Grits.
    It was Patton who won operation Torch in North Africa, Patton who won the Sicily Campaign despite Ike's best efforts to frustrate him, it was Patton who broke the German's in the Battle of the Bulge at Bastogne. Yet Ike and his lap-dog of equally inferior stock, Gen. Bradley did all they could to discredit Patton. There is even the conspiracy theory that Ike had Patton assassinated to prevent any opposition from Patton in a presidential run. President Patton.....all would be right with the world had that happened.

  5. Billy Ocean

    Furthermore any support of "Universal Health Care" is Socialism and that treds lightly upon the ledge of Communism. You can't therefore vote for Romney because he will not survive the Republican Primary and you would obviously vote in the other Primary.
    "Real" Democrats shouldn't support quasi-Communism either but for some reason they accept it.

  6. CC, you know I'll leave politics mostly to you. But on universal health care, in my opinion, if we are forcing hospitals to care for any and every person that walks through their doors, we should force these people to have insurance to pay said hospitals. Unless hospitals are allowed to turn away free loaders who can't pay, "universal health care" is kind of needed. Now, I'd be for hospitals being able to tell folks, "you can't pay, so we won't treat you", but that's not the reality of the situation unfortunately. So realities what they are, Obama/Romneycare is kind of a necessity.

  7. Sanchez,

    Oh no.....
    1. You're and illegal alien and you cut your hand off? You get no treatment. Put it on ice, put pressure on it and hope it keeps until you get back to what ever country you came from. Also, your kids do not get to go to school and get food and a free baby sitter.

    2. Medicaid is Communism. Thanks for that FDR. Pffftttt....Polio what a wimp disease. If Polio was so tough why didn't it kill FDR before he screwed this country-up. Is is Polio? Am I spelling that right? Oh wait I don't care. Now AIDS....that is a real disease and it would have killed FDR with the quickness.

    3. Medicare is a Communist Ponzi scheme. Just tell old people the truth-- "Hey Washington stole your money. Just pretend that it was another tax and get over it."

    Uhhhhhhhh......I think I just fixed health care and balanced the budget. CCRider in 2016!

  8. Sanchez - I'm in the health insurance bidness. Your call for Obamacare shows breath taking stupidity on a surprising scale. The problem with health care right now is way too much federal gov't involvement. Your solution is akin to wanting to put out a fire with gasoline.

    Billy Ocean - Love your call for 'universal healthcare' except for unborn babies. No healthcare for them, huh? - let's just continue to condone a "medical procedure" whereby their skulls are caved in while in the womb and they're sucked out of Mama & thrown out with the trash or used for medical experiments. That's barbaric & shows classic idiocy.

  9. CC - yeah, let's all get behind the really allgedly smart guy for POTUS. Worked so well when we elected WJC & barACK! Hussein

  10. 88,
    I'm not calling for "Obamacare", I'm saying if hospitals have to treat everyone, then everyone should have a way of paying them. No free riders.

  11. -88 Dawg

    Who called Bubba and Barry the smartest?
    The nightly news?

    There is a big diff in the person who is called the smartest and the person who proves it by writing books and winning debates.

  12. 88dawg,

    did your parents have any children that lived?