Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hate week, continued. Never forget

People talk big at booster club meetings over the summer. Coach Boom, the former Georgia player, makes promises.

"Coach, I'm getting married soon and he's a Georgia fan and …"

"That's not my fault," Muschamp said.

"My wedding is on the same day as the Florida-Georgia game," she continued. "I was wondering: Can you guarantee Florida will win?"

Muschamp responded: "I certainly can."

We assume the turncoat was a Georgia fan at one at one time himself, but I guess he forgot where he came from. But don't worry Florida fans, he learned from Saban, and that means being a 100% mercenary.
"I'm loyal to who signs my checks," Muschamp said. "All of that other stuff, I don't get into. In our profession you're loyal to the people you work for.
Loyal, until someone offers me more cash. So in addition to forgetting where he came from, the man also forgot what the word "loyal" means.


  1. It's the American way.

  2. And who, exactly, should he feel loyal to?

  3. Gents, you guys have CWM all wrong [lowers windowshade, voice to a whisper]....CWM is the Dawgchurian Ball Coach. The only reason he beat UT and obliterated UK was to avoid raising suspicions. You'll see...

  4. He should use another word AR. If I'm "loyal" to you, until someone offers me more money, I'm not exactly "loyal" am I? If I'm for sale like that, I'm just a whore for the highest bidder.

  5. So he should be loyal to schools and fanbases that will call for him to be fired the minute he stops performing? And he shouldn't take the most amount of money he can while he can?

  6. Read his words AR, he's the one that used "loyal" to describe mercenary behavior. He's a whore, plain and simple. That doesn't make him a bad coach, just like with his old boss Saban, another noted mercenary. But his words at that Atlanta meeting will make it that much sweeter for Dawg fans if we can whip them on the field.

  7. Just making sure this site wasn't condoning what is in fact sausage making of the most cold-blooded nature.

  8. The behavior is one thing, the word choices are another. We've got no problem with acting that way, but in the words of Commander Lange, "I just think it is helpful to know what words mean".

  9. Good Stuff!! Posting it on my FB!