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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hate week: Mullets and jorts

old, but another classic.

Natty light huh? Tastes like...

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  1. This is simply a classic. If only it were available as a velvet painting for sale on the side of the road to J'ville. In this way, we could preserve the hate on the wall, to appreciate all year long.

    I especially love the artist's detailing. For example, not only are the subjects holding Natural Light cans, but the increasingly empty cardboard case, as well. This suggests they are fully into their revelry, well before the game starts and that that events will only progress downhill from here.

    Equally striking is the large metal belt buckle with the overtly wide leather belt being worn by the subject on the left. Such a sturdy belt suggests the wearer views his pants, first and foremost, as blue jeans and not shorts. The effect is carried further by the artist's choice to render the very wide belt as being almost too short, an homage to the wearer's waning youth.

    In our next discussion, we'll examine the subject on the right. In the meantime, I'd like us to ponder the contrast created by the orange terry cloth wristband on one arm with the leather studded wristband on the other.