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Thursday, October 20, 2011

How do you negate the suspension of Geathers and Williams?

One way to help would be if we win the coin toss, and can elect to receive. Personally, I like that philosophy to begin with. When given the option of taking the football, take it. Plus you never know when an opposing coach pulls a Morninwheg or they act like a Raider and just kicks off again. It's not Richt's normal philosophy, but it would help with the reduction of two key defenders until they can take the field in the second half.

Also, with the return of Ogletree, he might be able to play some of the SS snaps that would otherwise have been Shawn Williams in the first half. You can also play Sanders Commings and Bacarri Rambo at S, while Swann and Love back up Boykin and Smith at the corners.

Jon Jenkins has been starting at nose, so Kwame's impact is somewhat lessened, and it'd also allow him to be fresh for a second half of terrorizing the Gators OL ala Chris Daniels after Tubby Smith got him suspended in 2002.

And Grantham has also mentioned getting his best 11 on the field. That may mean running a bit of a 4-3, using Garrison Smith, Deangelo Tyson and Big Bad Jon inside, while Ray Drew, Cornelius Washington and Abry Jones on the ends, as Jones, Robinson, Herrera, Gilliard, and Vasser work at LB. I'd doubt we did that all half, but varying our looks could help negate the missing players and also force Weiss and reportedly Brantley at QB to deal with looks they haven't seen us use all year.

Yeah, the suspension sucks, but we can possibly use it to our advantage if Grantham adapts and the players step up to fill the voids.


  1. I have never, ever understood CMR's continually deferment to the second half, especially given that we come out in the second half on O woefully unprepared anyhow. Best to take the ball and eat a lot of yardage and clock on that first drive if we can.

  2. I don't see this being that big of a deal, especially with Tree coming back. It may be a blessing to have a fresh/pissed Kwame and Williams in the 2nd half. I am a little nervous about the possibility of Love playing more though. The offense can help a lot too. The o-line needs their best game of the year.

  3. Yeah.. like that time we did it in Dome earlier this year. Then promptly went 3 and out. I'll take the D out there to set the tone first.

    In this case I see your point, but in general, I'd rather have the ball in the 2nd half.

  4. the only time we've taken the ball 1st, by choice that I'm aware of, was against BSU...that worked AWESOME! I'm more of the idea that I want the ball 1st in the 2nd half...but you never know...I do like your idea of running more of a 4-3 base in the 1st half....

  5. @tankertoad:
    Interestingly enough, I was reading about coin-toss decisions the other day and learned that, at the collegiate level, statistically speaking, the team winning the coin toss elects to defer roughly 90% of the time:


    While there are a lot of reasons to defer (weather, stellar defense, etc.), the general theory behind it is: you "have a better idea of what's going on as you start the 2nd half."


    Now, that being said, I am a Mark Richt fan for a # of reasons (contrary to the long-standing S&G motif... Avast! Lay down thine ban-hammers ye lovers of liberty...). However I am not a simple automaton and will criticize his decisions when I see fit.
    Point in fact: Mark Richt violated the 90% defer choice only 1 time this season, and it was the worst time to do so... vs. Boise St.
    I was at the Dome this year (Sec. 118, Row 28, Seat 1... 50 yd line=amazing place to watch a game) and the place was rocking pre-game... and we elected to receive?!?!?!? First play of the year, players are amped, crowd is amped, and we gotta throw the nervous offense out there and tell the crowd to shut up?!?!?!?!?!


    Re: suspensions: well the book is the book and it's a slippery slope when you start laying about with the long-handled Scythe of Interpretation.
    We should be fine, though. I am confident... just glad they didn't suspend Grantham... he was less cool than one could hope form a DC, but it reminded me a lot of Erk and, much like stomping out kudzu, "that ain't bad."


  6. When I first saw your headline, my first thought was that I'll just drink more to negate the suspension. But, now I see you mean on the field.

  7. @KC- 12:18
    "By God, but you have a style to you, KC.
    I like that."
    just sayin'