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Monday, October 24, 2011

John Brantley is back in practice, will start against Georgia

The Florida Times-Union and others are reporting how John Brantley returned to Florida's practice today in a "limited" capacity. Apparently the two freshmen, Briskett and Driskel will also see snaps this week, we assume in case Brantley's ankle relapses. High ankle sprains are not easy injuries to heal, and while he may be fully healthy by Saturday, he may be weak and not able to plant properly. Georgia's D will almost assuredly be preparing all week as though we'll see the Brantley who went 11 of 16 for 190 yards in a half against Alabama.
"Getting him back is going to be a huge psychological shock for our
football team," Muschamp said. "I really believe that. ... Obviously, the
production when he was not in the game went down. You've got to give our
opponents some credit on that as well. There's no question he gives us a
psychological boost for our football team on offense and on defense, too,
because that effects how the defense plays sometimes."


  1. This is a trick to confuse the UGA caoches as to who is starting QB. Hey, it worked last year, try it again, keep em guessing.

  2. Who cares who starts, start knocking their dicks in the dirt and sending them 3 and out.. it wont matter who starts then GATA DAWGS!!!!