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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A look ahead to Auburn

New Mexico St is a gimme, right? McGarity scheduled them like a genuis to a) give us a quasi-bye week between major games, and b) so we could all be home in time for Saturday's Game of the Millenium of the Year.

So let's take a quick glance at the Plainsmeagles. For starters, RB Michael Dyer is a beast. Todd Grantham will have to focus on him first and foremost, and it won't be easy. Maybe it's that #5 and his Little Rock background, but he plays awfully familiar to Darren McFadden. After him, it's speedster Ontario McCaleeb, and little else to worry about defensively (except for our offense and special teams giving up 30 points of course). Although Clint Mosely has led to a more effective offense now that Barrett Trotter's been benched.

They also have a bye this week, after killing Ole Miss and having an up and down year. They nearly lost to Utah St in the opener, then bounced up to beat down Miss St, only to lose to Auburn With A Lake, rebounding to beat Fla Atlantic and South Carolina in Soda City. That was followed by a whipping from Arkansas, and low scoring win over Florida, a demolishing by LSU, and yesterday's game vs the Daddy Bears. So they've been up and down all year, which leads to the question of do they get their down out of the way in the bye, or will the down time come in Athens?

We can't count on that, as the South's Oldest Rivalry is always a hard fought game. And any predictions are almost always an exercise in futility. We'll have our hands full with Dyer, and their defense is always strong. But after last night's glorious Cocktail Party, we're gonna celebrate a little longer.

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