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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A look at what the Gator newspapers were saying last week

Will Muschamp, notorious as Coach Boom Mother ...., is vowing to clean up his language. Cousin Larry apparently got caught on camera cursing out the refs against Auburn (so maybe they won't hate us as much as our opponents for once). He says he won't be a kinder, gentler coach, just cleaner.

The Gators have also been struggling. Some of that is due to quality opponents, having run a gauntlet of Alabama, LSU, then Auburn before yesterday's bye. But serious questions have cropped up for them defensively and offensively. Florida hasn't forced a turnover in over a month (which the Munson in us is scared means their due, and Murray has another 3 pick day). They've struggled to get pressure (8th in the SEC in sacks with 11 total, 5 of which come from DE Ronald Powell and LB Jon Bostic). And they only have one player with multiple interceptions (S Matt Elam at 2).

Offensively, the team went downhill fast after losing Brantley. Again, part of that was the increased competition, but they were looking good against mostly patsies prior. They have loads of speed both at WR and TB, but they don't have a typical pro-style rusher and their receivers have never been consistent threats. Their OL hasn't been too much of a problem, but it hasn't given their playmakers much time to operate either. They've also been woeful on third downs, converting about 1/3 (34%), so 3rd and Grantham will hopefully be in effect at the Party. But they may have Brantley back, who's been slow to recover from a high ankle sprain.

Either way, on paper, they look worse than we thought coming in to the month. But they've had two weeks to rest, repair, and retool their stuff. We can't expect to face the Gator team we've seen this month at the Cocktail Party. They should be all dressed up and ready to go against us, like they always are.


  1. Ok, in 2008, 4 to's vs. UF.
    2009, 4 to's vs. UF
    2010, 4 TO's vs. UF

    How many to's will Murray commit against UF in 2011?

    Can he make it 4 in a row?

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