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Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday morning newspaper roundup

First and foremost, is our health, because if you don't have your health, you don't have anything. Well, for the most part, the Dawgs are healthy. According to David Paschall, and several others in their morning updates, Alec Ogletree is healthy enough to start at his familiar inside LB position (so much for those saying he should slide to SS some until Shawn Williams can take the field). Whether he starts alongside Christian Robinson, Amarlo Herrera, or Mike Gilliard remains to be seen, and probably depends on who practices best this week. Either way, expect to see all 4 used liberally rotating in and out. Bacarri Rambo is also healthy and good to go after not practicing.
Paschall's article also has the oft-used this a.m. quote on Malcolm Mitchell's hamstring. We are pretty big on young Tampa, and think getting his speed and ability to make plays on the outside is a big key to opening things up for Crowell and our TEs, and for helping Murray have his best possible game. Rantavious Wooten, still suffering from a concussion, is thought to be the only missing Dawg come Saturday. The quote on Mitchell is below, and it sounds suspect although all indications are he will play.
Defensively, Georgia doesn't know which QB it's going to see, although in our opinion it doesn't make too much of a difference. Their running threat/wildcat of choice is TE Trey Burton, so it's not as though Driskell, Brissett, or Brantley bring too many differences in terms of style. All 3 are pocket passers and the system is similar with any taking snaps. Brantley may run it better, have a better understanding of the system and his teammates, and make better reads of opposing Ds, but he's also coming off a high ankle sprain and supposedly still in a walking boot. He may be fresh, and the Gators may be snakes in the grass lying on how severe his injury is, but those types of injuries can be long lasting problems, and severely weaken the joint. A weak ankle means Brantley is not moving well, not planting well, and that can lead to turnovers. Our luck, he'll come out firing and have a 350+ yd, 4 TD day on 70+% completions, but we'll just have to wait and see come Saturday. With or without Brantley, Todd Grantham probably runs the same sets and play calls, and probably comes hard and in numbers after whoever is in the Gator backfield.
Also, Alabama/LSU, thanks to CBS making a move right before the trade deadline with ESPN, will be a night game. Considering the magnitude of those two undefeated behemoths going in to November 5th, we can't imagine just how lubricated and crazy Tuscaloosa will be that day. You know Gameday will be there, and every college football fan will be squarely focused on that game. For Georgia fans, it gives us plenty of time to get home from what we expect, although it's yet to be announced, a 12:30 or 1:30 start time against New Mexico St.

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  1. blogspot sucks and editing is being too big a pain. The Mitchell quote is here...
    "He was running straight ahead, but that's the only thing I saw him do," Richt said. "I didn't see him open it up full speed, and I didn't see him change direction. When you talk to him, he always says that he's going to be fine, but I have not seen him run a route yet or change direction."