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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Next year's starting set?

Gentry Estes of dawgs247.com has a nice look at what next year's starting set might look like, and we like it, a lot. Our only difference of opinion would be Kwame Geathers, a rsSophomore, is also eligible to go pro, and judging from the family history we think he will. Some will complain, but last Saturday's actions by Vandy's C showed full well why that family history is what it is. His older brothers, Robert Jr and Clifton, also DL, both left early (Junior from Georgia, Clifton from South Carolina). Football takes a huge toll on someone's body, and you never know just how many snaps you have left to go, or when some knucklehead douche is gonna cheap shot you to cut it even shorter. One can always go back and finish earning their degree after leaving school, but the NFL only pays you for so long, and it's a smart decision as far as us sausage makers are concerned.
But that's a tangent, and unrelated to Estes' outlook. Click the above link, and look at that roster for yourself. If a LT steps up (be it a freshman John Theus or current backup Austin Long), and our recievers continue to develop, that offense has the ability to be threaten with the run and pass in the multi-faceted type attack we seem to want to run. And that defense, oh that defense. That is a lot of ability, and veterans across the board, the likes of which we haven't had since 2005 (and that was a very dominant group). This year is far from finished, but being the bye week, us fans can dream a little. And Gentry Estes is helping us dream big.


  1. But won't it take those players some time to adjust to the new coach's scheme??? All those players may not be good fits for a new system. Or did I miss something?

  2. I see next year as a real problem. Much harder schedule. Another year with a patch work offensive line. And a true freshmen punter and kicker.

    Next year the D may have to score, kick, and drive the bus.

  3. I would think Geathers would stay (for seasonings sake), but Jarvis would go. Somebody, somewhere truly understands and appreciates what he does on the field and will put a bug in his ear that he's ready.

    Linebacker depth out the ying yang.
    Are Dantzler and DeBell not going to be tackles? Or is Theus just that awesome?

  4. The schedule is only slightly more difficult next year. The nonconference schedule is ridiculously easy except for Tech and we get them in Athens. Compare that to this year when we play Boise and at Tech.

    The conference schedule replaces Miss State with a game at Bama. That's basically trading a win for a loss, but the conference schedule is the same outside of that. If we win at SC, we should be undefeated going to Tuscaloosa and have no more than 1 loss heading to Jax.

    By the way, nice bit of scheduling by McGarity bringing Ga Southern to Athens the week before Tech. Will give our D some game action versus the option before Tech comes to town.

  5. Anon @ 12:53
    Yeah, you're missing something. It's what we've been saying and writing since the beginning in totality and not just the small snippets that some can't quit harping on.

    Kwame is again, based on family history. He's done better this year than Clifton ever did at SC, although academics may have hurried his departure. But he's also done about as much as Robert Jr did his last year here. The family knows this business, and especially after the Vandy game, aren't going to risk his career because some punk scrub wants to play like a punk. His career has only so many snaps in it, get paid while you can, and get your degree after banking that first check. At his size, if he shows up to the combine in shape, he's at least a mid round pick, again like Robert Jr. It's the smart move, and this is a smart family. And yeah, Dantzler may although he seems more like a RT to battle Gates, while DeBell and Xavier Ward can join the competition with Theus and Long at LT. But yeah, Theus may just be that awesome.