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Monday, October 31, 2011

Nick Saban would like to remind you of one thing

Come at me Lester. Don't forget who your daddy is.


  1. CCRider has a very serious man-crush on Nick Saban

    And oh yeah, this website is WHIPPED!

  2. Oh yeah, you keep making the same, weak, tired comment. As much as you've made it, you're pretty much guaranteeing your status as a little jealous punk.

    Also, might I suggest hooked on phonics, since you clearly can't read.

  3. I know Sanchez is a Dawg. I'd really like to know who Rider's team is.

  4. -Anon @ 10:06

    - Gary Patterson man crush? Of course.
    - Mike Leach man crush? Sure.
    - Les Miles man crush? No more of an unhealthy obsession with train wrecks and the moments just before said wreck.
    -Nick Saban man crush? Hmmm....is saying someone is better that Mark Richt the same as having a man crush? If yes then ok.

  5. -Anon @12:12

    Oh come on Anon don't you want to call me a covert Techie double agent?

    I know I'm a Dawg but the question is are you a Dawg or are you just a lover to the Richt persona?