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Thursday, October 27, 2011

No respect I tell ya, no regards neither

the SEC media expects us to finish in the bottom half of the SEC East, and 8th in conference in men's basketball. We have no one on either the first or second team. I expect at least 1, if not 2, to make the post season list.

Today was also media day, and the head coach and senior PG were on hand to give their thoughts. There were some great things said about Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, about both his talent, and how he's quickly taken to the team and followed the leaders of the team. Coach Fox also expects us to be able to focus on defense, and if the incoming depth can develop, to play at a faster pace. Ware, from Powder Springs, also notes how the returning sophomores have made strides, and we'll need Marcus Thornton and Donte' Williams to bring that better understanding to go with their talents as we replace a lot of our points and rebounding up front.

As Fox said, "You can replace talent, but the new guys are going to have to learn on the job and grow up in front of your eyes, and hopefully that will be a fun process.”

The link here can give you the full quotes of Mark Fox and Dustin Ware.


  1. thanx for the hoops update (yawn). It's the day before the biggest regular season game of the season & you're throwing out stuff about basketball? What next, a woman's field hockey update?

  2. Media day happened yesterday 88. So the news was somewhat relevant. Thanks for the dumbass complaint. And considering just how much we've had on Florida the last two weeks, if that's what you want, you've got it plenty. But that'd be asking a bit much now wouldn't it? What would you douchesacks complain about if it weren't for us. There's a handful of you that really just bitch, because you're nothing but bitches. You sir, are among that handful.

  3. Well then, I'm honored to be recognized as such. If you're tired of blogging about the Gaytors already, how 'bout some original stuff about the great G Patterson, or maybe some insightful observations on how bad a coach Dabo is?
    Must be hell to be the kings of the blogosphere, but run out of gas before the big game even gets here.
    Someone get in there for Sanchez! He's cramping up in pre game warmups!

  4. Honored to be a whiny bitch? Interesting.

    But then again, from your comment that doesn't follow mine, it's obvious reading comprehension and understanding the English language isn't your strong suit.

  5. ouch! that's almost as good as "I know you are, but what am I?

  6. Look around other Dawg blogs 88, we aren't the only one with a post up regarding basketball and yesterday's media days, with several others doing the same. But you come here, and only here, to cry like a Tebow. Thanks for your patronage.