Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Post game thoughts

I love you

And you

And you,

and the doctors that let us get you too.

We still need to play Brandon Bogotay with Walsh suffering from Sax/Knoblach Syndrome.

Will Muschamp still is winless in the Cocktail Party.

Christian Conley made some amazing catches.

We need a new offensive coordinator, and I'd like to see Richt take personal command of special teams, because that was "special".

And now time to drink and destroy some property.


  1. Oh, and y'all are welcome for making the dream team a reality.

  2. Samuel ran hard. Proud of that boy. WTH is up with Crowell? Jarvis Jones is a DGD. Special teams SUCKS!!! Love this blog......DW

  3. richt has now jumped from merely not capitalizing on good players to actually coaching them down. murray can't throw straight. walsh can't kick straight. the field management is horrid. they all talk shit at all times and look like idiots when they do.

    that game was horrible on a lot of levels. worst of all, the ROP's will say, "shit man, we won and richt won." some things happened that were ok for the program, but not many. on the whole, i hope people see just how bad this program is in shambles right now. that florida team is terrible right now and they throttled the dogs in a lot of areas (and got throttled in others, of course). the turnover bug and a seriously broken qb (how did they let him stay in the game like that?) kept the dogs close and eventually gave them the win.

    the defensive scheme was strong-ish but the fundamentals are just soooo bad. no one tackles. no one actually covers. rambo is a joke. boykin cannot catch. jarvis was a beast but again, a decent, not-limping qb and he gets one of those four sacks.

    crowell. what is that? what is going on? s&c is a joke on this team. you watch a guy like brantley suit up when he should have been in the hospital and crowell sits out the third quarter and then comes back on the field without even a limp (for a ten yard run). there is zero heart on this team. zero heart in the program.

    and richt hugging his kid like he is did something great. jesus. and the bowling shit? and the energy vampires?

    i know i am going to get reamed for saying all this after a win, but seriously...if uga loses by a point, which they EASILY could have (why would muschamp not punt on 4th and 10 with 5 minutes left?), all of this makes perfect sense to most if not all. but this will just keep the masses happy (another 9-3 or 8-4 season, possibly playing in the championship game, then heading to some meaningless bowl on dec 29th) and the sausage-makers hungry.

  4. hey kp, stop thinkin so much. from now till the end of the season say just win baby, ugly or whatever. we really dont want to rebuild that bad, if your a true dawg baby!

  5. that win was for jack wade, R.I.P. SON OF A PLUMBER BABY! fore-arm shiver like OLIE and ARN do it gater bitch ass punks! C-TOWN connection sealed it, yay-yah!

  6. We want to enjoy this without concern, but

    Murray looks horrible, but
    special teams have become a disaster, but

    We are now in a position where we are forced to root for Tennessee (try to repress gag reflex)

    We are also having to root for the Techies because I just don't think I can stomach any more about Clampsun.

  7. kp.....shut the hell up...we just beat the gators...and u r still bitchin?!?!...some ppl will never b happy...go pull for another fuckin team

  8. Can we open an over under line on Muschamp getting fired or is that too soon?

  9. kp, I feel your pain but someone has been dilutin' yer squeezin's whiltz you wasn't looking.

  10. Agreed, Murray was horrible, stunk the field up. Only completed 1 for 8 down the stretch, just fell apart. Bunch of 3 and outs. Complted his lowest of the year, and lowest QB rating fof the year in biggest game, what's new? Interception was bad. But Murray didn't make as many mistakes, best thing I can say about him.

  11. Said it all off season:


  12. Paulie,
    For a full time special teams coach, that means one of our positional assistants is fired and not replaced. The NCAA only allows so many assistants, and we're at that limit. Maybe a grad assistant can focus purely on that area, but I still think it works best if the head coach does it. But to add a full time special teams focused assistant coach, you'd have to fire a current assistant, and pile those duties on top of the responsibilities of another current assistant.

  13. yes, i know i should revel in a victory and be really happy about beating the hated gators and all that...but really, i just don't like watching the dogs struggle week in and week out to inferior opponents, no matter what their jerseys say. i don't think this game changes anything. i have said it before and will say it again...just like when most of the GOP'ers bash obama, they don't necessarily hate america. i don't have uga football and am most certainly a "real fan" or whatever...but i don't want this to continue to get worse while everyone is blinded by a very dicey victory over a shit team.

    might i remind all of you: this was THE year. the schedule was set up perfectly. no lsu. no bama. tennessee is shit. florida is down and with a first year coach. auburn is torn up by graduation.

    if, and i mean IFFFFF, uga beats auburn and GT, they will be 10 - 2, might still not make the championship game-and even if they do, it probably will result in a loss-and won't make a bcs bowl. but the uga "real fans" will be happy with 10-3 and an outback bowl birth. i just don't get it.

    it is painful to watch such a talented team not go out and take names in games they should win and be competitive in games they might lose. that game yesterday was so ugly-could have been two mississippi schools on the field. and i think that sucks.

    sure, i like it when they win, but i like it even better when they win like they should. and other uga fans should start thinking that too.

  14. should read * i don't HATE uga football * rather than HAVE uga football. i don't have or hate uga football.

  15. I'll go ahead and guarantee we won't make a BCS bowl. They are only allowed 2 teams per conference, and it's almost a certainty that the Championship game will have the Bama/LSU winner, and then the Sugar will almost assuredly pick the other. The only chance we'd have to make the Sugar would be if a) we win the SEC title or b) whoever loses LSU/Bama takes it hard and somehow loses 2 more after that game.