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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Richt: "It was a big deal"

That's right Coach, congratulations.
"Now that it’s over and we won it, it was a big deal,” Richt said. “It was a big deal for me personally.”
We may need a little more time to heal, as things seem thin, especially at WR where Israel Troupe is now out, and also OL, where Dallas Lee has a fractured fibula. Emerson's link above also mentions Richard Samuel having sprained his ankle on that final play of the Cocktail Party. But with New Mexico St in town next weekend, hopefully we can jump on them early and give the backups plenty of reps in the second half. For the battle to get beaten by the winner of the Game of the Millenium of the Year, it's just us and a weakened South Carolina. We've got home games against Auburn and Kentucky to keep in it, while they need wins at Arkansas Saturday, and home vs. Florida the following week to keep us out.


  1. It's nice to see y'all congratulate coach.

  2. I guess if a coach doesn't beat a team but three times in eleven years, it is a big deal.

  3. Let me get this straight, Coach Richt beats a 4-4 team and says "It was a big deal"?

  4. @ Anon 4:39 pm -

    Actually, he beat a 4-3 team to put them at 4-4.

    At least he beat a team with a winning record, right?

    And just so you know, podner......beating Florida will always be a big deal.