Da' Dream Makin' Cold Blooded Sausage


Friday, October 28, 2011

The Rider Returneth and just in time to remind you that a win on Saturday does not a job make safe.


"I have returned by beloved cold blooded minions."
 I must apologize for my extended absence the past few weeks.  As many of you may know a few years ago Barney Frank (an alleged congressman from Yankeeland) and Chris Dodd (another Yankee politician) decided to let everyone in the universe have a $500,000 home and then the housing bubble burst.  Now if one wishes to buy a new home they must turn over all their financial records, show all cash (including all confederate money that has been kept for when the South rises again), submit to an FBI/CIA/KGB background search, swear an undying oath to Baal the pagan god of the Philistines, give a blood and hair follicle sample, and submit to a vigorous anal probing in order to purchase a home.  Needless to say all that has been occupying a playa's time and cutting into my bloggeries. 

However, like all Gators starters who have ever been injured since 1990 I am back just in time for the CT Party.  Brothah Sanchez has held down the fort in my absences and has done a fine job of it.  So on cocktail-eve let the Rider grab the mic and forget about game Im'a spit da truth!
  • John Theus has had an official visit to ND and is to have an unofficial visit to Florida just in-case Richt gets fired........really......ND.........6-7 is cause for firing in Georgia but in ND 6-7 is as good as it is ever gonna get again.
  • Grantham matches wits against cheese crotch.  We shall see what Toddy Grahams does against a seasoned opponent of the 3-4.
  • Bobo turned in his best performance of the season last week!
  • Win this game and Richt's job is secure!......Pump the brakes their son.  Auburn and GT still loom in the distance as well as the fact that we are still in the running to be the sacrificial offering for the Western Champion.  Florida is a must win but not a win and you stay.
  • The Game NEEDS to be a home and away and we will continue to always make that point!

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  1. love your site but jax is great for us so. ga. fans,i think dooley said it best