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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Robert Geathers, Sr is pissed off

And the last thing anyone would want is to piss off the family Geathers, where 6'6 and 300+ of power is the norm.

In the AJC, Geathers speaks out about the heinous acts of Vandy C Logan Stewart in blatant attempts to what could essentially be a career ending move of a talented player by a scrub.

The money quote is below, emphasis added on what if true, should lead to Slive taking significant action against Vanderbilt coaches, because that kind of behavior simply can not be tolerated.
"[I]f you watch it you see this kid speed up while everybody else is slowing down and he’s locked in on my son’s leg. If you look closely you can see the guy give a thumbs up to the sideline and the coach telling him ‘good job.’ I was, like, ‘Wow!’ I could be sitting here today telling you how my son’s surgery went.”


  1. What else is there to say. Other than the SEC has droped the ball again. Why is Logan Stewart not getting suspended for the year and why is the Vanderbilt coaching staff not being fined. WTF.

  2. The SEC is like the NCAA, a joke, Mike Slive is an idiot, the "OFFICALS" call UGA games with one eye closed.

  3. As well he should be!

    Logan Stewart might want to "get sick" before next year's game between the hedges. I'm just sayin'

  4. I'm afraid Penn Wagers will show up and continue to punish us in J'ville.

  5. If Geathers is still around anon @9:48, it'll be scary. In fact, although I'm on record as saying he'll leave after this year, and I think this incident will play a large part in why, both Stewart and Kwame the Killer are sophomores, so it's possible they get to dance two more times before he becomes some government beauracrat and Geathers moves on to the NFL.

  6. Sanchez - GA has run it's mouth (inexplicably) all year on the field beginning game 1 v. Boise. The net result, whether right or wrong, is that opposing teams/players get tired of the shit. And the net result, quite frankly, is it could have been a much worse scenario with a player severely hurt or a embarrassing bench clearing cowbell & rope tape fists match at mid field.

    The blame for this past Saturday has been turned to Vandy and it's dirty players. Really? We've stooped that low? Do we really care if they're dirty? Their a 2nd rate program.

    They weren't dirty v. Alabama. a) they respected Alabama. b) Alabama didn't talk shit....just kicked their ass on the field.

    The ROPS are pelting your site with "are you happy now", "what do you think of Richt's performance now" and "how would you grade Richt after week 7" baiting your greatness into a melancholy reply of "we think he's back to his pre 2005 old form".

    Dude, come on.

    Lack of ability to keep your players emotions and lips in check recertifies Richts lack of control.

    Inability to make comprehensive changes to special teams after getting smoked three out of seven weeks (and the other four teams were salivating I am sure) compounds "I know what I am doing"...when in fact he doesn't.

    And continuing with a psycho kicker (God bless him because he's been $$ over the years) when you have equal to better talent (current state of affairs) sitting is a Richt pattern - stay loyal...regardless of net outcome (Willie, Bobo, Evans, Miller, etc...) that will cost us a game or two down the road.

    Don't believe the hype baby....and don't go soft on me now boys.


  7. Tex,
    While I don't disagree about we've run our mouths way too much, and that the lack of control there, plus continued special teams problems, are bad indicators, we've never said "he's back to his pre-2005 old form". We've said he's improved, and there certainly have been improvements over the last 2-3+ years. We also said the business of improving is far from finished, and the 3 rivalry games coming up over the next month and a half will go a long way in showing just how far we've come, and how far we have left to go.

  8. We have ran our mouths too much. However, CMR handles these things privately, which is why Isiah was benched for a quarter. Just because CMR doesn't have a press conference on every team member and how he evaluates them doesn't mean he isnt evaulating and instructing them.

    Furthermore this "mouthing off" occurs just as much in T Town and Baton Rouge, they just happen to beat their opponents so badly you never hear about it like this Vandy game.

  9. Toad, we've been doing a ton of jawing since game 1. If Richt is handling it privately, it's not effective because we are just as bad now as we were in game 1 against Boise.

  10. Also, it's about time one of you lily livered dawgsporters showed your face around here. I was beginning to think I was the black sheep of the family.