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Thursday, October 27, 2011

They get healthier, while we get more injured

John Brantley is "nearly a lock", while pint sized burner Jeff Demps is getting close to full health, and they also get their K, Caleb Sturgis back for the Cocktail Party.
Meanwhile in Athens, Malcolm Mitchell is looking worse, but we've already been over that, in addition to Rantavious Wootentheballcarrier continuing to suffer from a concussion and now backup OT Austin Long is out with an ankle injury.


  1. Wooten Da Ball Carrier has exactly two(2) catches for 39 yards this season. I don't think his production will be missed.

    Who is Austin Long? I don't think I've seen him play at Georgia. Furthermore, I don't expect to. He seems to be quite happy working on the scout team for the last two years. Another soft, over rated Stacy Searles project player.

    As for "Tampa", it would be nice to have him out there. With that said, I have confidence that Marlon Brown will make the most of his opportunity.

    The truth of the matter is simply this....either Georgia runs the ball effecvtively or nothing works. If Georgia runs the ball effectively the pass will work...regardless of who is catching them.

  2. Long has played quite a bit this year Red. So if you haven't seen him out there, then you've been missing games.

    And Wooten has been out since very early, hence his small numbers. He's shown the ability to be a very effective slot receiver if he can ever get healthy, although with the way his concussion from a September car accident has lingered, he looks destined for a redshirt.

  3. Please, Mr. Sanchez, clarify "quite a bit" so I can ascertain how that phrase actually relates to meaningful playing time.

    I can assure you that I haven't missed any games nor do I remember ever seeing #74 play any quality minutes. Coastal Carolina maybe?

    As for Wooten, he has all of 19 catches in his entire UGA career. Now, in the spirit of full disclosure and honesty.....7 of the 19 were touchdowns. Again, I don't feel we will miss him all that much this Saturday.

  4. Actually Austin Long has not played this season per UGA. Now Hunter Long got some time in the Costal Carolina game, but Austin did not even get in there apparently.

    As far as Wooten he played in the first three games, which includes Costal Carolina. While I like him it seems clear he is not a huge threat as two catches in three games is not the start of a great season. I feel confident his "slack" will be picked up.

    I do worry that without Mitchell we will have real trouble running the ball. UF has the speed to cover anyone else without too much fear of getting beat deep. This may allow them to use less safety help and walk them into the box as the game goes on. If we end up having to run with 8 in the box and throw short passes in front of the corners all game I fear things will not go our way.

  5. Surprised about Long, but y'all are right. I coulda swore I'd seen that name on the line a couple of games, mostly in garbage time. But the brothers have only gotten 1, young Hunter against Coastal. Oops.

  6. All hail Anon 3:22, he's never made a mistake. Much less fess up to it. Coward.

  7. At Andy:

    I think Anon at 3:22 is wrong. However, as the Anon at at 12:42 I would like to point out I can see where Sanchez may have had a comment like that coming. His statement, "So if you haven't seen him out there, then you've been missing games." is uncalled for. There is no reason to suggest that Red is not paying attention or not going to games as if he is not a real fan. Now this is certainly not a blog for the sensitive or faint of heart, but if you are going to try to push buttons then you can not be surprised when people jump all over you and make unwarranted comments when they catch you being completely wrong.

  8. Anon,
    I was wrong, and admitted it. Could have sworn I'd seen the Long name in the game against Tennessee late, and Miss St late. I was mistaken. It happens.